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  1. Hey Christian,

    sorry for late reply to you re foam for headlining. My trimmer is going to double up the material for me so I will get the desired effect on installation.

    Firstly I can't make Brooklands on Sunday! Gutted. Real shame. I was looking forward to seeing your JPS!

    I'm struggling to find definitive answers on headling trim etc. I've posted on the main forums re my thoughts, but wondered if you had any pictures of your JPS interior I could reference?

    Any help much appretiated.


    1. C43


      Hi Dean

      must be a common problem with WC Esprits as I cant bring my brothers either, very irritation problem with some door trim means I can't drive it.

      I will talk to my brother as he might have a picture. His car has been re trimmed before so no help from that direction.



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