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  1. Yes, very good event. Some excellent racing & many car clubs put on displays, including Club Lotus (if you are a member), so plenty to see. Only drawback is that it always rains, I have been the last 5 years & only once has it been dry. Unfortunately I won't be going this year so it probably will be dry.
  2. Yep, rarely miss watching BSB, either on TV or at the track. Going to Thruxton next week, sadly only on Friday as it clashes with Silverstone Classic.
  3. The "About the Movement/ The History" is a great read, whoever thought that up has a great imagination.
  4. Same here, been attending for many years, great event, if not quite the atmosphere of LMC. One area it is better than LMC is that there aren't as many Porsches on display!
  5. Geoffers

    A place to meet?

    Ok will do. Yes that was the Excel I saw then.
  6. Geoffers

    A place to meet?

    Well not an official meet, just a day & approx time. PS: There was an Excel in Sainsburys car park in Newbury last Tuesday morning, was that yours?
  7. Geoffers

    A place to meet?

    Sounds good to me too, I am only 10 miles away. Maybe you could organise a meeting one weekend.
  8. So will Woody & Buzz Lightyear be made gender neutral too?
  9. Hungary broke ranks & licenced a Russian vaccine a week ago because the EU were so slow.
  10. And talking bollocks! 😜
  11. Photoshopped, CR15 REA is actually the registration of a Mercedes.
  12. I actually think it is great that the BBC have done this because all these so called offended youngsters will now go and download the song to find out what they are missing!
  13. According to this chart it is 7mm hex.
  14. Yes, thanks Martyn for your efforts, not sure if I will go now, but hopefully we can organise something for a future Bicester event.
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