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  1. Surprised it took 150 posts for you to figure it out, Sherlock. Sorry I didn't read the forum rules or I would have definately closed my old account down (which hasnt been used for years), most on here now wouldnt even know who I am or even care for that matter. As for the hiding behind another name, its no different to alot of the other forum members choosing another name to go by on this forum, I have no dark ulterior motive or nothing to hide Ultimately, all I want is whats best for Lotus as do most Lotus Enthusiasts like myself.
  2. Yes I remember who dragged the Lotus name embarrasingly through the courts, his name was Dany Bahar , CEO of Group Lotus.
  3. Thank god Kimbers is on this forum to put things straight. Anyways, where were Lotus 3 years ago? Well I remember MJK was bought back in to straighten things out, economies were made and a SOUND business plan was put together to enable the company to survive and grow (at an achivable rate) into the future. The Evora and the MSC Esprit was concieved, the Evora was released to the public and was well recieved. Members of the Esprit forums graciously were invited to events hosted at the Lotus factory and a certain forum owner was given a showing of the MSC Esprit, which at the tim
  4. I find all of this quite farcical. I distinctly remember how delighted certain members of the Lotus community were when Fernandes set up Lotus Racing in Hingam after negotiating with MJK and Proton to use the Lotus name in F1. Wasn't his Lotus Racing branded merchandise being sold on this very forum? Now of course you all dislike him and are glad he has "lost" his battle to use the Team Lotus name in F1. Love Fernandes or hate him, you still have to admire his business savvy and the way he plays the game , kind of reminds of how a certain ACBC used to operate. Me, I still
  5. Yes Moxies post really summed up how I feel about what Lotus should be all about too. I also dont bother to read the press releases they send me, I feel they are an insult to my intellegence as an individual who prides himself in knowing when he is being fed a gourmet course of bullshit. Bullshit seems to be what the new re-invented Dany's Dream Lotus is all about, "Look at us, we are standing next to Steven Baldwin*, arent we cool," (actually completely the opposite.) *or substitue any a rent a celebrity Truth is I dont want to be associated with this kind of propaganda, an
  6. I feel robbed too mate. Lotus almost had the MSC Esprit ready to put into production at MJKs retirement, we would be witnessing the results of all of his teams hard work by now (and drooling over it) If Bahar hadn't rejected it . My theory is that his (Bahars)plan was to make himself look good by rubbishing all of the recent past efforts at Lotus, the Evora being the main one. Having the MSC Esprit go into production and receiving praise was not what he wanted, he wants to be seen as the man that saved Lotus with "his" ideas, not those of a much respected and admired past CEO.
  7. Diana Rigg, what a sexy English Rose!!! The Blue Elan she drove in the Avengers , ended up at the "Cars of the Stars" museum in Keswick , which is now closed. The Elan and most of the other iconic Lotuses, the Bond Esprits, the Prisoner 7 etc are all on their way to Florida . Apparently the new Lotus management were messing around trying to figure out whether to buy them for the proposed Lotus Museum at the factory, but the museum owner decided not to sell to them (to Lotus anyways) in the end.
  8. Regarding the comments that the Lotus brand needed a "kick in the pants" and "its profile raising", where have you guys been the last few years? Desert island with no communication with the outsides world perhaps? Lotuses only real problem over the last few years is that it has lacked funding, partly because Proton hasnt invested the kind of money required for the company to grow. Lotus has always had great ideas, engineering, design, promoting and image, the problem has been obtaining adequate investment to produce the model we all have lusted after (the Esprit). Alot of Bahar
  9. Phew, thats a relief! Its just not right that one of the top guys in the British motor industry was driving around in a German car (unless he was figuring out ways to improve on it). Now that Aston, thats a REAL CAR
  10. I think what 99% of us Lotus enthusiasts are ultimately getting at is that Dany Bahar seems to be doing an excellent job of undoing any credibility, goodwill and prestige Lotus has built up over the last 60 years it has been in business. Of course ultimately the blame must be placed at the door of whichever idiot at Proton hired him in the first place, so I am appealing to the suits at Proton HQ in Malaysia to sack Bahar and restore a compitent CEO back at the helm at Lotus.
  11. Absolutely! Good Hat Bad Hat Good Hat Bad Hat
  12. Heres a new photo of our new good friend Swizz, sitting in a red pre-production Esprit, showing all of us unbelievers he is 100% hard core Lotus Whoops apparently that was a Ferrari Enzo he was sitting in , sorry my fault. To put things right, here is a photo of brilliant car designer Swizz Beatz admiring the designs he just did exclusively for Lotus Bloody 'ell, they look like Aston-Martins!, must be a part of the plan to bring Lotus upmarket. Anyways , here is Swizz sitting on the bonnet of a Mansory Evora he totally designed just after designing the special back
  13. Blimey that year went by quick! Happy Birthday Mike. 'Bout time you sold that Merc and bought yourself a Jag!
  14. Yes I read the Mail on Sunday article on Dany Bahar with interest, he seems almost proud of the fact that he "couldnt work with none " of the existing department heads at Lotus, which is puzzling as their experience in engineering and building great low volume sportscars was second to none IMO. Some very knowledgable and hardworking guys left Lotus as a result of his arrogant and somewhat nieve approach to running the company, Roger Becker immediately announced his "retirement", Paul Newsome left and a few others, I believe the only department head to stay was Russell Carr, who seems to ha
  15. I think I heard Tony Rudd rolling over in his grave......
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