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  1. HI Harald, I got this view from the LOTUS ESPRIT S1 - S2 - S2.2 WORKSHOP MANUAL . For the record, as a temporary fix on my car, the U clip is now 'hot glued' to the rod.
  2. OK, I've just done some test yesterday : no spark at the plugs. 1. I presume I've to check what's outgoing from the High Tension Coil. Is there a way to control that? I'm not sure as it is supposed to be HIGH voltage? 2. I've use a not so good tool to remove one plug (removing things is alway easy…), but now I have issue to put it back : it fall too easily and I'm not sure to bring correctly the plug in the hole. Because of that, I do not dare tighten the plug, I'm afraid to break the thread …any good tool/advice to do it easily/safety?
  3. Thanks for all these information. I've just ordered the new fuel pump, but in the meantime I'll check what's wrong with the current one (or something else that stop the motor to start) , but to be honest I don't trust it anymore… but at least investigating on my current issue will teach me a little bit about my car :-)
  4. OK guys, just fixed back the 'loose' connector (which wasn't broken by the way) : …and moved a little bit the black connector coming for the negative pole of the battery, hooked right there (to the earth I would say) : It looks that the 'massive drop voltage' is fixed :-) I can now activate lights, windows or other electrics parts : the volt indicator drop a little bit (from 12,2v to 11,8v…I've used a multi meter hooked to the battery), but I would say it's normal.. But can I start now the engine? Well, the starter does its job… but the motor doesn't start …. I can hear every minute one 'tic' coming from the fuel pump… should this one be more noisy when working? …maybe there is already enough fuel in the carburetor and so no more fuel is needed? How a fuel pump can detect if fuel must be sent or not? But If you go back to my very first post on this topic, I explain issue I had with I believe the fuel pump, so I believe it's time for a new one! Here's a picture of it : Is it an original one? What reference should I buy in order to match the current one and avoiding as much as possible adaption if the new one is not the same model than this? Sorry, maybe I should open a new topic related to fuel pump? Let me know. Thanks again for your precious help so far guys :-)
  5. Just couldn't wait to investigate on this… so I'm just back from my garage in order to take a full picture on the engine bay : And during a closer examination, I see this! -> It looks like we just found the guilty! What is that component? (white arrow). So obviously I just have to plug the connector into that component? (red arrow). (I don't see anywhere else where this could be plugged anyway) I guess this is it… but I prefer to ask you first.
  6. Thanks to all, I'll do these actions these coming days, and of course let you know the result.
  7. Ok let me re-post the video link : CLICK ME FOR THE VIDEO or I would really appreciated if you can watch it first, as it really could help me to explain better than words my issues and test I'm doing. Let me know if you still can't Watch it, and I'll try to upladed it on YouTube also. Hi John, Yes, checking the fuel pump connection is something I'll do as soon as possible (I do not have access to the bottom of the car yet), but I stll believe I've an another issued ahead, which is : why in position I (where the fuel pump should not be activaded) the battery indicator go down as soon as I try to switch on something? (like windows control, or switching on the light) ? 😣 How can I check this : earthing connections to the chassis ? Hi Gvy, Fuelpump seems to do the job when I go to key position II... but because I've a problem ahead, I do not have to possibility to swith on the engine anymore. Every attemps to use Something that consume power (and so the engine starter) lead to what you see on the video (the needle of the battery decrease). Where is located the inertia switch? Hi Filip, I don't think the ignition warning light is on now... see the video... it looks like a small led that light when I insert the key. Damn, I would kill for having someone experienced close to me to help me... but I guess you're very far from me... Im in South belgium. But thanks anyway. Hi Gotti, I'm already re sealed the (new) battery connection. What it the final point on the car where the earth leads is supposed to be attached on the car?
  8. First of all, thanks for trying to helping me! A bit of history, before having my 'Ignition Issue' related here. (sorry for my bad english… and the lack of vocabulary regarding car/motor subject) : 18 months ago, when I had to drive my car (when not used for more than 2 or 3 weeks/cold start), when turning the key to position II, I had to wait few minutes before hearing the fuel pomp activating itself…. Once I could hear the usual 'tic tic tic' sounds of the fuel pomp loading fuel; I could turn the key to position III and start the engine… once started, no issue at all… But times passed… and I had to wait each time longer before hearing the activation of the fuel pump… and after this winter, I had to wait more 15 minutes before hearing the activation of the fuel pump… So two days ago, I waited 15 minutes for that, started the engine and went for my first ride after the winter… 15 km later… the motor, if I didn't keep it up than 3000 was about to stop… and the situation went worse… I had to keep at least RPM 3500… and 4000 otherwise it would stop with I though no option to restart it? So I tried to go back at my home but because of the traffic jam, I had to stop … and as expected, no more possible to start anymore So I guess the fuel pump is now death? But this is the part where things went worse : when turning the key to position III, nothing! The engine even not try to start (no alternator activity). I think I just could hear a 'click' somewhere (relay activation)? A friend came and linked its battery to mine… it doesn't help … but after few attempts, the engine finally started… but after 10 - 15 sec, even with putting gas, the motor stopped….and then nothing for 20 minutes… But I took my chance during an attempt, which allowed me to start the motor and I drove few km to join my home (but I had to drive like a crazy man, hopping no traffic jam… and keep high rpm ) Now I'm home and here's the status, and what I did ; When I turn key to position II, when I'm supposed to use some electrical components like lights, fans… but nothing happens. Or course, nothing happens when trying to start the engine (position III). I can see the battery indicator (VOLTS) going to 12/13V approx) and a small led on, between the 'Brake' and 'Ignition' led -> But starting from this, If I try to turn the key to position III to start the engine, nothing (expect a tic sound that could be relay?) except the VOLTS indicator decreases!? And other test I've done, still in position II, If I want for instance to switch on the light, it doesn't work and the VOLTS also indicator decreases Better than words, here's a video when I'm trying this last test : I know these symptoms cry for a 'battery issue'… but I don't think it's the case because I bought a brand new one, checked it's on fully charge and do the same test with no luck! To be honest, when I changed the battery, the issues disappear right after… and I really thought the issue was fixed… but 2 hours later, still the same issue than showed in the video! Would it be possible that my fuel pump is totally dead and 'vampirise' the available power, which is then no more available for other functions? But as you can see on video, I go to position II, where the fuel pump should be activated and the battery keep the charge? And when I'm in position I on the key, the fuel pump is not supposed to be activated too… So what component could suck the power when I'm trying to -like I did in the video- to open the lights? Well, I could combine several issues here… what are you suggestion to investigate on this?
  9. I can't start my S2 (US specs) anymore :-( I suspected a battery issue because almost anything can be activated anymore (lights, air fans…), so I've just bought a brand new one, but it didn't help. I didn't paid attention but a small "Ignition Warning Indicator" led on the dashboard is on! Can't find in the manual what to check ? I presume the first checks must be fuses or relay? Here's, the ones I can access in my car : Is there some relays or fuses related to ignition in there? Or the one(s) related to ignition could be somewhere else (and don't tell me to check inside the glove box like the manual said because there are no fuse/relay there). What else to investigate on? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Well, are you sure the Bosch WR7DC can be used instead the current ones (enso iridium sk20r11) ? Because : 1) The sparkplugs are too tight, see when I try to insert the Bosch WR7DC -> 2) The length are different -> What is the impact if the length are different?
  11. Yes I heard the fuel pomp. No sputter at all during the tries... Well I guess you say the spark plugs seems the first think to check. As I don't know who aged these spark plugs are, and because It's quite cheap, let's change them all :-) So I came this morning to a local garage with the reference written in the Lotus Esprit S2 Workshop manual : Although my S2 in USA imported, the car has Dellorto Carburettors, so I asked for the spark plug ref NGK-BP6ES The seller gave me the BOSCH equivalence, which is according its computer database this : Back to home, after spending an hour to found the right tools to remove the spark plug, I found this -> The spark plug on my car are not the same size? Here's the ref : Denso iridium spark plug sk20r11 from the ones installed in my S2. As you can see they are not the same :-( -> I won't take any risk and order the same brand/model than the ones on the car...Damn! more delay...:-S
  12. Sunny day for the first time here :-) A perfect day to wake up my Lotus Esprit S2 after 3/4 months of winter sleep. But... it doesn't start. I can hear the starter turning, but the engine doesn't start :-( I tried 10 / 12 times to turn the key... keeping the starting tuning 8-12 seconds... with the choke up, and sometime a little bit of gaz pedal... but no success The battery is full (the battery was connected to a charger to maintain it) during the winter. What are the check to do to understand why it doesn't start? Thanks for your help.
  13. Here's mine. Autumn can be really cool too :-)
  14. Darth Bruno

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  15. First public exhibition for my Esprit :-)
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