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  2. Hope they are more useful than the ones in the Evora!
  3. Also had my flight cancelled by BA, have tried 4 times calling for a refund & have yet to get through, get cut off every time. Apparently you do have 12 months from the date of your flight to claim the refund.
  4. I am amazed at the tolerance, of not only the ministers but the medical & scientific experts who have to answer the same questions from these journalists day in & day out. The one who drives me to want to hit the off button is that droning, err, umm, err, Robert Peston.
  5. I expect that many of them are on their daily run to the shops to buy yet more provisions that will eventually end up in the dustbin!
  6. Just had an email stating that this event has been postponed until June 21st. I am already committed to going to Shelsley Walsh on that date, so unless it is postponed again I will not be attending.
  7. Count me in. Went last year in the Club Lotus display, not sure if they are doing it again this year. Excellent event, just so much interesting stuff to see.
  8. Whilst watching coverage of the Daytona 24hrs last night, the commentators interviewed someone high up in the Porsche hierarchy, can't remember his name. He stated that although Porsche are investing in electric powered cars there are no plans to power the 911 by anything other than a petrol engine.
  9. Elise Shop do them.
  10. Back in 2016 I drove down to Nice to attend the Monaco Historic GP. On the return trip I drove what I think is this road along the Gorge de Daluis. West of Nice take the D6202 north, stay on this road until you pass through Entrevaux, shortly after turn right onto the D2202 which runs through the gorge which is carved through red rock, I guess a sort of sandstone. After the gorge road I then went over the Col des Champs from St Martin d'Entraunes to Colmar but if driving a low sports car I would avoid this road. On the decent to Colmar there are several quite severe drainage gullies running across the road, had to negotiate them very carefully in the Evora.
  11. Have to agree with most of the comments, it looks a bit cheap, a bit like some sort of after-market badge you would see at an auto jumble. I wonder how much they spent to come up with that.
  12. Ticket came as an attachment to the order confirmation email.
  13. Occasionally had trouble engaging reverse & first on my old NA, usually solved by letting clutch out to turn the gears a little & trying again. Not had it so far on the 400, always goes in ok.
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