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  1. Brand new - never used Lotus Boot Bag.. Bought from SJ Sportscars - for 151 pounds brand new plus shipping.
  2. doesn't sound like the voltage regulator is my problem then really. Yep, maybe fuel gauge stuck - would make sense, as car doesn't give driven much and probably sat around with the same level in the fuel tank for a while. Yes, seems easy enough to take the sender out of the tank (i guess !). Q:, is the sender only in one of the tanks?
  3. thanks guys for the replies. Yes, using stock 235/60 tyres. I guess it is just one of those put up with it things ! I did think about using my iPad mini and velcro it to the dash as a satellite speedo
  4. Hi All, my speedo is out by about ten miles an hour - but varies depending on what speed you're doing - up to fifteen miles an hour. It is very annoying ! Would you think this would be the gauge or the speedo cable causing the issue? Is this common on lotus esprit turbo cars?
  5. thanks Clive - that is an interesting comment as my temp gauge has show high ever since I've had it (albeit, I have had the car nearly a year, but only driven it about a dozen times) and I was wondering if there was something wrong with my cooling too. However, the fuel gauge and temp gauge are different are they not - insofar as the fuel gauge shows an 'instant' reading when the ignition is on - but the temp gauge is a progression based on temp of engine? Is the voltage regulator replaceable?
  6. HI All, winter is coming to an end (finally) here in Oz and starting to get the car out more. I have a question that I am hoping someone can help with though. My fuel was about 1/2 on the gauge, so went to the service station and filled up - right up. When I got back in the car, the guage now only shows 3/4 full. i have driven it around for about another 1/2 hour, and the guage is still showing 3/4 - so clearly, it is wrong. So, my question is - would it be the gauge that is wrong or the fuel tank sender? How can I check? I know on the old holdens (here in australia), you could
  7. thanks Andy - where did you get that from if you don't mind me asking? Also, what is the proper tension you work for with this?
  8. not sure when the radiator was last done - but will check. Question from this - how does one check the timing belt - apart from the obvious signs of wear? Is there a gauge available for this job? On my old 911 porsche , you could buy a gauge to test the tension of their belts.
  9. hmm, well that is interesting. Maybe I don't need to take the motor out? I am getting conflicting information (reading too much on the internet I think !). So, perhaps I should explain a little further. I bought the car last December and since then, I haven't driven it very much. I have restored the wheels, done most of the interior and installed and overhead console. I have bought 'big brakes' for the front, new shockers for the front and new rear brakes. I have yet to fit the brakes - going to do those all at once. I also am going to paint it - and have bought the paint and a port
  10. which body work has to come off - just the tailgate?
  11. hepkat63


  12. Hi All, figure it is about time to take out my engine. I thought it best to ask some people whom have done it before the best way - and any tips/tricks. So, can anyone on here that has done an engine removal on the 1982 Turbo Esprit make some comments or point me towards a link with some photos of an engine removal please? I believe that the engine/trans comes out at the same time. I can't use an overhead gantry crane - would have to use a mobile engine hoist - but I believe the 'lift ' on these might have to be checked as there is not enough travel to pull both out? thank you
  13. looking great Jenna ! Question - are those rear side indicator lights standard ? Don't have them on mine?
  14. thanks guys - so now I'm really confused ! So, I get the five easily spotted ones, but are you saying that it only uses five press studs and that the bag of the bag is screwed in with screws on a metal strip? Then what are the extra two press studs for? Sorry, just can't picture it !
  15. perfect - thank you ! just can't see the last two in the last picture though?
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