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  1. +1 Both my kids (4yr old and 2yr old) are terrified of dogs and most things on 4 legs after being jumped up on and pushed over by uncontrolled dogs in the park. The owners at best responded to a screaming toddler with "he's very friendly, a big softy really" while dragging their dog away, more typically with a complete lack of concern. And don't get me started on owners (my autocorrect makes that offenders!) who think it's acceptable for their pet to cock its leg over a pram with a baby in it!
  2. How new is the battery? The window drop stopped working on mine when the battery wasn't holding a charge properly.
  3. It goes with the Mk1 Focus indicator/wiper stalks...
  4. Had a Kia hire car recently, it was a cut above the usual Fiats, Vauxhalls etc, iwas impressed and I'll probably look at one to replace the family Skoda when the time comes.
  5. Anyone would think the Koreans were hiring German designers... Edit: You beat me to it by seconds...
  6. Evo are probably repositioning in anticipation of Geely giving Lotus money for an actual marketing budget...
  7. I had a constant knocking/pattering sound from the back of the car which I thought was suspension related. It turned out to be I think the handbrake caliper slightly loose.
  8. The red one has lost the Evora sticker from the back so presumably the rear bumper has either been resprayed or replaced? I also like that in the similar cars section at the bottom of the advert it comes up with an Evoque and an A5 convertible as the first options!
  9. Good thoughts, thanks! The car's in for service in a couple of weeks so I'll pass it on to swlc to look at.
  10. I'd considered that, it seems odd that temperatures appear normal during town driving and it underreads during harder driving, or is that a usual symptom for the sensor deteriorating?
  11. I'm running a 2011 NA Evora which has an odd thing going on with the coolant temperatures which I don't know if it's at all normal. Trundling along at town speeds temperatures warm up to normal (halfway or slightly lower on the gauge) as I'd expect. If I then have a short spirited drive on the country roads for 5 miles or so, using more of the rev range, the temperature vanishes back down the scale. Usually down to a few pixels above the bottom, but on a cold night two days ago temperatures dropped right off the bottom of the scale which was more worrying! Going back in to town driving the temperature slowly comes back up. The little sustained motorway driving I do the temperature sits around 1/3 up the scale. Last time I was out for an extended drive (back end of the summer) I don't recall anything unusual in temperatures later in the journey. To my non mechanical mind it's like there's a reservoir of cold coolant somewhere in the system that's being flushed past the temperature sensor once coolant starts circulating when the revs rise. So I don't know if this is normal and a symptom of the short journeys/initial warm up period or something to worry about and indicating a blockage?
  12. I drove an Elise on a track experience at Castle Combe and then accidentally bought one a year later while looking for a small hatchback for the missus to learn to drive in... I moved up to the Evora after we had the first sprog and i needed the +2 space. Also my wife didn't want to be married to a cock who drove a Porsche. (her words)...
  13. The Alpine's a lovely thing, if i didn't need at least a bit of practicality and the +2 of the Evora I would have one in a heartbeat.
  14. I picked up a cheap seat belt pad from amazon for this. Cost me all of £8 3 years ago and has been fine since.
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