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  1. If by streets you mean the rather large network of traffic free, twisty and beautiful roads on my doorstep then yes, absolutely every time its driven. I think it went into town once for some new shoes
  2. The heater controls light up too which is useful! I think that's what swung things for me, a lot of little upgrades that individually aren't a big deal but all combined do make it a nicer overall package. One annoying backwards step IMO though is the DPM control - the alu dial on the original cars is lovely - the plastic buttons on the 350 are pretty nasty in comparison
  3. If i had my time again now then id be looking for a year old 350 for sure. When i bought mine such things didn't exist but having been looking for a V6S or Club Racer Ideally i made the mistake of testing a 350 and the improvements to the car (particularly the gear change) and a healthy discount were enough to convince me to buy new, something which id never done before. Should be able to pick up a 350 with a couple of years warranty on it with a nice spec for high 40s. I actually had my own car (5k miles, 2pc discs) up for 47 in November due to the potential availability of a particularly
  4. If you've never driven an V6S or 350 then in reality you wont miss it jumping into a 380. The 345bhp tune hits max power at circa 7000rpm - the noise it makes at that point (and beyond) is truly infections so running the car out to the shift lights its worthwhile. Coming from a 350 I tried a 380 and hated it for that very reason, i was constantly bumping into the limiter - potentially i would have got used to it over time (i tend to changet based on sound rather than staring at the tachometer). The charger on the 345 tune is already operating at the upper limit of its window so just c
  5. and that pretty much sums up this thread.
  6. VX to Exige 350 here (via an S2 260)!
  7. Saw the two Oakmere 380s in the flesh yesterday. A few random things that stood out to me in no particular order. - Taller profile on the front tyre certainly stands out on the front and fills the arch a little more. - Carbon work is stunning, finish is first rate. - Not super keen on the new rear transform, looks a little more 'awkward' and IMO misses out from the vent details the original had - Love the look of the new front cover - the lack of the gridwork on the lower section of this exposing the rad fans also looks fantastic. - Little rear winglets behind the rear wheel
  8. The visibility is a revelation after the S2! Ill live with it until the seats are next out and then pop some tape/foam over the speaker. Guess it proves the NVH stuff works. Get ready for giving it a decent wash when you get back, the roads over that way are filthy!
  9. @NW76 - Apologies for off topic question - what phone holder is that, seems very stable?
  10. Cant see it being a problem at all, according to the spare parts catalouge Parts List 12MY Exige_0.pdf pages ( 136/137) Exige S shows full carpet, 350 split carpets. Mine must have been specc'd full carpet (or its all they had left lying around!) but really shouldnt be a problem in doing this from what i can see, both edges either side of the ribbed step are Velcro'd so you shouldn't have any problems with them lifting. Quick - I think i called on a Thursday and it was in the following Monday. Bit of a trek for me so th
  11. Well finally had time to strip the carpets out today. I was never a big fan (seem a bit daft in a Lotus!) and also didn't like the fact they covered the 'ribbed' section on the chassis floor either. Fairly painless task other than the side sill carpets which instead of being nicely velcro'd in had some awful tape stuff on them, most of which stuck to the chassis. An hour or so with the tar remover had it all removed and me high as a kite! Also took the opportunity while the seats were out to remove the bulkhead cover and take out a couple of the big lumps of NVH too. Much happier
  12. Hi Martyn, I've never had it tested - i was just at Donington for a gander at Thunder in the Park - a few of us from MLOC met up for breakfast there. One of the guys has a proper meter so ill arrange to test it at some point - its properly loud though when open - you might pass some of the higher static track limits but i wouldn't fancy my chances on the drive by. I'm only planning on doing 3/4 track days a year in it so for me its not a massive ordeal in switching back to standard as part of general track day prep. Any more than that and it probably wouldn't be worth the hassle.
  13. Thanks Simon, was great to meet you at Donington last month. I had some serious cup envy!
  14. Was that the blue 380 at Silverstone? Im guessing your Cup is running Nitrons which if the 380 was on standard Bilsteins would account for some ride height difference? Could well be tyres too if your were running your ZZRs. 215/40s vs the Michelin would be a 10/11mm difference in tyre alone - the ZZRs will therefore run about 6mm lower than the stock 205/45. In my admittedly very limited research on the Michelin's the do appear to require a more aggressive camber setting to best 'switch on' both the compounds of rubber used in the construction but the 350 was already running a more aggre
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