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  1. The 1-77 carbon tub and the suspension is supplied by Multimatic in Canada, who has a certain ex. Lotus head of engineering and F1 driver John Miles on the payroll. I believe the front subframe is Lotus Lightweight structures though, who do supply the DB8/9 chassis. Multimatic
  2. My guess would be that Lotus will be using the Toyota 2AR-FE 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine in the USA Elise. 180 hp, and has a 6 speed transmission when installed in the Scion TC (and automatic) which may mean an Automatic Elise.
  3. I'm not a Citroen transaxle expert, bit I have lived with one for 10 years in an old Turbo Esprit without destroying it so heres my opinon. I actually think its a good transmission considering it was originally designed 30 odd years ago (and BTW the Citroen company acutally made gears before they got into making cars) and when looked after can last a long time. Of course sidestepping the clutch at 7000rpm a few times in a row may kill it, but I cant remember any of the Car Magazine journalists blowing one up back in the day, so I suspect most failures these days are partly caused by wear and heat due to low oil levels due to loss through old leaking seals Anyways,would I pull out my transmission , and completely disassemble it to give it a Cryo treatment? No Is it worth doing?. Well If your transmission is already in pieces for a good rebuild, with the gears, CWP etc passing a magnaflux test and said parts are unworn, and it makes you happy spending a few extra quid to cryo the parts, do it., but dont kid yourself that you can now safely channel 300bhp through it for any lenth of time with no problems. Interested to see what Harry Martens says........
  4. It's all Dany Bahars fault, he couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery. Lotus will ultimately survive after all of this pie in the sky rubbish is over and a decient CEO is installed by whoever owns it by then.
  5. Now I get it. Ronin is kinda like John Milner, and the other guy is Bob Falfa who is visiting the valley and saying bad things about Ronin and his grey hot rod Elise (nice car BTW), so Mr.Ronin is demanding satisfaction in a kind of automotive duel at dawn situation, that will ultimately be shown on Top Gear USA. Thats one nasty bad Elise, very much like one Nick Adams showed me in the Lotus Sport garage a few years ago.
  6. So who ever looses this titanic battle has to set fire to his car and claim off the insurance? Facinating stuff.
  7. Reminds me of when Elvis shot his Pantera because it wouldn't start.
  8. Sorry , I had no idea you are Nigel Mansell. Nige Speaks
  9. I can see Lotus branded Vodka in the future..................
  10. Clive Chapman is just hitching his wagon to the entity that he currently sees as being the most beneficial financially to his organisation. He actually quietly distanced himself from Lotus Racing a couple of months ago, which signaled that this was coming. I get the feeling Clive Chapman and Classic Team Lotus will be an intregal part of the new Lotus Museum that is going to be built by btfd's boss, Clive is very much a chip off the old block i.e. I dont trust him as far as I could throw him.
  11. The 1983 ECV 3 used aluminium "Base Unit Construction" which is similar in concept to Lotus VVA. Base Unit Construction was pioneered by Rover Engineer Spen King and first used on a Rover Gas Turbine powered concept 4 door saloon, that ultimately became the 1963 Rover 2000. The car utilised a rigid steel monocoque chassis, and cage, on to which all of the unstressed body panels (steel and aluminium )were bolted and screwed to, the ECV 3 used a version of this made out of aluminium,with composite and aluminium outer panels which I guess was definately a forunner of Lotuses VVA method of building the Elise etc. As for did Lotus engineer the ECV 3 structure, no it was done in house at Gayden by Austin-Rover with help from Alcan aluminium. Other vehicles that later used adaptations of Rovers Base Unit Construction were the 1983 to88 Pontiac Fiero, 1991 to97 Pontiac Transport/Chevrolet Lumina people movers and GM's Saturn Division in the USA. Lotus Engineering did suspension work on the Fiero in 1986--87 for the '88 model year so its entirely feasable the Fieros rear engined structure was extensively evaluated and the design morphed into the Aluminium VVA used for the Elise in 1995.
  12. I still think Lotus is politically a "No Go" area for the British Conservative government after the Delorean Scandal, the press would have a field day digging up all of the old Colin Chapman/John Delorean/Fred Bushell GPD who did what to who stuff If Lotus was given any sort of loan. As Genii are an investment capitol organisation, I dont really see how they can get Lotus any better access to component manufacturers than they currently have. Lotuses problem with component supply is the small quantities they require compared to the mass produced OEM, and the fact they cant take advantages of economies of scale unless the component is shared with a mass produced vehicle. I myself dont class myself as anti Dany Bahar, indeed he may be a great guy on a social level, but you have to admit he certainally seems to bring out the worst in quite a few people with his comments and actions.. As for whether you are Mr.Bahar, I dunno, but I do know the past Lotus CEO had the courage to publically be a member of a couple Lotus internet forums and commented on various events he was a party too, without resorting to hiding behind a psudoname.
  13. Seen the Ad for Lotus Racing (the F1 team) a few times, they (CNN) sponsor the team.
  14. MG Metro Turbo, MontegoTurbo and Maestro Turbos (and the Twin Plenum Rover Vitesse) all engineered at Lotus. Enjoyed reading the article, has that couldnt make up such a story ring of truth about it.
  15. 1986 USA (HCI) fuel injected 1987 UK/ROW(HC) carburetted
  16. A ruthless Turk who is a Swiss national.
  17. I would have thought that the source of the Transaxle to be used in the New Esprit would have caused more concern than the engine as traditionally they have been thought of as the Esprits "weak link" Graziano may be the current choice, I dont think Lotus will try to make their own (unless the CEO reads this post)
  18. I forgot to include the phone number for Time Products in my previous post. 116257-3567 116257-3569 Barney Hatt designed the watch BTW. I dont have one myself, I tried one on when they came out and didnt like the scale of it (its big).
  19. The Lotus Type 1 watch was manufactured by this company who may still have some straps etc. left. John Wilson, Materials Admin Assistant, C.O. Time Products (UK) Ltd., Alexander House, Chartwell Drive, Wigston Leicester LE18 2EZ
  20. Lotus designing and manufacturing its own engine for the new Esprit is an nice idea, except it may delay the models introduction past 2012, futher delaying cash flow from that model.. Lotus have already done quite a bit of secret engine development for Toyota on various engines , and they did come up with a neat F1 engine for Toyota a while ago(that was regrettably never used). I would have had no problem with Lotus using a Toyota/Lexus 5.0 V8 in the new Esprit, as long as they made it attractive to look at with nice cast alloy rocker covers and inlet tracts, I am not all that taken with plastic cover as used on the Evora.
  21. Oddly I was under the distinct impression that Michael Kimberley was the individual most reciently sucessful with as you put it "turn Group Lotus around from what was certain death", he produced a logical economic plan that made sound sense for Lotuses future survival, some of which is actually being implemented by Mr.Bahar who likes to create the impression that they are all of his own making. If you delve into Mr.Bahars past history, he may implement a plan to take a company in a certain direction, but seems to leave before the grand plans come to fruition, leaving others to make them seemingly work. Red Bull is a energy drink company that has a product with very high profitability,it was already making a huge profit before Mr.Bahar appeared, Ferrari is.part of the Fiat empire which is in a dreadfull financial state and by the grace of the italian Government is able to survive.. I fail to see how his involvement with either company ensured their longterm survival or radically changed the situations they are in.. As for his current plans, that are costing a fortune BTW we will not be judging the sucess or failure of them until years from now when Mr.Bahar will have moved on to greener pastures (read new suckers to invest in his grandiouse schemes) My worry is that Lotus will be in such a poor financial state and in catostrophic debt by then, (over 700 million + in the hole?) nobody will be able to afford to step in and save them.
  22. WayneB

    London Riots

    The car was not Charles and Camilla's , just was being used by them it actally belongs to H.M. the Queen. Its a special Rolls Royce Phantom V "State Laundaulet" that was bodied by Muliner Park Ward , paid for and presented to the Queen in 1978 by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. The steel rear section of the roof can be removed reveiling a clear perspex canopy, and the canopy can also be removed to make it an open car. Saddens me seeing such a special , famous and historically significant vehicle that has been used in many occasions of state by H.M. the Queen subjected to such mindless abuse.
  23. Trevor, the name used was "World Wide Racing" Owen, the Lotus 72's were originally hand lettered (signwritten) in real 24ct gold leaf, by Norwich signwriter Paul Crowland, and as time went on Colin Chapman began to become alarmed at the high cost of lettinging the cars in that fashion, (which was also very time consuming) so a cheaper alternative was arrived at in the form of a "Gold Colour" paint, which was actually mixed up from 50% Keeps signwriting enamel orcre, and 50% Keeps signwriting enamel white. All of the JPS era GP cars were hand lettered, they did not use any stick on graphics .
  24. Jens, I have always regarded you as the forums expert on Turbocharging. Thanks for injecting some sanity in this thread. Wayne
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