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  1. This all started with the Labour governments social policies in the mid to late 70's, which basically made it possible for certain members of society to exist quite nicely without having to work. Thatchers policies of the 80's shut down most of British industry , putting even more of the working class on the dole, with little prospect of ever finding a similar type of job to the one they lost. I have worked hard my whole life and have never expected anything to be given me for free,social policies that reward people for doing nothing are the root cause of most of the problems in the UK ATM. I can never see Britain having a law abiding , hard working, moralistic society ever again, good though that I was able to witness it back in the 60's to mid 70's, I just see that the goverment will come up with ways of having to control the ever unrully masses.
  2. Indeed they are. A Dallara covered in Lotus stickers does not an attractive race car make.
  3. WayneB

    London Riots

    I was talking to my brother in law (30 years in the Police force) about something like this a while ago. Britains police force has been cut back and thinned right out, officers pretty much replaced with cameras, so all the police do now is react to situations that have already taken place, as there are not enough officers to pound the beat on foot nymores to be nosey and talk to people and discourage /prevent crimes from taking place (as it was in the 60's/70's) Back then communities knew who their local copper was and could talk to him (ours was PC John Chance) Sure they will identitfy the people who did this via the cameras, but it wont change the amount of damage they have already done.
  4. Funny that you should mention that, but when some of the suits reciently turned up from Malaysia in a "show of support" for The Danys plan, I actually wondered If the real reason behind the visit was to give him a face to face bollocking for all of the negative press and ridicule that Lotus(and Proton) had garnered since his tenure started. He has been uncharacteristically quiet since that press conference, maybe they told him to put a sock in it? As for Fernandes buying Lotus, the A320 plane deal shows he is capable for putting together the finance, maybe the price isnt right (yet?)
  5. I bet he hit a patch of spilled diesel and went along for the ride..........
  6. Oddly I never bought any of my Lotus wear in the past from a yokel in a turnip field, I got it at Lotus dealers and the nice gift shop at the factory. I found it was always displayed nicely and was reasonably priced, I guess its now going to be nicely displayed still, but not so reasonably priced. Doubt I will be traveling to the big smoke to the new store, I guess I'm just not sophisticated enough to appreciate the whole "Lifestyle Experience"
  7. Interesting how Caterham managed to peacefully co-exist with Group Lotus for 28 years , but of course Group Lotus was run by more reasonable (sane?) CEO's then.
  8. The forum banner should now be changed to "Real Porsche Enthusiasts" to accomodate this new baffling trend
  9. Cant ever remember Peter Sellers competing as a driver(at least using his own name), he had poor eyesight and a heart condition so I doubt he could have raced even If he had wanted to. He did sponsor individual drivers though , mostly in F3 If I remember correctly. Great comedian and actor though,I still like watching him as Inspector Clousseau.
  10. None of this crap embodies the Lotus of the past, its all a poor attempt at recreating how great Lotus once were in F1 , something that I feel no ammount of 2nd rate marketing by both entities have a hope in hell of recapturing. Colin Chapman's drive and charisma,Tony Rudd's knowledge and genius, Peter Warr's organisational skills, Ketteringham Hall , a great sponsor (John Player Cigarettes),cool drivers (Jim Clark, Graham Hill,Jochen Rindt, Andretti and Ronnie Peterson), innovation, brilliant engineering and design, thats what Lotus F1 was to me. Bahar paying to put a dinner plate size Lotus sticker on the nose of a Renault or an Asian businessman's attempts to convince me they are true worthy succesors to the Lotus of the past both kinda sicken and annoy me somewhat. All they have done so far is to turn the Lotus name in F1 into something of a farcical joke, neither are true successors to the true spirit of the Lotus name IMO.
  11. The thing I most admire about the Lotus Exos T125 programme is that Jean Alesi still has the level of fitness required to get the most out of this car. As for the rest, its cost, exclusivity,performance and the rich bozos that will be presumably be racing against each other in the 5 races created for it not the slightest bit interested.
  12. Odd that BFTD doesn't comment on this thread......... I personally dont think having an engine designed in Germany and built god knows where was what most potential Lotus customers were thinking of when they requested a "Lotus" engine to power the new Esprit. Bizzare that Lotus Engineering could once design great engines for GM, Jensen,Toyota,KIA,Chrysler and other manufacturers, but now HWA are needed to do the job. This new engine could have been a showpiece for Lotus Engineering and its abilities,but all this shows is that Lotus now outsources what one was its bread and butter.
  13. It was clutch life that concerned me the most. Quite a few people dont really know how to use a clutch properly, resting their foot on the pedal and excessively slipping it. And the fellows who sidestep the pedal at 7000 rpm repeatedly to try and replicate the factorys ultimate 0 to 60 times. All bad for the drivetrain of the car. Of course If the rental Evoras are automatic versions ignore all of the above.....
  14. Be interesting to see how those Evoras take the outright abuse they will recieve as rental cars.
  15. Not very scientific, but I first weigh myself on the bathroom scales, then again holding the wheel and subtract my weight from the total to arrive at the weight of the wheel.
  16. Sato sits so low in that car, one has to wonder If he can actually see where he is going.
  17. Dont think Lotus as it was back in the 70's can be compared with the Lotus that exists today. Back then, owned and run by a Brit(obviously Colin Chapman) almost the entire workforce was British and all of the engine design,construction and assembly was done in England. Of course Lotus used foreign components (Citroen transaxle and Cibie lights from France, Dellorto carburettors from Italy, BBS wheels from Germany etc), and as Mark B pointed out retained the services of Ital-Design to style the Esprit. Today what do we have? Malaysian Ownership, Turkish Swiss as a CEO, Italians and Germans running various departments and engine development and aero dynamics being done in Germany and Italy. With the rumours that certain models are to be produced in Austria, it Looks like Lotus is getting less British by the day, despite Bahars liberal use of the Union Jack. Sad (for me anyways) I feel bad for the engineers and employees who will be loosing or have already lost their jobs as a result of the current Lotus management policies, I feel the end result of this new Lotus era will be a "faux" Lotus that will contain little If nothing of the past that made Lotus the iconic company that Dany blah blah keeps banging on about. .
  18. The Chaparral can am cars were all made possible by General Motors who used Chaparral as a "backdoor" racing operation when the corporation had an official no racing policy in the 60s/70s. Bodywork was mostly styled in GMs Studio X , some by Larry Shinoda/Tony Lapine under Bill Mitchell, automatic transmissions by GMs Hydromatic division and engines by GM Engineerings powertrain dept. The then unique "snowflake" magnesium wheel design the cars used was also done in GM. Hall also capitolised on GMs them advanced data aquisition equipment out at the desert proving grounds at Mesa Arizona to figure out the handling of the cars. Although Jim Hall was undoubtedly clever, his association with General Motors made it all possible IMO. Heres a nice video of the 2E on GM's styling patio in the tech center ,Warren Michigan.
  19. I have sent some wheels and other items around the world using Transglobal Express with good results. They actually use DHL, but offer you a huge discount on regular DHL rates. You can do it all on line, and the DHL courier comes to the house and picks it all up. Transglobal Express Just make sure you put exactly what the items are on the waybill , and pack them well to ensure they arrive undamaged.
  20. Worked for a company in Texas a few years ago in a non-airconditioned automotive plant in that kind of brutal heat. You have to pace yourself, moving at around half speed, and have to frequently wipe the sweat off your forehead before it runs down and stings your eyes. I noticed most of the other employees had "do rags" on their heads which automatically soak up the forehead sweat. I found it also helps to do any decision making in an air conditioned office as in that heat its very difficult to think straight. The heat also tends to make employees cranky and do poor work, and they tend to go out to their cars and come back with a loaded gun and wave it about alot when you give them the sack (untill the Sheriff shows up)...........
  21. That was one of the reasons why I thought it was something to do with Mike Kimberley. The way Kimbers original post was written seemed to leave it open for interpretation (wrong in my case) I would pull it If I could, but cant so there it stays..........
  22. Looks like the forum posted my previous comments X 3 (all at the same time), odd that eh? Maybe when one of the mods realises, it may be corrected? We live in hope.
  23. Tony, I am totally shocked and outraged by this news. I hope ALL those responsable are found .
  24. Yes I remember them, they were bloody awful things, the body was very wide , but with a narrow track and they felt like they would roll over every time you took a corner. First van I drove was a Bedford CA with the sliding side doors which were great for driving in the summer with those doors slid back, whistling at girls, but the footwell would get very hot with the heat from the exhaust, hot enough to melt the sole of my best pair of shoes. First van I owned was an ex Staffordshire Water Board HA Viva Van (130 quid from the car auction), slept in it all night once in a multi storey car park in Glasgow (minus 7 degrees C) and nearly froze to death. Also had a Marina van , I could never stop its fully floating halfshafts from leaking oil for longer than a month, it was mercifully stolen from outside my business one day (brother had left keys in it) Last van was an 1982 Escort that I fitted an 1.6 CVH engine , 5 speed box and TurboTecnics conversion to(it started out as a 1.1), it was pretty fast back in the mid 80s and did great front wheel burnouts, handled great to, I miss that one
  25. Rah,Rah. More (expensive) propaganda Looking forwards to seeing an engineer running the company again.
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