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  1. ferk1966

    silver Evora M5

    Silver 10 plate Evora around midday yesterday close to junction 1 West Brom
  2. appreciate all the helpful comments , have checked through the paperwork and mc recall was carried out on the car in 2013 , my issue isn't paying for a replacement mc, it was the attitude of the service centre. I initially told them of my concerns that it possibly was mc failure before dropping it off due to the posts i had read on this forum only 9 months previously paul matty had changed fluids and bled system during previous service My issue was the like it or lump it attitude of an authorised lotus agent Thanks guys for your imput im off to ' pump my pedal' to see if i can the car out of the garage
  3. Asking advise , i had the dreaded floppy clutch pedal , booked my car in to lotus service agent, asked him to sort, and carry out service. First proper drive today , floppy clutch pedal. When i booked car in i advised possible master cylinder, but left it with the experts.... the car was returned without new master cylinder just new fluid ( which was only changed 9 months prior ) , total bill was in excess of £800 ( which included the service) Their response to me today is if it needs a new master cylinder , thats a different fault and will be charged accordingly...... Gutted i usually use paul matty , but he was snowed under, would there be any recourse with lotus ( fingers crossed) its a 2012 evora s with 19k help guys
  4. My family’s thoughts with you and your family , we have been through similar, enjoy your new hethel adventures you all deserve it . Life is to be lived
  5. Anyone have a rough idea of the cost of having the master cylinder replaced, just a ball park figure
  6. Got up this morning car facing frontways into garage 2011 s clutch pedal all the way to floor pumped a few times it came up enough to get into reverse but still feels weak, clutch issue or air in system help !!
  7. The sign above says it all
  8. Agree Best colour by far ..... I may be a tad biased
  9. I wonder if I black pack my Audi it would look more like a ferarri , why buy a car and want it to look like something else , surely just buy a kit car . The Evora is beautiful either with or without black pack , I'm surprised Evo400 you bought an s1 as they are sooo overpriced, and Lardy
  10. Really getting fed up with people posting negativity on a forum about a particular car , then buying one and still moaning about what they are worth . As with all things in life things are worth what people are prepared to pay , wether you like it or not the S1 has ceased production so numbers can only go one way .... down ... thus becoming more exclusive causing prices to go up . Look at the prices of S1 Elise's now they are rocketing . Gee if you can't say anything nice pls keep your opinions to yourself...... sorry rant over , red wine opened , going to stare at my fast appreciating asset in the garage
  11. Looking at the car and the co2 emissions in their description, that's not an s it's an na
  12. Went to Bromyard speed festival with the wife today , took the opportunity to take a picture of my Evora alongside her convertible beetle
  13. ferk1966

    Grey Evora

    This morning on a449 worcester to Kidderminster road , looked lovely much better than the 911 behind it . Anyone on here? 60 plate
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