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  1. Occasionally had trouble engaging reverse & first on my old NA, usually solved by letting clutch out to turn the gears a little & trying again. Not had it so far on the 400, always goes in ok.
  2. I think the British tend to fly places more than other Europeans do. The wife & I have just returned from 10 days in the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway, we flew & hired a car. We saw many European registered campers on the roads, German, French, Italian & lots of Dutch & even a few from further afield, (Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Spain), but we only saw 2 British ones & one British reg car (an old Aston DBS!).
  3. Some were but it didn't make any difference, they were wiped out too!
  4. Apparently it says: wǒ wán quán tóng yì Which means 'I totally agree'!
  5. 1. Bibs  2. Bazza 3. Barry Kearley and Danny 4. anewtoy and his young lad 5. Geoffers
  6. Geoffers

    uk road tax

    No the 6 months premium is £170.50.
  7. Geoffers

    uk road tax According to the Gov website it appears for the first year you can only tax for 12 months, after that (next 4 years) you can get 6 months tax at half the rate plus a percentage including the £40k plus premium.
  9. And it's not just the Evora people are not aware of, a number of times when I have been asked what the car is, people have replied that they didn't know Lotus still made cars!
  10. Very sorry to hear your news Lee, sincere condolences.
  11. Geoffers


    Quite possible I may go to Bicester. Brooklands also have a British Marques day on April 28th, although that clashes with Bicester's 2nd Sunday Scramble of the year.
  12. Many thanks for posting Daniel, a great read, brings back memories. As a youngster in the 60s & my father being a motorsport fan we went to 2 or 3 of the major meetings at Silverstone & Goodwood each year. I know we went to the International Trophy at Silverstone in 64 but can't recall anything of the Saloon race but do remember the 65 Easter meeting at Goodwood when Jim Clark & Jack Sears comprehensively defeated the Mustangs on a very wet track. Equally impressive in that race was John Rhodes drive to 3rd place in the works Mini, not too far behind Jack, although he later got penalised for a jump start. Great times.
  13. Funniest bit was when he said the Evora 400 looks just like the original 2009 one, haven't Porsche been building a car which looks more or less the same for over 50 years!
  14. Nor me, completely trouble free. Although that maybe because I've never used it!
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