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  1. all good ! Were you bumpers colour coded - or are they supposed to be black Chris? Seems a contentious issue on the forums.... Mine are colour coded, but from what I read, only two G cars ever left the factory with colour coded bumpers, the rest were black. Certainly suits the line of the white car.
  2. Hi All, I would like to replace the two gold stripes that go down the length of my 1982 Lotus Esprit Turbo. Currently, there is only one (that obviously the PO has done). Looking at reference pictures, my model (i believe) should have two stripes. I have contacted a sign writer whom can reproduce them in the gold that I am after, but needs to know the height of both stripes (assuming same), the length of both stripes (again, should be same) and also the distance between the two stripes. Is anyone able to help please?
  3. Hi All, by absolute chance, I have managed to find a brand new in the box RM610 - absolutely complete - also managed to get the matching speakers. To say I'm happy, is an understatement ! However, I realise that these will NOT fit directly into the car and need to be modified. I searched the forum and found where Henry had described what he did to his, but really, it would be mega useful to see some actual pictures of where and how to cut the console and clearly, I don't want to stuff it up ! IS there anyone out there that has an RM 610 fitted that they could be so kind as to take so
  4. Hi Henry, are you able to email me some photos of exactly where you cut the console please?
  5. thanks Guys, very much appreciated ! - will get onto this and post some photos to help the next person (why is there such a lack of photos on this forum? Used to the Rennlist Porsche forum where nearly every post has a photo !)
  6. thanks guys for all the help. I have now got it working ! So, the way I fixed it was to firstly disconnect the crossgate extension rod at the back where it joins the bellcrank lever. I then got in the car and put the car in 1st gear. I then got back under the car and manually moved the gear lever selector rod into neutral - then using my hand, pressed the bellcrank lever right into the gearbox as far as it went and whilst holding that position, slid the gear selector back into first. Once I had that position, (proving 1st gear), i checked where the crossgate extension rod was sitt
  7. It's all been a bit of a rush simon ! I had a Porsche 911 (964) that sold pretty quickly - so needed a new toy. Was looking for something different and something that (I hoped) would appreciate in value. The Esprit seemed a pretty good choice and of course, being a Bond fan, the choice made itself ! There was only four available for sale when I looked - two stevens and two g cars. I went for this one as it had been well sorted to the best of my knowledge. History is that it went from England to Hong Kong (not sure of what year) where the owner had started to restore the car. He lost i
  8. thanks for that - I know where you mean on the back, as I have recently jacked up the car in that exact same spot. The front, not so sure - have to have another look. I want to however, remove all four wheels and support the car on four ESCO jack stands (the ones with the four inch rubber tops). What is the best for this please? I note that when I jack up the back of the car, the wheels go inwards, so putting jack stands under there means that they would move when I lowered the car again. Can I support the car on the chassis tubes? Do you have any pictures please? My mind works better
  9. Yay for me - just registered the 'new' car
  10. HI All, I just took my car down to the garage to get the inspection done (to transfer registration into my name) and they had absolutely no idea how to jack up the car without damaging it. In the end, they just put it on the four poster wheel alignment hoist (on ramps). I have so far only jacked up the rear of the car (i used the cross brace) and it seemed ok - however, it got me thinking some more and I (yes...) read the manual. It shows four jacking points, but to be honest, I am not sure if they seem strong enough. Being a fibrerglass car, I think the potential for things to go ug
  11. mine clears about the same distance (now I have deleted the bracket and ran through gearbox hole)
  12. thanks Guys - yes, I'll remove the floor parts through the week and see what I can find - really appreciate the help !
  13. thanks Guys for the help - much appreciated. Will get to see this again tonight when I return from work. So, it appears that the mystery bracket I had also appears on other cars - must have been a 'known' fix years ago and people subscribed to it? I have written to SJ motorsports to see what the latest thinking is in parts ! So, we will see with that too. Seems like the PO was a bit of an 'expert'
  14. Thanks Andy - Being in Australia, I'm not too keen to send stuff over to the UK and then back again, mainly because I don't really want to wait a month to drive the car ! I've only had the car for less than a week, and this weekend was the first time I could really have a look at things. I"ll have another go tomorrow night. I have emailed SJ sportscars anyways to see what they can offer. I see they do a complete crossgate cable that is supposed to be better than the stock one. I am figuring if I get that, along with all new bushes where I can - at least I'll have a good point to start wit
  15. thanks Chris. Don't think that these are available here in Oz though. Trying to match up front and back (brands) with the suggested 195/60 and 235/60 is near impossible. I am wondering if there is any reason I can't go 205/60 and 235/60 or even 245/60 on the rear?
  16. what are you rim sizes please Adam? Are they 7" and 8" ?
  17. thanks Dave - I'll check it out. Yes, I have the parts manual. It says "make the adjustment so that it is adjusted correctly" - lovely !
  18. Ok, now I have the parts manual with me - I can actually describe what I'm (trying) doing. So, The Crossgate cable extension rod on mine appears to be a custom job. It was routed via a bracket above the slave cylinder, not it goes where it should through the hole below the slave cylinder. I can now select reverse (most of the time) - however, now I can't get first gear at all ! By that I mean that the shifter goes into first, but when you drop the clutch, it shudders and dies - as it is in third and not first. No matter what I try (moving shifter around and go through gears) I can't
  19. Hey, this is the bracket that I just took off to route the crossgate actuating rod through ! Maybe it is supposed to be there? I'm confused
  20. Hey Andy, I have a 1982 Turbo Esprit and the gear change sucks big time. I can't even get it into first now ! By that I mean that the shifter goes into first ok, but when you drop the clutch to take off, it shudders and stalls - because it is actually in third gear ! No matter how many times I go through the gears, it will not go into first. Clearly, there are some adjustments to be made or parts to be replaced. I would like to do what you have done - and fix the stupid thing once and for all - as it is totally ruining my experience of this car - not being able to drive it. I
  21. thanks Steve. I see what you mean - I'll go and check it out, however at first glance, wouldn't the rod hit the brake rotor if it was any lower?
  22. Here are some photos - hopefully someone will be able to help.
  23. HI All, finally have my car and have been going right through it to sort out a few issues. First thing is it is extremely difficult to get into reverse gear. It can take twenty goes - just woeful. When I jacked up the back of the car, it is obvious what is going on (i think !!). The L shaped bracket that comes of the back of the gearbox has been bent downwards about 1/2" where the reversing rod joins (the one with the pin and ties). When I follow the reversing lever rod back up the car, i see it is hitting on the cross member on the back of the car. Just ahead of that, the rod join
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