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  1. To be honest, at this stage I'm not optimistic that the Roadster will be different or updated enough compared to the coupé to make me want to "beat a path" to B&C Hope I'm proved wrong in a few months' time.
  2. I think it's an issue for more people than manufacturers generally give it credit. Just look at the 911's enduring success...
  3. Considering that the Evora Roadster is one of the most eagerly anticipated Lotuses to date, and having myself driven all versions of the Evora up to the 400 (I have yet to try the 410), and also understanding that this forum is often looked at by the Lotus people themselves (so I hear anyway...), I started to ask myself what would really get me out of my Exige S and into Evora Roadster ownership. Here's what I think would seal the deal for me. Make it a real Cayman GT4 beater. That means more power, or less weight, than current Evoras, so that the power-to-weight ratio really go
  4. I actually think the opposite. I love the Exige S glass panel. I love being able to see the engine through. very supercar-like. Having seen my first 350 Sport in the flesh a couple of days ago, I admit to the new engine cover being the only thing I really don't like about the car. Looks much cheaper than the glass panel, and stops me from seeing the engine...
  5. Don't know if this has been covered elsewhere but I was excited to see that Real Racing 3, which I play all the time on my iPhone, will soon feature the 3-eleven, the Exige 360 Cup and the Type 125. Great to see Lotus featured in this video game at last!
  6. To me this is yet another clever move on Lotus' behalf. This is an easy car for them to make (considering it's just a bog standard Evora with some colour changes) and it helps keep the company in the news. In today's iPhone world, if you're not launching a new product every other week, you soon start to be forgotten. That's fine if your name is Porsche, but Lotus have to be a little more "inventive"...
  7. Couldn't agree more! Lotus should be looking into some extra roof options for its cars. There's this, or the "targa" type removable panels we keep on hearing so much about for the upcoming Evora Roadster. This type of mod is a cheap way for Lotus to make its cars even more desirable for both prospective and current owners. Don't understand why they don't do this.
  8. Let's not forget that the Coupé is exactly the same car, body-wise. So the Coupé roof can be taken off. The Roadster's soft-top mounting kit can be installed on the Coupé. My Coupé has this and I therefore enjoy the best of both worlds: a non-limited Coupé with those great purposeful looks, or a convertible when I take the top off.
  9. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but does anyone know if sales of the Evora 400 have actually started in the US and if so, how they're looking? I ask because it seems so much of Lotus' future hinges on its US sales...
  10. Right. And in the meantime Porsche will continue to milk the lightweight/hardcore/but-still-useable cow with cars like the Boxster Spyder...
  11. Your approach is interesting JT73 because I think it resonates with what a lot of us are thinking. I also own an Exige S and I am also looking to the new gen Evora as a possible next car with more creature conforts. Yet so far, the Evoras I've tried have not been able to generate the same level of raw excitement the Exige does. To me, the Exige remains on a different planet. It's that perfect combination of looks, small size (which equates to mega practicality on the road), power and handling that I just think is unique, not only in the Lotus range, but in the market in general. I'm
  12. I'm not surprised. The Exige 350 Coupé photos show the standard front access panel, not the Cup version...
  13. Of course! Thanks Neal So does this one also lift out to reveal access to the battery charging points like the regular one?
  14. I just noticed on the Geneva show pics that the Roadster's clamshell seems to be a different shape to any I've seen before (on V6S and V6S Roadster or on 350 Coupé), with the "boot" part a different shape. Have I missed something?
  15. I'm hard at work but still watching The other new Lotus is.... wait for it... The Exige 350 Roadster!
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