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  1. Thanks, Paul. Most of the "top 10" lists I've seen have Pioneer something like the first 5 or so. I'll check into 'em.
  2. Hey Folks, Anybody have/have a line on one of these? Thanks in Advance, Ed ([email protected])
  3. Hey Folks, Looking to do this to my '94 S4, dredged this thread up. Anyone have a rec for a double din unit to use in 2017? Thanks in Advance, Ed
  4. eb0248

    Exhaust for S4

    The straight pipes on it were loud. The single OEM from s4s that replaced it sounds as though it is full of holes (holes, not eels...thought this whilst I wrote, sorry). Would like any decent sound and be able to hear normal speech within the interior.
  5. Hey Folks, Looking for exhaust upgrade for my '94 S4. Anyone have any experience or offer a suggestion? I don't race, kind of a DD/weekend car, and would like the interior as quiet as possible. Thanks in Advance, Ed
  6. eb0248


  7. Thanks, guys. It's black, carbon fiber dash. A friend of mine in Florida did the same scheme in his Beemer IN HIS SPARE looks factory new, blew me away... he's seen the pics (I'll try to post some more here), offered to do mine, jumped at the offer.
  8. Barry, Considering I can barely navigate my iPhone, I proudly post the soon-to-be new arrival: Any feedback (good/bad/indifferent) is most welcome, guys. Ed
  9. No, it's just "reliced", you know, as some boneheads take great guitars and chew them up for "mojo"-ness....geez. Hope some body saves it, I'd be willing, but I'm in the states.
  10. Out of everything Steven Bishop has done, this is what I remember most. One of the best scenes of the movie. As for the guitar, just listen to a lot of Segovia and mimic what he'll be fine (I'm joking). Age as noting to do with it, dude...just jump in and keep at it. I took my gear out of a 20+ year storage (I'm 55), having a great old time. My kids (6 and 8) are now jazzed to start taking lessons. PS +1 on the GAS thing...there should be a be a GAS anonymous group set's a disease, I tell myself (as I'm buying a 30 yo Jupiter 8...)
  11. My avocation has recently been putting together guitars and basses (3 Frankenstrats, and a Warmouth '51 p-bass). Nice job on the guitar! Never even thought of using that color....that is way too cool! Gotta check that out for next project. BTW, Dan Erlewine's stuff is golden for the aspiring builder. PS Just went to your build page. You should name the guitar "Lazarus", you really brought it back from the dead. Kudos on the project!
  12. eb0248

    Reliced Guitars

    Thank you!! This has driven me nuts since its inception. Just because Keith Richards doesn't want to play a pretty guitar, it's cool?!? If you want it to look like it's played and "road-worn", play the damn thing...alot. The guitar/bass blogs I surf have a very large contingent of folks who snark about everyone and everything (most folks I chat up are cool, don't get me wrong). There's a shirt I've seen being sold, thinking of buying one. It reads: SHUT UP ALREADY AND PRACTICE. Hilarious...
  13. Barry, Here's the rub, however. I'm 5'11", 200 lbs (not chunky), we'll leave off the "good-looking" thing (wife hasn't left...yet). My inseam is, at best, 30.5". I carry most of my height above the waist. My head has barely cleared every vehicle I've owned, from VW Passats to Dodge Ram trucks. I've wanted an Esprit since I can remember, and am taking delivery on a '94 S4 sometime this week. I've always been told if you're tall, beware, but you see any probs? When I'm sitting, people think I''m 6' 3". BTW, we are relocating to West Palm Beach, FL in six months. Anyone know of a good shop in the area? Cautiously Excited, Ed
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