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  1. Hi All, want to remove the doors from my 1982 turbo - however, I can see there are potentially a few ways of doing this. Can anyone that has done this recommend the best way please (photos would help too !!). Do I just undo the two bolts (top /bottom) and remove, or is it best to leave the bracket on and just remove door?
  2. has anyone fitted 245 on here please? What about 205 on the front?
  3. thanks Chris - mine looks like the white one - just LOTUS in the bumper on the rear - nothing else.
  4. WTB - Oil Dipstick to suit 1982 Esprit Turbo
  5. thanks Andy - doesn't look to hard to fabricate up. Would it be four inches by 7 inches by the look of it? Is it bent at one end?
  6. Hi All, finding it nearly impossible here in Oz to get the correct matching manufacturer tyres for my 1982 Turbo. Book says 195/60/15 front and 235/60/15 rear. I can find plenty of front, but a very small selection for the rear. I cannot however, find any brand anywhere that can supply both. Either they make the front, but not the back, or the back and not the front. When I get on the net and research, it says that the suggested tyre for a 7" rim is actually 205/60/15 and I am sure I have read on here somewhere that one of you guys are running 245/60/15 on the rear. Of cours
  7. HI all, would anyone by any chance have an Oil Dipstick to suit 1982 Lotus Esprit Turbo motor please? The handle on the top of mine has broken off.
  8. thanks Dave - do you have a photo of the back of yours so I can see please? I have nothing on the back of mine except a yellow lotus round sticker the PO put there.
  9. So, I had an email from SJ's and they say that on the (turbo anyway), there is supposed to be an aluminium plate about five by seven inches integrated into the mesh grille that sits above the spark plugs to prevent water spilling down there. I have only had my car for a few weeks - and it's the middle of summer, so no rain. However, I have washed it twice and each time there is a pile of water goes through to the engine, and yes - the spark plug wells are full of water. No big deal to 'sponge' out - but can see how it could easily turn into something crappy on the side of the road in a down
  10. Lotus letters? Is this prior to 1982 Turbo? Only letters I have on the back are the stamped ones in the bumper?
  11. I thought SJ supplied the headlining cut and ready to install ?
  12. thanks Mark - but that's the problem... I don't have original insert
  13. thanks Simon, have since got this going, but have a heap of parts on the way from SJ to help the process to smooth out a little.
  14. maybe my searching skills are a tad limited, as already looked for a picture friendly thread on this and no luck If you can find those pictures again Simon, it would be very useful !
  15. thanks Simon - do you have a link to the instructions? My search failed
  16. revise old thread.... sorry ! But can you post the photos please Neil?
  17. Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows of a source to obtain the correct gear shift knob with the gear pattern on top please? I see that there are literally hundreds of gear shift knobs available with 'lotus' on the top, but can't seem to locate one with the correct gear pattern insignia. Quite happy with a replica if one is available too?
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