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  1. Oh joy , stinking cold /sore throat has arrived to ruin my weekend plans, if by a miracle tomorrow morning I feel a lot better , we will attend and enjoy your company & breakfast. Stephen
  2. Just to clarify some points on your original post, the Komotec Upgrades phase 2&3 are complete kits with altered files reflashed via the OBD port to the original Ecu plus hardware. They are the only changes ,everything else stays as OEM. Ie traction / stability control, idle etc. The only other option is a replacement ecu and new mapping and the hardware to complete, this would move you much further away from your stated goal, if you are tracking seriously all be it a limited number each year , I would agree with the above 220/250 cup or exige however if it’s more for the road I would stick with what you have , I have 2015 s3 the only thing that let it down was the exhaust note and to be honest the parts that made up the complete system, they work , but on a car like these they deserve a bespoke setup , and there lies the rub , you require the new ecu info to enjoy there benefits. on the 17.5 year cars like Neals they sound great from the factory. plus ,most mods costs will not be realised if you wish to sell and insurance has to be considered . last of all ,the cups cars look amazing ,and I came very close to buying Neals car ( best Colour), but if you go to places as we do for our holiday etc there no way the Aero kit would remain intact . After doing the bronze / silver days at Lotus the standard setup is more than capable for my ability’s on the road.
  3. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE. Trevsked top-plumber - Turbo Esprit shelly Schumacher Elan M100 se turbo Vipers - 3-Eleven 430 PainterDave - Excel Composite guru - Elise 220 Cup (work dependant) JNW - Esprit S1 or Essex Esprit Bibs - Evora NA Dave Eds - Evora NA or M100 Sizona - GT430 or JPS Esprit Martyn - Esprit SE Simonf - 340 &/or V6 Exige Stephen - Elise S C/ Racer Sorry only just seen this , if still possible to join in would be great. Stephen
  4. Sorry for the late reply, only me again for Breakfast , Kim on Xmas duties .
  5. Did wonder if the height of the driver would become an issue , We have visited RRR and Robert gave us a good demonstration of what is possible , I will be really interested to see the bespoke binnacle design , please post any updates, Our issue is we cannot see hardly any of the tell tale screen in the sun with roof off , and more importantly the warning signs . We probably have the opposite issue to you as the steering wheel boss effects our view into the display. If we go down this route the layout will be totally different to what we have now, and the beauty of this dash means we can tailor it suit different drivers , ( my better half is very speed aware so wants clear digital numbers ) Next year could be very costly as we are also looking to have there ecu package fitted.
  6. How are you getting on with the new setup i believe yours is the one on RRR Facebook page , showing it working with the cowlings adjustments, What it like if you have managed to find some sun on your drives out. thanks
  7. Hi Chris Should make it there for 9 Kim staying in bed. Just got home from the theatre.
  8. Our 2015 C/Racer S was very quiet and only started to sound the part right at the top end, Fitted 2bular 8'' H1 and that certainly gave it a voice to go with the looks , however if you are going to use motorways etc for long periods of time I would stick with the factory item. Enjoyed two days at hethel last week , using three different Elises , two with new exhaust & open shifter and one pre 2017 quieter back box & closed shifter. The newer cars sound really good but are still quieter than mine, Regarding the TRD in our car you definitely hear more of the supercharger whine again at mid to high revs , it just adds a bit more to the car character.
  9. Hi Pete Sorry can't make it this month, working late , I don't think you will be alone , according to my better half.
  10. Hi Chris Kim and I will be there, looking forward to seeing your car Pete
  11. Sorry guys & girls we both can’t make this evening, working late prior to our holiday. Gutted I will miss Pete & Stuart new toys. ps are any of you going to the Lotus in the Peaks , if so see you there.
  12. Looks stunning Pete, hope you are enjoying the extra pull from the Supercharger , always loved them in White with the details in black,
  13. Very nice Pete, got no chance of keeping up with you now! Anyway what happened to the black one ?
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