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  1. Hello Im Wayne Barratt. My 1983 Monaco White Turbo Esprit and I live in Trenton Ontario Canada. I make a modest living working out of my small workshop restoring all kinds of racing and sports cars (mostly British) I have worked on many Loti (7,18,22, Cortina ,Elan and Elite)I always wanted an Esprit from when an Essex Turbo Flew past me on the Coventry Rd. as I was on my way to the Motor Show at the N.E.C. in 1982! I bought my car 3 years ago and have totally restored it by myself(and service notes) As I have only had a computer since christmas I had no idea of the amount of info available on the net for these cars! Hopefully I can learn more about these cars and maybe be able to help others, Thanks Wayne
  2. I arrive home with my dream car(1983 Turbo Esprit) and my wife comes out to inspect it. She points to the drivers door and asks "are those Morris Marina doorhandles?"...................... Wayne
  3. Dave,I was lucky enough to get to work on and drive a pre-production DB9 last year..........Im ruined for life for other cars Wayne 83 turbo
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