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  1. Is version 1.3 the final corrected version? I was going to get a price to make them here in Canada for the group. However, if there are changes to be made I will wait before I send it to the machine shop.
  2. Are you sure the problem is not elsewhere. I used those coils and no issues
  3. These are the ones that I used.
  4. The radio (Pyle PLBT37G) that I used is a flip out screen. The only difficult part is that I needed a 1" radio spacer to make sure the screen cleared the upper dash when it flipped up. The best part is our cars have a ISO connector immediately behind the radio connector. As long as you get a radio with a ISO cable everything is plug and play.
  5. Here are the items that I used to install mine. Camera You can see what I also did to the cigarette lighter. USB / Voltage meter
  6. Hello everyone, Really interested in this thread and good work to everyone doing it. Has there been any luck in being able to talk to the 430 system? Trying to do a brake bleed and no luck. Any help would be great.
  7. Does anyone in this group live near Edinburgh Scotland? Thanks Tony
  8. I would check and recheck to make sure the oil pressure is good before I drove anywhere.
  9. Can you tell me which blow off valves you got (model number from forge)
  10. You have to take the shifter out, to cut several zip ties that are attached to them inside the tunnel. And be very careful with the fittings at the cooler themselves or you will be in the market for new coolers as well. Just did the job myself. The job itself is not that hard, just a PITA to do.
  11. Actually I just helped one person figure out the exact same problem. Car would run fine, once warmed up it would die. Cool off and restart. It ended up being the ignition module under the coils.
  12. The part is the same as from a 1988-1990 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0L turbo Delco 214-474. Map sensor would also be the same. As most engine electronics.
  13. Here is one question? Is the car in gear? Ask me how I know.
  14. Hi guys here is the number for the 4 pot ecu. tons on ebay for 150 bucks u.s. max. 01228708
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