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  1. Wait time for a 2bular was 2 months. I just ordered the Plack last night, can't wait to get it on ?
  2. How long does it normally take to get a 2bular exhaust made given he's busy?
  3. Torn between getting a Plack Exhaust and 2bulars valved system. Is the Plack really that loud as people say? Also is there a difference in sound when in Sport mode with the Plack? Pros/Cons of both. Recommendations please. Also anyone in Southern California have either of these exhausts currently on their car? Thank you
  4. Consensus seems split some light up some don't. Mine is a 2014 so I assume it should light up. I am still under warranty, will have the Lotus tech take a look at it. Thank you guys for your help!
  5. I came across this pic online tho which shows the small holes lit up?
  6. Thank you for your quick reply It was driving me nuts trying to figure it out!
  7. Does anyone know if the 3 HVAC nobs on the center console on the 2014 Evora are suppsed to light up? They have a small looking hole on them but no light shines through. At night you cannot tell what direction the knob is in.
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