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  1. This was mine last year before the restoration. This is as of today she will be ready for the summer though believe it or not ??
  2. I've replaced these bushes on my 82 turbo myself and found it very easy to just disconnect the swinging arm only two bolts arm and fold the whole assembly down so the disc is out of the way then you can gain access.the hole you see is not big enough for the socket a bit pointless really?the bushes from memory clamp either side of the termination of part description is wrong I'm sure but this job is easy if you do it that way I found.
  3. Hi there. I find the best place to get bits is Sj sportscars they just do lotus. Steve is very helpful.
  4. Thanks for the invite but sadly won't be able to make it.Happy Xmas to all.
  5. edge

    Paint codes

    Hi Andy, Sorry its been a while but i got messed around by the paint shop so i took the car away and thankfully its in the hands of a true proffesional and being done as we speak.we managed to find a sliver of original colour under the brake servo which at long last has now been replicated,its a beautiful colour with the gold flake,cant wait for it to be finished.will post pics when shes done. All the best.
  6. Good Luck to you Laurie, Im in the very same situation but as Phil says,hang on as long as you can.your car is an investment and going up in price all the time.but i do understand we all have to get our priorities straight. All the best.
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  8. edge

    Paint codes

    Thanks Andy much appreciated unfortunately my car doesn't have Jupiter red metalic like it should have so it's very awkward.
  9. edge

    Paint codes

    1982 turbo esprit paint codes,im haveing trouble getting the formulation for A30 jupiter red metalic paint,the scheme the body shop use is MIPA solvent,any help would be greatly recieved. My email is [email protected] many thanks.
  10. Hi chris, Its nice to get so much interest from people,i will give Andy a ring to find out about the bumpers,it would be nice if mine was one of them because they do look nice colour coded,at the mo my wheel centres are red too so need to find out about them as well. cant tell you what tyres it has yet because the cars in the paint shop.i have to say though that im really liking the polished rims with gold latice so i may just do that anyway. have done most of the mechanics myself brakes cambelt etc.just got to do the bushes in the gear linkages now because its like stirring porridge at the mo although all gears are selecting fine.its nice to own a car that i can actually work on myself!!no computers etc.i will probably follow your advice regarding the interior.
  11. Hi Stephen, Excellent!Thanks for all the info,I had already got the gold decals and stripes,did the BBS wheels have the gold centres or just silver?mine has the beige half leather interior which I may or may not have re upholstered in full leather in the future.yours looks bumpers are color coded though.I want to keep it as original as possible. Cheers all the best. The bottom one is the way I had in mind for mine as long as it's not too far from what it should look like.really unsure about the wheels?
  12. Mine leaks from the end plate im sure it's caused by the exhaust bracket being bolted to it.
  13. Hi there, I'm having my 1982 turbo esprit stripped down to gel coat and repainted red.can anyone advise me what the correct decals should be for this model? Many thanks Dave.
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