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  1. Ok, dumb question I guess ! I have just finally received my car (pictures will follow), but noticed that both the drivers and passenger windows only go down to within an inch of the bottom of the window. Not only does this look silly, but I can't put my arm on the window when driving (i know, bad habit). The PO tells me that it is correct, the windows in these models don't go all the way down - is that correct? Seems kind of silly?
  2. Hi All, wanting to get some drilled/slotted rotors for the 1982 esprit turbo, and have found a good source. However, they stipulate ATE calipers. Excuse my ignorance, but what are those? Are they just the standard calipers? I have been researching this and cannot find any information except that some suggest that these models had girling calipers I really don't know what difference this makes? the site I am looking at is in the states, but even so, I can't imagine that Lotus exported these models to the states and they changed the calipers over on them? Only other thing I can thing of
  3. thanks Chris - as I thought Still, like you say - if you install it correctly, that is the key ! I bought exactly the same one as you as they ship to Oz (others did not). As I don't even have the car yet, it's hard to know where I'm going to install it (car arrives thursday night YAY !!) - but, your location looks good to me. I do however like the pull handle location that the guy with the S1 went for (behind door opening).
  4. Hi chris, been going through your thread (this and others) on your plumbed in fire extinguisher and have ordered one for my 'new' car too as i think it is a must have. Question though, how on earth do you test them once everything is in place? Would be great to know that they will actually work once you pull the lever. not trying to be a smart alec, just genuinely interested.
  5. hey Jenna, I'll be able to help - when my car arrives (hopefully by the end of the week) with this for you. Also, I like the grey colour choice. Mine (to be) is black on black , but the grey breaks up the look. Even thought about red !
  6. Apart from an extra arm on the steering column, I am aiming for the installation to become invisible. Yes, I too want to keep the car original, however also want to make it as fun to drive as possible ! As you too live in NSW, you know that Cops here have zero tolerance for speed limits and given that the lotus speedo will almost certainly be inaccurate, and all my driving is in rural areas (100km then 50km through towns etc), i feel it very necessary . Besides, I don't think it will detract from the value of the car. anyhow, I will see what it is all like when the kit arrives
  7. are you able to post some pictures of your glass engine cover please?
  8. Hi Henry, so the RM610 console does not fit 'out of the box' then? You have to cut it up (ouch). Did Lotus have to do this too, or was one specially made to fit the essex? Do you have pictures of how you did the 'cut and shut' please? did you 'cut up' your RM610 to fit as well?
  9. Something like this would work for you, you'd just have to work out the speed sensor (VSS) cruise control I can email you the installation file which has better pics if you like. Just PM me your email addy... PM sent - thanks. I have just ordered a kit from the states - so will be sure to document how I go
  10. Hi all, I had KW3 coilovers in my 911 and absolutely loved them. I would like to now look at putting coilovers in the Lotus. Doesn't seem to be a great deal of variety out there. Can some one please tell me if these ones will fit the 1982 model ? thank you !
  11. thanks Simon - yes, had fully figured on a garage yelling session for this one Now, just awaiting the car to come over from WA !
  12. Well, someone out there has one and sooner or later will want to sell it (to me )
  13. wow, great stories guys - thank you ! So, we go from someone never having an issue, to various problems ! I really like the carry a rubbish bag idea ! I like the altered hatch idea even better. Do you have any pictures please Andy? This seems like a better solution in the long run. Question ( and probably stupid) - how far could you get if the engine was covered up (i.e the hole in the engine cover, covered over)? Would it over heat - or is there enough air underneath?
  14. Looking for a roof console - Panasonic Cockpit RM-710 or the Panasonic Cockpit RM-610 I believe.
  15. Interesting. Ok, granted we probably don't get as much rain in Oz as you do in the UK, however - when it does rain here, it usually buckets down. I read somewhere else that some G car owners have had their car out in the pouring rain and experiences 'mis firing' when water has come through and sat in the spark plug holes. Seems to be a bit of a design flaw there and given that this was some 30 years ago, I am amazed that some smart owner hasn't worked out a way around this? I did see somewhere (again, googling) where there was an option on the UK version (huh?) where there was a deflector
  16. thank you ! cool - thanks. Do you have any photos? (I am used to the Rennlist forum when I had my Porsche and everyone posts photos - seems to be a lack of photos on here ?)
  17. Can you still buy these blanking plates? Look like a great idea !
  18. HI All, probably a stupid newbie question - but , whilst I am awaiting the arrival of my 'new' lotus..... I have been trying to do as much research as I can. One the the PO told me via email is that you should not leave the car parked in the rain, and if you do, try to park it up hill. When I asked why, he said water can go through the louvers and into the engine bay. Given that I have just got out of my 911 Porsche, this was something that happened all the time and no big deal what-so-ever. So, what is the difference on the Lotus? I am assuming that the water has no where to go.
  19. sorry to drag this up - but, what happened to the pictures in the thread? Do they delete after a while?
  20. Definitely going to do this. Millions of kits out there on the bay... Can't believe more people haven't done this mod (or am I just lazy?) Does anyone have some more pictures of an install please? (or the blueprints mentioned above)
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