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  1. I've just noticed the Federal type front bumper! I'm sure most people would agree the smaller bumper looks better, so I wonder why this was used on a domestic vehicle? It looks like Corgi have even copied the larger bumper onto their model!
  2. Beautiful sunny Sunday on the Sussex Coast....
  3. On my S2, I also had to disconnect the linkage to the motors the let me lift the pods high enough to get access to the lower chrome bezel screws.
  4. ? Just realised I'm in the Stevens forum instead of the G forum! Oh well!
  5. Long over due resolution to my issue. Finally found the time to resolve after lovely light summer day driving. It was indeed the stalk. The red/green wire feed to the lights had melted the copper 'rivet' partially through the plasic block on the switch resulting in loose contact. . making my troubleshooting harder was aslo a loose spade connector on one of the blocks to headlight. I did a resolder of the contact which worked, but opted for a new switch for permanent install. Any info on a relay mod like the window motor relay mod to bypass live feed through the stalk switch? Infact any other recommended relay mods for high amp areas reccomended?
  6. Convex. Hella's, not sealed. Part number 7-904919 or 74R20 or 577R1 (all 3 numbers are on the glass). They stick out from the plastic surround by 2-3mm. Its the very outer edge of the glass that clips the body, so convex or concave wouldnt make a difference..?
  7. Back to the clonking!! on my S2 the edge of the outer lights catch the body as they go up (and down obviously) !! So extra clonking! I only discovered this as I wanted to remove the bulbs for some troubleshooting. To remove the bulbs I had to disconnect the linkage to the motors to raise the pods enough to get access to the lower screws on the chrome retaining rings. At this point I could freely move the pods and noticed the edge of the glass clipping the body! I need to work out where I can adjust to push the whole light assy back now! The pods themselves have nice even shut gaps to the rest of the body, so the only solution is a rearward reposition of the headlamp assy within the pod! Anyone had any experience with this?
  8. Dixie237


  9. Hi Dave, yeah this is what I don't want to find myself facing! Thanks Luc, what machine do you have? Nice job Jon, looks superb. I assume you'd have the luxury of a clear coat though! My car is straight onto paint. I'd never use an aggresive polish on it. The 'Refinish Finish 12000' I just bought is a very gentle product. When I used this I get minimum black paint onto my polishing pad You can get them for measuring with 'non ferrous' sunbstrate, but the price rockets! Any users out there? cheers all above for replies D
  10. Hey all, There's nothing more pleasurable than spending a day cleaning and polishing the Esprit! I start mine early morning as my drive is in shade up until about 11am this time of year and I have a Coleman event shelter I put up if I know I'm gonna be out there all day. The problem, with my car being black, is the holograms I can get after polishing. Looks like a dreamy wet pool of unbelievable shininess all the while I'm not in direct sunlight. As soon as direct sunlight hits the car, there are the holograms! Only realy visible on the bonnet and roof as this is the 'perfect' angle too see them in direct sun. I've used mur and autoglym resin polish (all after a thorough shampoo of course) I have just bought some Refinish Finish 12000, which does actually looks better. I only had a chance to test this quickly yesterday. Just wondered what you are all doing out there? Obviously no clearcoat and, correct me if I'm wrong, antique cellulose paint. I'm considering a machine polisher, TBH I'd stay well clear of the stripes and decals and only do the bonnet and roof, but this is original 37 year old paint! I'd spend some time practicing on my runabout first obvuiosly and approach using a machine on the Esprit very carefully. I'd like to get the paint thickness measured first also. Can anyone recommend a good unit for this? So, any thoughts, experience, advice, product recommendations much appreciated. cheers D
  11. Mine's satin Christian. Same as mirrors, front bumper and front spoiler. Rear valance under rear bumper is Gloss. Cheers Dean
  12. Thats good info Christian. Thanks for that. Where did you get your bushes from and which type? cheers Dean
  13. Weather looks great for the weekend. Sunday morning it is then. Look fwd to it. Cheers Dean
  14. Hello all, Headlining job completed. I decided to match as closely as I could the colour that came out of the car. I wasnt vibing on the grey supplied by SJ and after a few convesations including Steve Fulcher. All advised to replace with as closer match as possible. All went well, adhesive removal was horrible. Done on a hot sunny day, wallowing around upside down in the car covered on polythene. I got through a litre of thinners! The only thing I didn't do was completely remove the rear panel. This was because there is no access hole to the sill seatbelt retention, and the sill carpet is glued on! This made headlining instalation awkward, but not impossible as the rear panel pulled down gave me 75-100mm space. All the trim clips were removed and the roof masked off before glueing a centre strip in position the working out to the cantails in 2 sections each side. I used a spray adhesive supplied by the trimmer who did the header and headlining stiching. I'm pleased with the results. Like all these jobs, try not to rush, and don't drink the solvents! here it is
  15. Hi all, just thought I'd post about some great product I have just used on my seats and dash. Bought on the recommendation of my local trim guy, and with no association with the product. Gold label beeswax and lanoline leather and hide food. I'm sure that there are other beeswax and lanoline products! This went on easily, and after 1 application and a buff off an hour later, followed by another slightly heavier application left overnight and then another buff and polish it left the seats feeling nicely supple, and with (for me) the perfect level of "shine". I also gave the gearstick gaitor a good coating and that just soaked it in and again realy supple post use. I had previously used Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. It was OK, but for me the Gold label stuff, spot on.
  16. Update on my trolley jack purchase. I bought the Sealey RJAS2500 in the end, a pair of Draper 54721 axle stands and the low raise ramps to give me an 80mm head start on clearance. I've only raised the front so far to replace the seat to chassis earth straps when I put the seats back in after an interior refresh. pics below if it helps anyone searching for lifting tips. As always, thanks for earlier replis and adivice.. Dean
  17. Good luck Jonny, I'm heading for my first "lift" soon. I'm replacing the seat earth straps. re comments above about driving onto planks to get the extra height to get the jack under, I bought these. 80mm lift. I'll post pics of my jack and axle stand positions. Wont be for another week or so tho.
  18. I'm sorry all I can't make the day!! Gutted. See you all at the next event. Have a great day Dean 14. JSP S2 Best Dean
  19. Sorry all, I'm not going to be able to attend! Dean 116. S2 JPS. See you all at another event soon. Have a great day...perfect weather forecast too. Best Dean
  20. Hey Christian,

    sorry for late reply to you re foam for headlining. My trimmer is going to double up the material for me so I will get the desired effect on installation.

    Firstly I can't make Brooklands on Sunday! Gutted. Real shame. I was looking forward to seeing your JPS!

    I'm struggling to find definitive answers on headling trim etc. I've posted on the main forums re my thoughts, but wondered if you had any pictures of your JPS interior I could reference?

    Any help much appretiated.


    1. C43


      Hi Dean

      must be a common problem with WC Esprits as I cant bring my brothers either, very irritation problem with some door trim means I can't drive it.

      I will talk to my brother as he might have a picture. His car has been re trimmed before so no help from that direction.



  21. Hi all, just a colour update! As above I've done the cantrail trims. I took the header trim down to my local trimmer, himself a lotus owner, and we laid out the grey material next to the header. His first reaction was that the colour was very different (compared to the existing material)! Again my thoughts were that the material had faded, but as he pointed out the material returns behind the trim that are unexposed to sunlight are the unfaded colour. The current colour of the header material leans towards beige again! The difference between the Grey supplied by Steve at SJ and the current colour is very different. Too different?! I'm new to Esprit ownership. I've never seen another JPS in the flesh so have no reference. I'm trying to do the right thing and restore the fabric to the original (or as close as I can) supplied colour. Pictures online are scarce but there is one on this forum post. To me this shows a more beige roof/header/cantrail. The picture looks like it's and old picture of a new car. Roo, do you have any pictures of yours before you retrimmed? Can anyone else post pictures? Any further help / thoughts / pictures greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I can't make the Brooklands meet this weekend which is a real shame as it's going to be the perfect weather for it. Have an amazing day all who attend. Cheers Dean
  22. Nice one, cheers Roo, here are a couple of pics. First one shows the A surf of the material that came off. To me, before the material came off, they could easily have been "faded grey". Second opic shows the B surf of the material that came off. Looks beige to me! I guess someone has retrimmed mine in the beige at some point! So...onto the headlining... cheers again Roo. Dean
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