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  1. If you buy cheap you can sell cheap. All comes round in the end.
  2. It seems I'm missing the owners toolkit. Can anyone confirm they are still supplied from new on facelift 350's? Thanks p.s Anyone know the part number for a DeRoure price check?
  3. Ahh interesting. Spotted a few bumps on my new purchase. Had assumed dirt had got in whilst painting. Was going to contact the previous owner to ask if it was original paint or had been respayed. Saved me a call.
  4. No major track plans but I always insure with Manning so have insurance there ready if I do fancy a day out.
  5. Hi, Joined a while back. Had a 111R and a S2 Sprint previously. Had a little foray elsewhere with an '89 911 and a Caterham Roadsport 150. All fun but missed the Lotus and have been hankering after one for some time. Finally found a nice 350 so thought I'd drop back in and say hello. Planning to daily it. Be interesting to see how usable it it compared to the S2 models. Have a soft top too. Looking forward to Summer!
  6. These are details of the 26 numbered UK cars I have to date. 1967 - Yellow - ChrisR 1970 - Yellow - Rick101 1972 - Blue - PNicholls 1973 - Yellow - For Sale B&C 1976 - Blue - John_w 1981 - Blue - For Sale Williams 1982 - Blue - Paul Wright 1984 -Yellow - R3000XXX 1987 - Blue - 1997 - Blue - 2007 - Blue - Lotus71 in Addition 000 - Yellow - Exported to Japan (original promo car) 001 - Blue - Cup spec car
  7. Rick101


  8. Saw this car at the weekend. Amazing condition.
  9. I swapped my Elise for an Exige Sprint earlier this year. Very pleased with it, they are fantastic cars. I'm always interested when I see one on the various forums and keen to talk to owners but I have never seen one on the road. Hopefully some at LITP this weekend. Is there a Sprint Register anywhere? As there are not that many around it would be quite nice to know how many remain and where about's they are. The Bumpf said 40 cars, year dated excluding 1982. So far I have been informed 1982 does exist and there were a number of cars made for Europe and japan over and above the 4
  10. Would do the Sat DB&B if it's available for the same price as the Sunday.
  11. Hello, Just joined after seeing the Brooklands event posted on the NYLOC boards. Currently in a lovely yellow 111R which is my first Lotus. Had planned to move on quickly but became quite attached to it. I think the only thing I'd change it for would be an Exige S, ideally a 240 if anyone knows of one for sale. Unlikely i'll get far South enough to meet anyone prior to the event. I've got a PalmerSport day booked at Bedford on the 7th so this works out quite well. Might even stay over in the hotel if we can get a decent deal for the Saturday. Cheers
  12. Bibs - Elise S1. theelanman - Evora j141 -Evora S ROJ - Exige V6 Club Racer bingoking - Evora GTE # The Pits - Dry Sump Turbo Esprit Sparky - Esprit GT3 & clipboard Sizona - expect Evora GTE #16 ChrisJ - '82 Turbo Esprit Choppa '86 Esprit S3 (no clipboard, but I'll bring a pen) Royal - '95 Esprit S4S Peapod - Exige S2 UNLUCKY FOR SOME! SnoBoardr & Dexter - Evora S Mayesprit - M100S2 Elan Pig - '95 Esprit S4 (Maybe) Dave Eds. Yellow E.... Kevin E -Elise S2 Red Alex L - Red 2-Eleven
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