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  1. thanks Guys for the information - appreciated Well, I'll do some more research based on the above - thanks again !
  2. hmm, ebay Well, maybe someone on here has one they want to sell and will PM me (hopeful )
  3. does anyone have an Original Radio - 1982 S3 Turbo esprit that they would like to part with please? Would prefer working.
  4. thank you. Yep, that's me - a pioneer ! thanks - yes,sure it does cool - thanks. yes, that would work I think ! thanks Chris - I don't have pictures, just from the sales site until I get it . Hi Steve - is this your new Turbo? Yes, that's the one ! Not too many for sale in Oz ! I got it for a good price (i think), has reasonable history and has had the same owner for 15 years that has spent a fair bit of time and money sorting it all out. Only thing I can see that is down is the paintwork - but I'm no
  5. gee, not too helpful mate hmm, let me explain. I live in rural NSW in Australia - all my driving is out on 100km roads and our Police are savage. Last two speeding fines were for going less than 5km over the speed limit. Once we lose points from our license, they are gone for THREE years. We have a total of 12 points - I am now down to 5. SO... my daily driver has cruise control, my wife's car has cruise control, the 911 Porsche I just sold had cruise control - all because of the above. So, now I have just purchased my Lotus, I want to put an aftermarket cruise control in the car.
  6. HI Guys, brand new here ... just bought myself a 1982 Esprit Turbo. First thing I want to do though , it put cruise control into the car. Does someone have a link to an after market cruise control setup that is known to work correctly please? thank you !
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