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  1. I've had a surprising interest from older women 😄 I think those that had interest in cars still have it and are pleased to see something special. Unfortunately the younger ones barely notice with their head stuck in their phones. (I drove past three times to check 😅)
  2. I've always figured about £100 per bhp. Doesn't seem excessive if you consider results rather than perceived work. I reckon an exhaust would cost you more and probably deliver less bhp, though I concede there are other benefits to a pipe swap. Software certainly at the lower end has traditionally been a cheap upgrade to blown cars. Normally aspirated has often needed far deeper pockets. Regardless, the result is +20. If it's perceived poor value, what other options are available for less money? For comparison Using Seriously lotus current prices Exige 430 to 475. £124 per bhp Exige 350 to 460. £92 per bhp Exige 350 to 430. £67 per bhp Average £94.
  3. Went to York Halfords today armed with handfuls of vouchers. Didn't get anywhere with a dashcam discount. Despite offering discounts on every site going they weren't particularly keen of giving anything on 'technology'. It does state tech excluded on the vouchers but thought they might have done something for me between the employer, blue light, Motorsports UK and TLF vouchers presented. I asked if he would just scan the codes the see if a discount would show and he point blank refused. The boxed dashcam he got me from the store looked like it had been used in Italia 90. I didn't point this out and got a shrug and a well it's sealed so it's okay. Due to that, I declined to spend money in store as I knew they had refurbished ones online for 2/3 the price. Less of a comment on the TLF discount which would usually be available, more of a annoyance at the ignorant careless muppets at Halfords York!
  4. Thanks. Not a huge fan of voucher style schemes but might give it a try. Had my Motorsport UK discount as a backup but just checked that and it specifically excludes dashcams 😬 If I use the voucher scheme I'll report back if successful!
  5. Planning to buy a dashcam from Halfords this weekend. Just wondering if the 10% Halfords discount is still applicable and how it it claimed? I bought tyres a while back and noticed the Camskill discount is no longer offered but till shown as a benefit. Might need removing if it is not to return. Thanks
  6. Sounds good. I had an install in an Elise a few years back which sounds similar. I'd probably be looking to have it hard wired this time around as I use the 12V socket for the CTEK.
  7. Previous owner found the original toolkit, got in touch and sent it down to me. What a gent! Always good to do a fair deal! One less job to sort.
  8. Anybody run a dashcam in a V6 Exige? Any tips on placement, type, wiring etc? I was thinking of one of the Nextbase offerings. Thanks.
  9. If you buy cheap you can sell cheap. All comes round in the end.
  10. It seems I'm missing the owners toolkit. Can anyone confirm they are still supplied from new on facelift 350's? Thanks p.s Anyone know the part number for a DeRoure price check?
  11. Ahh interesting. Spotted a few bumps on my new purchase. Had assumed dirt had got in whilst painting. Was going to contact the previous owner to ask if it was original paint or had been respayed. Saved me a call.
  12. No major track plans but I always insure with Manning so have insurance there ready if I do fancy a day out.
  13. Hi, Joined a while back. Had a 111R and a S2 Sprint previously. Had a little foray elsewhere with an '89 911 and a Caterham Roadsport 150. All fun but missed the Lotus and have been hankering after one for some time. Finally found a nice 350 so thought I'd drop back in and say hello. Planning to daily it. Be interesting to see how usable it it compared to the S2 models. Have a soft top too. Looking forward to Summer!
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