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  1. Yesterday I went to my dealer to have the interior creack fixed (discussion here), when I went back to pick up my car, it was late afternoon and the working day almost over so I was able to have a little chat with the dealership owner who always shows me the "new entries" of his nice cars collection (that includes a DeLorean DMC-12, Ferrari Testarossa and, of course, many Lotuses). He said "I've something to show you, this is a unique development-car that Lotus built before Donato Coco decided to start off a new project for the 400 and was thinking to just make a more powerful S1 and call it Sport-400". The car was pretty strange: externally it was basically a S1 with a 400 front bumper (but he made me notice that on that car the black "mustache" that runs around the front vent was just painted and not a separate part like on the current Evora 400). Internally it was 100% S1 with a lot of alcantara and some quite ugly latchets replacing the door handles (like those in the Porsche 911 GT3). The engine bay looked a lot like the one of the 400 with the big charge-cooler on top of everything and a few (temperature?) sensors here and there. FYI the car had GB plates but was LHD. Unfortunately my phone battery was dying (as usual when you need it) so it refused to make pictures, if next time I'll go to the dealer it'll still be there, I'll ask him if I can take a few pics of it to post here.
  2. I've taken the car to my dealer yesterday and they sorted out the problem (hoping it'll not come back). Dunno exactly what they did to the car because I left it to go to my office and when I came back to pick it up in the afternoon after work, the mechanic who worked on it had already gone home. The dealership owner told me they disassembled the dashboard part and added some foam like he's doing on his own 400 that creacks and rattles a lot. Next time I'll be there I'll ask the boy what he did to it (and give him a little tip for having solved me an annoying problem).
  3. Lol Jay! Problem is the 400 is too quiet! With the valve closed at legal speed (130km/h) I bet the acoustic pressure inside is on par with any comfort sedan. On the old S1 I'd probably wouldn't even noticed it, especially after I installed the Sport Exhaust. Actually I'm even considering removing some of the sound insulation to let the ones inside enjoy the engine sound as much as those outside (who get out of the way so fast when driving with the valve open that you feel like you are in a police car with the siren on!?).
  4. Thanks a lot Coco! Seems like one has to remove the central binnacle and start switch cover to access one of the screws; while the other one is reached easily removing the driver trim panel. One of these two screws IMHO could be the responsible of my problem. I will show this pdf to my dealer, I wonder if he has that provided that last time I took the car there to have the ECU resetted (old battery booster sent it nuts) he still had an old version of the Lotus connection software that didn't even list the 400... But worked out the problem!
  5. Hi everybody, I'm getting really annoyed by a very loud (and very high pitched) creack coming from the front left side from the driving seat. I know Lotuses interiors tend to be noisy (the S1 used to be a symphony of little noises ) but the 400 has improved a lot in this and so this noise is driving me a little crazy. What bothers me is that the car didn't do that when new and I'm afraid it has started (but got worse lately) since I got an alarm system installed by the dealer itself. Saturday when I went out with the car I noticed that if i push with a finger on the plastic around the "START" button or right above it on the frame the runs all around the dashboard, the creack goes away and doesn't show up even on bumpy roads. I will call the dealer to ask him to sort the thing out but I'm afraid it could cost me a long period without the car and having the interiors totally disassembled and reassembled leading to new maybe even worse problems. So I just wanted ask you if anyone ever had a similar problem and if you how complicated it is to disassemble to Evora 400 dashboard. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Been away from the forum for some time but I register now: NeedForSpeed - 2016 400, Solid Red + Black Pack, Black Alcantara Interiors, Black Forged Wheels + Red Calipers.
  7. Just given another deeper look at the service-book and I finally found where it says that the "Post Sale Service" is due around 1.500 - 2.500 km or 12 months after sale (Wow! There's people who don't put together 2.500km in one year!? My mileage is low but like in every situation: there's always someone worse than you! ). I'll wait another couple of week(ends) till I reach 1.500-2.000.
  8. If it's 1000 miles it should be around 1500km not 1000! I do remember the "short bursts" phrase was present also on the S1 manual: I loved it!
  9. Read some time ago that some statistics institute had calculated that the cost of a child from pampers to college is, on average, 178.000€ (The title was "a son costs like a Ferrari"). I don't have children and I guess I've spent almost that amount of money on my two Evoras (including services, insurance, taxes and gas) so... I fit that stat! Yes, I have the same "problem", maybe is the red colour!? They usually get out of the way so fast that I guess they get scared. The 400 has also another nice feature: its back isn't a magnet for Minis (the new BMW not the real one) like the Carbon Gray S1 used to be (I was considering to replace the internal review mirror with a pic of the front of a Mini when I was owning it). Maybe it looks so more aggressive that they don't even pretend they can race it.
  10. I bump up this old topic just to tell that I keep getting asked if the roof can be removed from my car ("black pack" can be misleading to it being a targa-roof) and when I say "no", they all look disappointed. Another clue that a roadster version of the 400 would be a great success! The car is a big head-turner, especially in a bright colour so for people who like being looked at the roadster will be perfect! As for myself I prefer understatment so I regret a bit the stealthness of the Carbon Gray S1 and today I've been even considering for 5 seconds wrapping the car matte black: then I stopped at the gas station, took a look at it and went... Naaaahhhh!
  11. Thanks, I was almost sure it'd been needed and what Bibs is telling makes me more confortable. I'll call the dealer tomorrow and ask to have the car serviced during this next week.
  12. Hi everybody, long time since I don't write here but I've always been reading you with pleasure (especially the JayEmm's new car threads, apropos: Congrats Jay! Welcome to the bright colour 400s world: prepare to be on a lot of strangers' smartphones picture gallery, receive a lot of thumbs up and answer a lot of questions from people at gas stations! ). My car has just passed the 1000km milestone (you know, for me it's a weekend drive and Spring has arrived late this year); so, if I remember right from my S1, it is supposed to receive a service at this time (basically an oil change to face the high frictions of a brand new engine I guess). I've checked the service-book but it only says you have to service the car every 16.000km or 12 months. Now, before I contact the dealer next week I want a confirmation from you experts because I'm afraid he'll tell me it's not necessary provided he's not gonna earn a cent from it because I'm supposed to be (haven't got any paper about it) on the 3+3 program so this and all future three years services are for free. Thanks in advance for your replies and happy drivings to all of you!
  13. Can confirm that! When I got my first Evora the first time I was back at the dealer two days after the purchase because of the driver door stuck (that was a demo-car at the shop and had been long time stopped and closed to avoid being destroyed by the usual lads that hang around there on saturday afternoons with no chance to buy one), I asked him about it and he told me it was normal and would have gone away with time. Provided my S1 N/A with stock exhaust was not even close to the noise of the 400 it was even more disturbing. But after a few thousands kms it went away (or maybe was not audible anymore when I mounted the Level 1 Sport Exhaust). Now I hear it again on the new 400, but I don't worry knowing it will go away on its own soon.
  14. Well Andy, I pay taxes on my work incomes, then, when I bought the car, VAT and plates registering taxes (calculated on power too: around 2000€!) and now every year I have to pay this other tax (more than 3000€/year). It's ok, it's a sports-luxury car and I'm happy that wealthier people like us who can afford such expensive toys pay our contribution to the society: I'm proud of living in a country where there's a national health system that cures people in need no matter if they have money or an insurance to pay for that, I get bit upset when I hear that some public administration manager (the head of the national pension system) gets a salary higher than that of Barack Obama (was in the news few months ago). Coming back to topic: car manufacturers cheating on specs should be treated like Volkswagen has been in the USA for the famous emission scandal. When I decided to switch to the 400 was mainly because of the extra power and I paid a price to get a product with some specs. If you'd buy a computer that is advertised to have 8Gb of memory and then realize that it actally has only 7.5, you'd return it, don't you? Never understood why cars are products that for some reasons have very peculiar market rules!
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