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  1. I used to do work with an automotive supplier. They sold the same part to ford and mercedes and charged 3x more for the mercedes part.
  2. And it's a Merc. Strike three.
  3. Nice work, Jack. Making me sad thinking about being stuck here out East. Here's a very cool picture of the Exige V6 Cup R - the dyno graph. Look at that torque curve. What a car!!!
  4. I'm just kidding around, of course. That is the Marcos Mantis M70. It does fulfill the criteria of roomy back seats. Oh boy did they make it ugly to get there.
  5. And one other thing that troubles me is how terrorists use social media. The social media companies have some of the most powerful search engine tools and artificial intelligence at their private disposal. And sometimes we hear that they want to stay neutral to avoid things like censorship or judgments about content. Private entities do not have to abide by rules for freedom of speech like the government does. Some of these social media companies have as their foundational doctrines the idea of free expression and use of information to make society better. The use of social media as a tool to advance terrorist ideals is the antithesis of the doctrines on which the social media platforms are based. Private companies should consider rethinking how they apply their foundational doctrines to terrorist concepts, and consider affirmatively using their powerful private technology as a tool to help the fight against terrorism. This would, in the end, advance their ideals of free expression and improving society. Ok. It's off my chest. Now, back to cars.
  6. This is a pretty emotional topic to jump into and I debated whether to say anything or just keep to the car stuff. But these are difficult times and I thought I would say a couple things on my mind. There's talk about the crusades, but those didn't accomplish what they had set out to accomplish, and the problem of radical terrorist murders is so pervasive that there's just no one easy answer. The terrorist leaders aren't religious: they operate to maximize their power and glory and bathe in the money that comes with being dictators, and they use religion as a tool for control and rhetoric. There is a continuous supply of money and arms and technology to the terrorists -- and it's hard to believe no one can figure this out and try to reduce it effectively. I do think that if the world were to move to nations filled with fear, anger and widespread civil unrest, the terrorists murderers will have advanced their agendas. We need to be taking out the terrorist leaders and murderers, cutting off their funding, and at the same time trying to figure out a way to have peace with ordinary, everyday people so they don't get sucked into terrorist crimes.
  7. You know, I was feeling the love of our international relations. We were bonding over our distrust of Trump and your pictures of that guy making faces, our mutual affection for Lotus, and British and American comedy. The forum even has an emoticon from one of my favorite Monty Python bits. But now you went ahead and said we can stick some boat balloon things on the outside of our Lotus and we'd be happy because we like seem reflectors everywhere. Lest you forget, yours is a nation that produced this:
  8. Very sorry to hear that. Incidentally, I have the Exige V6 as a track car. It is amazing. When and if it comes to the US as a street car, it will truly be a car to behold.
  9. Recognizing I am repeating something from very early in the thread (for those just joining), Lotus North America said no Evora 400 roadster in US for at least 2 years. At this time, I took it off the list. Another possibility for a lower cost holdover for two years while we wait patiently for the Evora 400 roadster -- which would also get you into a 4-seat convertible -- would be an E46 M3 Convertible. That was one of my favorite cars that I had years ago. Even better than the next gen M3 convertible (the E93). The BMW car club Roundel magazine has ads for garage queens that are in great shape.
  10. That set of test drives goes down in the record books for a hell of a good time.
  11. I thought Rosemary was the spice of life. I've seen the same faces on John Oliver:
  12. Good one. At the beginning he was funny. Now, when it's real, he's more scary then funny. Much more pleasant to talk about cars.
  13. For my Elise SC, I was using the Ethos wheels from Sector 111. My track wheels are 15" in the front and 16" in the back, a step down from the stock 16"/17". As far as tires, I have now moved to the Bridgestone Potenza RE71Rs as a summer performance tire. They are amazing!
  14. Yep. Consistent with the idea that the car is a reflection of you, and mods are a way of personalizing that expression. There are purists, though.
  15. Definitely true. All kinds of different reasons too. Driving nuts (like me). Status symbol for some. Idea that the car is a reflection of you pervades the culture here. My friend who is single bought a corvette thinking it would attract women. Now, when he drives around, all he gets are a million guys asking him about horsepower and torque. More than once, I've had a guy zoom up to me, shouting out his window the name of the restaurant where he valet parks and asking me to go there (I can't even imagine having a valet parking my Elise). By the way, on the idea of whether or not cars can be a tool to attract women, I found this video hysterical (and pretty accurate):
  16. Yeah, so many dream cars. Wouldn't it be so great to be Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld and basically have every car you ever wanted? I wonder if it's too late to go into show business. If you haven't already seen it, you should check out It's a great comedy series with some pretty cool cars. I know here in the US we're (or at least most of the people I know) are big fans of British comedy, but I don't know if it works in reverse.
  17. Could always buy this instead: 1983 LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO --Silver with Red leather interior and Red carpeting, 32,000 original miles, 2,174cc DOHC 16-Valve Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Engine, 5-Speed Manual, Factory a/c
  18. When I was a kid, my two dream cars were: BMW M1, and Lotus Esprit. When I had my E46 M3, it was thrilling to be part of the M story and the car was special. The M designation meant something both about the car and the car owner. Today, in my view, BMW has diluted the M badge to the point where it's slightly more than just a marketing tool. I hope Lotus doesn't go there in the name of selling more cars, but for now, thankfully, they are still interested in being drivers' cars. Incidentally, the M1, today, is selling at $600,000, which is remarkable. The closest I came to fulfilling that dream was to sit in one and smile in the storehouse basement of my Lotus dealer's place (they also buy and sell very cool exotic classic cars).
  19. Having had an E46 M3, at a time when that car was somewhat light and looked different from the ordinary 3 series, I think the looks of the current M4 are relatively boring. And there's so many out there being driven by people who aren't even real drivers, you know somethings gone awry with BMW. If the M4 goes by quick enough, you can barely differentiate it from the 4 series. And with BMW putting M bits all over all their cars, there's even less differentiation. On the other hand, when you sit in an Evora 400, you know you are in a special machine (even assuming you perceive a slightly high seat height). And when you hear it go by, and see it go by, there really is no comparator in the price range. But that's just my take on the situation. It broke my heart when the Lotus North America guy told me the roadster won't be here for another two years. I am not exaggerating - I felt like shit when he said that. My daughter who was with me and was with me when I bought the Elise had to console me the whole way home. But I remain hopeful.
  20. Dont forget to adjust the M4 radio on the test drive to hear the engine sound just right... (I used to be in the M world (before the engine radio days), and I've been a Lotus person, so for me it would be an easy choice not to go with an M4 over an Evora 400. The M4 is fine, but wont bring a smile to your face or others like the Evora 400. But then again, I suppose The Lotus Forums isn't the place where anyone is going to think an M4 is anything special.)
  21. In my test drive, which was before seeing the seat height discussion, the height of the seating didn't even cross my mind. There were so many other visceral experiences that were brilliant with the car. Seating was fine. And in my ultimate decision-making process, seat height wasn't a factor (it was driven by the factor of wanting a convertible). Actually, I can't think of a situation where seat height has ever been a deciding factor on selecting a car. Maybe I'm average enough height that I've never had a problem seeing over the dash, or banging my head on the roof, which to me would be the only reasons for that to factor to govern a decision given how many other things are important. Nice GT40 pictures! What a beautiful car. But I hear the seat height isn't perfect. ;-)
  22. Thanks for the commiseration. I emailed the Jedi Masters as DRS Racing (Kris Valdez) what I saw and they pretty much diagnosed it from my description. Here's what they said. Wonder if any of you out there experienced this: "What happens is the crank case pressure builds up and pushes the tube out of block. Seen it numerous times, more so with SC cars. Might need to change the o-ring on the tube too. Needs to be cleaned really well and make sure the bracket that secures the tube is fastened. 1-2 hours of work for expert." In the meantime, now my head is spinning about what a Maserati/Elise love child would look like. Maybe an Evora 400....
  23. Just noticed oil sitting on the aluminum plate below the motor of my Elise. I'm so unhappy. Just happened so I will need to figure out what's going on. I hope this isn't my Elise being angry that I left the Lotus fold.
  24. BWex

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    Wasnt me. My Green Elise is several thousand miles away.
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