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  1. Launch Editions look great but it’s sometimes nice to be a bit less in your face. I like the newer dash and Super Sport wheels on the 10 plate.
  2. Whichever one needs servicing! Thanks chaps and here’s one or two photos:
  3. Thank you, S1 Exige, 340R, 2-11 & Exige 260 Cup. Bit ridiculous I know!
  4. I was directed here by another member after my first post, after lurking on here for nearly 5 years. Apologies for the late intro! I’ve been a Lotus owner for over 15 years and I’ve probably owned 30+ cars in that time. I LOVE anything Lotus!
  5. Here you go: This is my other 2-11:
  6. It was my car, message me if you want some more info.
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    The Cakes

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