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  1. Both of the children back at home after winter hibernation!
  2. Beautiful. The lines match perfectly with the black of the rear wing.
  3. The Evora with its little brother!
  4. I tried to get carbon fiber in place of the small black part of the 400 wing but Lotus said it wasn’t technically feasible. I went with black wing part, carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber rear diffuser cover (saves a lot of weight) and carbon fiber hood panel. I was concerned about black and carbon fiber conflicting. But they wind up looking great together in this pattern.
  5. Fun weekend with the Exige V6 Cup R at Spring Mountain Motorsports in Nevada.
  6. Bloated GranTurismo with a little too much junk in the trunk??? Let’s get back to feeling good. 🙂
  7. I actually think their inspiration was the 2005 Buick Riviera.
  8. Cool. Flies too low for radar....
  9. What is that green/gray color? Very nice.
  10. Evora 400 was great on a 300mile drive to New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the Lemons race this past weekend (Evora wasn’t the race car). Another great Evora there too!
  11. Thanks for all the comments! I think they are. I know that it was a very big deal for Lotus to get these seats from Sparco because there are all kinds of restrictions on the seats. For example, unlike European cars, they can't do the Lotus logo in contrast stitching on the seat. But, in fairness to Lotus and Sparco, the seats are very good (right level of comfort and hold on cornering) and look good in person (much better than in this particular shot). Re cupholder -- I can't imagine what they were thinking in the design. It's so silly trying to reach way behind you blindly with a cup of sloshing liquid because they located the cup holder like 6" behind the seat. The Lotus cup holder in my 2011 Elise is an aluminum ring with a little leather strap that slides forward from under the radio -- it's not a bad design, although the cup holder is actually too small to hold most cups.
  12. She has arrived! Truly brilliant machine.
  13. White/black pack combo looks great. Congrats!
  14. Thanks. The carbon bits became available as options in the US just as I was placing the order. Titanium exhaust is also an option.
  15. I test drove both the auto and the manual and decided in favor of the manual. The auto was very, very nice, and fun to drive, but there were a few times during downshift when the computer wasn't exactly right, and this edged me to the manual, which I love anyway. Years ago, I drove a BMW M3 with the DCT which was also very, very good but got confused occasionally and momentarily on downshifts and that slightly bothered me under fast cornering. As far as the blips on downshift, no question that is awesome for the auto. I like heel-toe downshifting and making the blips manually, so it winds up being a neutral factor for me. All that said, the (sad, if you're a purist like me) truth is that the paddle or button shifting is faster for a racetrack. The guys with those setups (like x-trac) have a big advantage when we race on the track. Since this isn't a competition race-car, I think ultimately it's a matter of what is going to be the most fun for an individual. I wound up just ordering a manual from Lotus rather than looking around. It's finally done being built and should arrive in September! How do you like the gearshift Evora 400?
  16. Thank you. Brake calipers are yellow, but not visible in the pic from Lotus. Those should be a nice color add in. Roof, front hood cover, and rear diffuser are carbon fiber.
  17. Thanks! Should be a real head-turner. Matching interior!
  18. Thanks! I'm told that it will ship soon, which should put it in the port of Baltimore, MD in mid-September. I'm very much hoping it gets to my dealer in NY by mid- to late-September.
  19. Lotus just finished building. Shipping soon to US. Can't wait to drive.
  20. In the US, we have a Lemons (pronounced like the citrus fruit) endurance race series. For about 1k, you can race with a team for 14 hours! Crazy fun.
  21. I kind of like the stripe, including around the wheel arches. Feels like a nice tribute to the Esprit S1 -- one of my dream cars as a kid.
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