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  1. Hi Richard Sorry for the late response.. Thanks for the idea re the rear bumper.. i'll try Steve I was really hoping someone would have a clearer shot of the decal than what was on my old car... Anyone? As far as I am aware, there are fewer 521 sprints than 520. The car shown above had more on it from the factory than I expected. Over the other Sprints that I had the car was fitted with; Full vinyl roof Bumper with fogs Extra stripe decal in front of the front wheels BBS Alloys Factory sump guard. So I think it's a little simplistic to say they were just decaled up and shipped out Maybe that car was meant for someone within Rich
  2. Hi Richard Thanks for the message.. I did hear of that story, I think it was Graham Arnold who had backed that up.. According to Andy at archives the first sprint had painted decals which must of proved to be unnecessary due to time and cost, mine is the second sprint which went onto have the vinyl decals, according to the build sheet remarks.. I'm on my third 521 sprint, pure sentiment I must add.. however I have seen quite a few differences between them all.. My first car had a few options, black vinyl roof, BBS type Alloys, Rear fog lamp bumper.. Decals were slightly different, black pin stripe around the decals themselves etc Second sprint being a Dublin car naturally didn't have a Union Jack but was standard in every way Current sprint is standard Pics are of my old car.. Any one who knows where I can obtain these wheels and rear bumper, please let me know! Cheers Rich
  3. Beginning to regret selling it now! Good job!
  4. Hi everyone Looking if anyone knows where I can locate a Union Jack Sprint decal for the rear panel on my 521 Sprint, or at least have one made up? Mine is missing. Also, as I understand it the very first sprint had painted decals and mine was the first to go vinyl, anyone know if that included the boot lid itself? Regards Rich
  5. Many thanks, unfortunately it can't be cross referenced over to a modern number...
  6. Hi everyone, Forgive me if this has been covered before but does anyone have the definitive battery part number for a S2 eclat? Thanks in advance Rich
  7. That's good to know Don... Looks like it's becoming clearer. I wonder how many were done in black
  8. Hi Roddy and Andy Thanks for your kind comments on the car... According to Andy at archives the car is a Dec 81 car and ordered up as a Riviera.... will learn more in due course. I was relieved to see another car with the same rear quarter decals as mine on the factory floor so a big thank you for that! Regards Rich
  9. Thanks Roger.. Would explain a great deal! Despite the fact I work as motorsport engineer and don't get too excited by most cars, the Eclat has always been a exception.. especially a Chapman era car which means a lot to me personally
  10. Ok, spoke to Andy and am now awaiting the info from the archives so i'll let you know what comes up. I too have had a Riviera with no AC or PAS so I guess there were options. Yes the car is JSF 450X, is it known on here apart from the above? Yeah the belt has now been changed as have all the fluids, needs more recommissioning but I am very pleased with her. Very low miles at 18.5k but thankfully that hasn't been to the detriment of the car's health.
  11. Thanks My first impression was that it is a Riviera.. Wasn't sure if Lotus were playing around with models at this time. Maybe a call into archives may help
  12. Hello everyone I have a late 81' S2 Eclat in black and gold with a Riviera sunroof but with no decals saying so.. Apart from thinking the decals are missing which I don't think they are as the car is all original. Can anyone clear this up? Cheers Rich
  13. Hi everyone Forgive me if this is repetition. My 521 sprint is missing its battery clamps. The parts manual is a bit vague. Can anyone please advise what should be there and could I have a battery number that is suitable. Regards Rich
  14. Car sold guys. Sorry for the slow update
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