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  1. Guess I better step up .The car is mine. It has a service history which I would say a lot don’t have. clearly there are a few niggle but I’ve said it need a bit of tlc and is priced accordingly. She if far from a restoration case and drives well benefiting from a lot of work recently
  2. Check out the stitch perfect Instagram link above and flick through his pictures you’ll see pictures of the S2 seats he did for me in leather and also the seats from the JPS. He has my complete interior for this S1 to redo in green and red tartan.can wait to get the, back
  3. Haven’t looked back on this thread for a long time. Car is all restored and fitted with a 912 engine instead of the k series . I'm restoring a S1 now
  4. I have to confess I baled on Colorado orange. Played it safe The shade of tango is VW magma orange (same as my Datsun 240z )
  5. Well it's now been Tango-ed Popped into the paint shop and she is all in colour. Just has to have the Black bits and a final polish done. looking forward to getting her back .
  6. Mine is like this one
  7. My S2 has a two spoke leather momo steering wheel which I would like to retain. Can anyone recommend where in the uk I can get it recovered? Also where they original fittment as I seen on line a referance to them being fitted to JPS cars?
  8. I've left my seats with Joseph at stitch perfect He is going to recover them in leather also recovering the cabin fire wall panel and pocket along with the choke and door card inlays From what I could see when I dropped them off he does some really nice work . I was lucky that he had a cancellation slot .He said he normally is booked up for months in advanced Cant wait to see them all re covered
  9. Update Purchesed a complete 912 engine.( from Mike at lotusbit) have to say he has been fantastic decided to go 2.2 Chassis is now completely bare a waiting blasting Bodyshell is in the paint shop and should be back all painted in its new colour (orange) in a couple of weeks. Seats are at perfect stitch being recovered in leather Steve is making new carpets All being well should be should be on the bit I enjoy most putting it back together
  10. Anyone had there chassis powder coated? Wondering what the going rate is these days ?
  11. Bye bye k series here are a couple of photos of the adaptor plate and a large crankshaft spacer use to locate the flywheel in the bell housing
  12. Should be back from paint with in 6weeks .Hoping to have it on the road this summer recon the pedal box bolts are going to be a sod to get back in as well . Tempted to try fitting some small studs in the chassis on the back two then use nuts.?
  13. Couldn't get them out from inside ( to rusty) managed to get at them with a socket and extension via the heater flap hole under the bonnet. Ended up grinding the heads off quite a few of the other bolts .
  14. Starting to make some progress. Body is off bit of a struggle getting the x4 pedal box bolts other than that fairly straight forward. K series Engine and gearbox out of the chassis all in all a good days work. Hoping to get the body shell off to the paint shop in a couple of weeks .whilst it's way will get the chassis Sand blasted and rebuild .
  15. I will be looking at getting my Speedline wheels referbished Question Has anyone had the outer rim diamond cut ? I like the ideal of having them done this way rather than just powder coated
  16. Interior I'm Planning on leaving the Marcasite a lone (apart from a light clean ) it's pretty good. but want to look at getting the connolly leather restored .Anyone used a company that they would recommend? prefer to send the seats out to be done rather than use a diy kit. carpets need replacing .again any recommendations for a pre cut set? I am tempted to have the car painted gold as I think it will go well with the interior colour .will probably load her on the trailer next week and take to get a couple of bodyshops for quotes then I can make a start in getting the body of the chassis. Then the big one find a engine.
  17. Where is the starter normal? To be honest I didn't notice anything amiss with location of starter. its still retains its citreon gearbox . Just manage to speak to the owner who had the conversion done back in 2000 he said he had it done professionally and it ran really well.
  18. Had a good look over the car today. Chassis all looks car even has factory a/c fitted which would be nice to get working interior isn't to bad needs new carpets and the seats are shabby (no tears )wondering if they can be revived? would be interested to know if anyone ca recommend a treatment for seats or would I be wasting money and better of getting them recovered. Main task is to source a replacement original engine here are a few photos
  19. Down from Kinross now residing Bath
  20. Been a bit of a wait but she arrived today. collection company truck crashed in the snow last week so had to be rescheduled for today very quick look around and first impressions looks like my blind eBay purchase is a good sound car. (Smiley face at the moment??)
  21. I didn't realise there where two types of s2 mirrors. my cars original req number was EBO304V just a couple of numbers differant to the White S2 EBO307V photographed in the book Lotus esprit complete story which has the same mirrors . so I guess both cars came from the same dealer? Look like mine also came with factory fitted A/c as the original engine number started CD
  22. Car hasn't arrived as yet. but would I be right in thinking the wing mirrors arnt original?
  23. Thanks guys for all the complimentary/ helpful comments about the car.Having bought her blind I've got my fingers crossed that thing won't be to bad when she arrives. collection company all booked for a pick up and delivery to me next week .will post some better pictures and will sure to have some questions to ask on here.
  24. I've just purchased this little beauty. (Albeit haven't collected it yet) i would like to find up an original engine for her. Does anyone know any history on this car ? was the k series engine a know conversion ?
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