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  1. You have to take the shifter out, to cut several zip ties that are attached to them inside the tunnel. And be very careful with the fittings at the cooler themselves or you will be in the market for new coolers as well. Just did the job myself. The job itself is not that hard, just a PITA to do.
  2. Actually I just helped one person figure out the exact same problem. Car would run fine, once warmed up it would die. Cool off and restart. It ended up being the ignition module under the coils.
  3. The part is the same as from a 1988-1990 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0L turbo Delco 214-474. Map sensor would also be the same. As most engine electronics.
  4. Here is one question? Is the car in gear? Ask me how I know.
  5. Hi guys here is the number for the 4 pot ecu. tons on ebay for 150 bucks u.s. max. 01228708
  6. Does anyone have the wiring schematic for the rear fog light? For a 2002. Think its diagram 11 of the service manual
  7. Check your charging system if it is charging when that happens
  8. I am looking into one as well. If you search on amazon, they have one with a voltage gauge built into it. Kill two birds with one stone.
  9. If the charge lamp is not on when the car is put in the run position but not started it is burnt out. The alternator will not charge. If you want to know how i learned that lesson the hard way is taking out the alternator 2 times having it bench tested and rebuilt two times, car leaving me stranded due to it not charging for a 99 cent light. To replace the light you have to remove the binnacle cover and just pop in the new light. Instrument panel does not have to come out. I am thinking about rewiring with a diode to ensure it does not happen again. In other words fixing it the way it should have been built.
  10. Before you replace your alternator. Make sure the charge light is not burnt out. The light is in series with the field wire. No light = no charge.
  11. What I did was ordered the WABCO unit and had them turn down (machine) the neck to match the Lotus unit.
  12. Great. I can see it now. To remove headlamp switch. Step 1) remove engine.
  13. I have that part of the manual my question is how does #5 come out?
  14. How did you remove the switches? How does the trim panel come off?
  15. I have fixed a couple now. And for me it was always a slow leak at the compressor shaft on the front of the compressor.
  16. tmusc

    wanted ECU - 2.2SE

    did you ever get a ECU?
  17. Thanks I appreciate it. Should do a group buy on this.
  18. Does anyone have some CAD drawings for the cam locking tools? Looking for crank and cam.
  19. Check to see if your map sensor is plugged in.
  20. I did get it to work, but it was a PITA. I had to force windows to remove the new drivers and replace it with old drivers that i knew would work with the cable. If you need i can forward a copy to you.
  21. No simple way. Its a pain. I think Lotus installed the wiper motor and the foglights first, then built the car around those items. Most of the underside plastic ends up being removed or loosened. If i remember right i started by taken off the left and right side underside shield first then was able to remove the center section.
  22. Wayne, I replaced the compressor on my 2002. The part number is CS0052 from Rock auto at 179 bucks. New not rebuilt. Not worth screwing around with. By the way I replaced the compressor without lifting or touching the engine. Takes patience but can be done. Tony
  23. I was looking at your instructions and they are very helpful. One question though. I dont see the microwave sensor anywhere on these diagrams. Where is it wired to?
  24. There was a very good write up here awhile back on how to replace our system with a TOAD system. Was looking at it my self just to get rid of the cobra. Actually i found the link. Here it is.
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