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  1. I think Porsche are going to announce that they are so impressed with Dany Bahars amazing new radical managerial approach that they are buying Lotus off Proton and are making him CEO of Porsche.
  2. Does anybody involved in this RLGP thing actually have any real money? The Cheques in the Post Having run my own business for 35 years I have learned that the more someone tells me "money is not a problem" but doesnt actually seem able to pay me for work done, the more I tend to worry. Having been involved in Motorsports for longer than I care to remember, I tend to find "rumours" of money problems within teams normally are started by suppliers and employees not being paid for their services who are the first in the food chain. Traditionally the teams in F1 with the best funding usually have a main sponsor whos product has a high profit margin i.e. Cigarettes, Booze, Soft Drinks,A Bank, Motor oil or Petrol. Besides Total on the LRGP , I see none of the above.
  3. I think you will find that all knowledgable F1 supporters will agree with you there Tony, but sadly I dont think the new management at Lotus really give a damn about what you or I think, they are apparently looking for new fans amongst the crowd who prefer to ignore the facts as its just convenient for them to do so. I must say however I am very dissapointed with Clive Chapmans stance on all this, but I guess he has alot more to gain by offering his support to Group Lotus/Lotus Renault(a museum to house his Classic Team Lotus collection and the use of a nice test track etc. so maybe I would do the same in his position)? Maybe the reason many of us are unhappy with the "new" Lotus direction is that we just have absolutely nothing to gain from it(unlike its vocal supporters) and everything to loose? Respect.
  4. One thing that struck me was how antiquated and labour intensive the Lotus factory paint process is compared to other car manufacturers I have visited (Aston-Martin, GM,Jaguar, Land Rover etc). No robots are used, at all, the panels are hand sanded,cleaned, hung on fixtures in the approximate positions they will end up in on the finished car and hand sprayed by a worker. When the panels are dry and assembled on the car, they are inspected under bright lights and and any defects (runs, dirt,hair etc)are sanded and polished out by machine. Lotus cars (and Teslas)sent to the USA/Canada and Japan recieve extra finessing to reduce the amount of orange peel texture in the paint, cars for the UK/France/Germany etc arent as apparently owners in those countries equate the texture in the paint to added durability, where as the North Americans/Japanese are looking for more of a perfect reflecting show type finish. Dont get me wrong, the staff at Lotus make a nice job of painting the cars, its just not how other car manufacturers do it anymores. Surprised that I havent heard of any plans to update the paint shop line at Lotus, but maybe its just not a priority ATM?(ie not in the public eye)
  5. Whenever I have been to the Lotus factory, the new cars when completed, finessed etc.are started and driven to the outside of the assembly building and parked awaiting shipment, I havent seen them driven around the test track at all.
  6. Heres a photo that shows the bracket.
  7. Matt, If you look underneath your front bumper towards the centre, you will see two rivnuts that were put there to bolt an approximately 6" piece of angle aluminium to that was drilled with holes to bolt the lower edge of an USA license plate to. If you fabricate one of those brackets (or order one through Lotus) , you can bolt your New York plate to the car without damaging your euro style plate. Only the Federal USA (North American) spec Esprits came with the foam filled impact front bumper that had the provision for that special bracket.
  8. Ronnie Peterson qualified P1 and finished second in the race. What a brilliant driver he was.
  9. Pretty sure the rights to the G-PRIX plane registration were retained by the Chapman family , but retired out of respect for Colin Chapman so they could not be used on some other teams aircraft. If they turn up in the near future on a plane leased to Dany Bahar I will cry.............
  10. I owned one of those early Range Rovers briefly back in the day and didnt like it at all. It was slow and handled like crap so I cant imagine Colin Chapman drove his much either . They were much improved in the mid 80s with the nice leather interiors, 4 doors, ZF automatics and fuel injection though which is probably why he bought another one .
  11. Always thought that the Turbo Chancellor (G-PRIX) should be featured in a Lotus dedicated museum, maybe mounted on a pole outsides, but uppon speaking with the current owner on the phone about 5 years ago found out the asking price (alot) and that the plane had been used to set some long distance flight records by him since he has owned it, so had garnered some additional fame since leaving CCs ownership
  12. I have met you (and your lovely wife Vicki), so I actually do know what kind of bloke you are firsthand . PS Dont use water when you wash the Porsche, it will just make it more rusty, maybe spraying it down with WD40 is better?
  13. I have no doubt you have visited Lotus more times in the last month than I have in the last 5 years, however IMO you seem to have become something of an "unofficial" spokesperson for the current Lotus management, and they are using you as a conduit to only reveal the information they seem fit to inform you of on your visits. Surely you must know people within the Lotus organisation who are concerned and somewhat worried about the direction the company is heading? There is obviously alot of resentment towards the new Lotus management over their plan for the company and the way many employees are being treated, and as you live in the locale of the factory and know people who are currently working at Lotus (and have worked for Lotus) your concerns for the future of Lotus are obviously shared by staff currently within the organisation (for example the person who leaked the Bahar internal video previously mentioned in this thread) and Lotus employees who have reciently left. I personally feel this public airing of said discourse is constructive towards the future of Lotus and hope the powers that be take the time to read it and re-evaluate the reasons why people are unhappy with the current course of the company and address their concerns.
  14. Thats good to know. Its an odd break from concept car tradittion though, usually the concept is totally OTT and the production version is dialed back and more restrained. So the restyle is a result of potential customer feedback?
  15. I agree 100% with the above two posts. The more I see the new Esprit concept, the less appeal it has for me. Considering its aimed at the money is no object crowd , it really is somewhat bland and ordinary when compared to say the Lamborghini Aventador which without doubt is one exciting car in the styling department. Unless they are prepared to radically overhaul the styling on the Esprit by the time it comes into production, they wont have a hope of making the new business plan a success.
  16. Yes, dish washing soap can be used to wash a car and it will get it squeeky clean, but the problem is it will strip off any wax you have already previously put on the car to protect and enhance the finish. So unless you are prepared to re-wax the car every time its washed , a more mild soap specially made to clean cars should be used.
  17. +1 I doubt the fellows at Sant' Agata are going to loose any sleep over this latest newsflash from Hethel. Wouldnt it be a good idea though to first at least get the "base model" Esprit into production before hyping up an improved version of same?
  18. Kinda odd that they picked Mansell as a prime example of an ex.Lotus F1 driver (1980 to 1984) as he actually never won a grand prix whilst driving for them. Would have thought ex. world champion for Lotus F1 Mario Andretti would have been a more high profile candidate.............
  19. In North America they dont have this problem as license plates or "tags" as they call them are made by each state or province in Canadas case (usually stamped out in steel by prison inmate labour) and issued through each individual state or provinces vehicle licensing authority. Its 100% illegal to mess around with them once issued, the only real problem they seem to have is people not mounting front plates in the states that they are required. The present UK system of allowing plates to be made up by motor factors and sign shops is obviously too open to abuse, giving rise to the problems pointed out in this thread of incorrect fonts, spacing and the use of black screws to alter the look of a particular letter or number, the US system should be implemented in the UK as it would cut out of the current confusion/abuse that exists ATM. I do think Gordons sons plate looks good with that Eurostyle typeface , striping and logo etc., but it definately is not legal in the true sense so one should perhaps expect some hassle from the coppers when having such a setup even If you are otherwise doing nothing else that involves breaking any more serious laws?
  20. The place was almost empty of visitors whenever I was there, I was amazed the owner kept it open in that location as long as he did. Yes its sad that the cars are leaving Britain, (more than likely for keeps), but I guess the British public on the whole just are not really interested in this sort of display and most cant be bothered to make a trek to visit , and they will be without doubt seen by alot more in their new home in Florida. Puzzled that Lotus hadnt took the new Esprit styling model up to Cumbria and arranged to have it photographed with PPW and the OPW's in an attempt to get some of their "iconic"fame and notariety to rub off , but thinking about it the older cars are alot better looking so it may have just highlighted how ugly the new car will be by comparison.(IMO of course)
  21. Interestingly, the press release doesnt mention the fact that Lotus NYO are limited into bringing in less than 200 units a year due to the vehicles not meeting local component content and other rules the Chinese currently have in place to favour vehicles made in China. Its true other european (and US)manufacturers sell alot of cars in China, but they are all made and assembled in China, so unless Lotus NYO set up a plant in China I wouldnt expect any huge sales figures. Heres a breakdown of where Lotus Currently sell the most cars (2010 figures)
  22. Its really quite horrifying to see the results of some botched plastic surgery operations, especially when the recipient was considered to be so attractive.
  23. Funny you should mention that , I was thinking about the very same thing the other day. From what I have been told CC didnt have many friends, and he only really respected people he had a use for who could deliver, i.e. solve problems that could make him money, or failing that at least make him look good. As Dany Bahar comes across as an I love me who do you love, slimy ponce who is all mouth and no trousers , I doubt they would get on, he addmittedly knows less than nothing about automotive and engineering matters so there wouldnt really be any common ground between them, but saying that maybe he could have hooked CC up with some blond celebrity /actress tarts through his showbiz connections though? Tony Fernandes seems to be more grounded and is something of a self made businessman grafter/wheeler dealer type with a genuine love of F1 and flying so I think he would present the lesser of two evils.
  24. It may not be such a good idea modeling your business plan onAston-Martin
  25. Yes and no. Whilst we all are obviously Lotus enthusiasts the new management now in the company seems to have driven a wedge into what was a pretty solid group of individuals, I dont think its down so much to some of what is being done, but the way its being done. Bahar without doubt is a controversial individual and his unique (odd) method of leadership seems to annoy and upset alot of people. To be honest I had pretty much written off Lotus when it was being run by Kim Ogaard Neilsen, it was only the re-appearance of Mike Kimberley as CEO that re-ignited my own interest in the Lotus brand. It was his down to earth drive, common sense and passion for Lotus that saved it, and being honest I am very dissapointed that the powers to be at Proton saw it fit to hand over the company to someone like Dany Bahar, who in my personal view is not the right person at all to run the company. So , whilst I dont want to see Lotus go down the tubes, I would definately like to see Mr.Bahar ride off into the sunset on the prancing horse he rode in on, and be replaced with a more practical CEO, with realistic plans and goals for the company,perhaps someone who MJK might have liked to see running Lotus.
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