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  1. Hi Chris Should make it there for 9 Kim staying in bed. Just got home from the theatre.
  2. Our 2015 C/Racer S was very quiet and only started to sound the part right at the top end, Fitted 2bular 8'' H1 and that certainly gave it a voice to go with the looks , however if you are going to use motorways etc for long periods of time I would stick with the factory item. Enjoyed two days at hethel last week , using three different Elises , two with new exhaust & open shifter and one pre 2017 quieter back box & closed shifter. The newer cars sound really good but are still quieter than mine, Regarding the TRD in our car you definitely hear more of the supercharger whine again at mid to high revs , it just adds a bit more to the car character.
  3. Hi Pete Sorry can't make it this month, working late , I don't think you will be alone , according to my better half.
  4. Hi Chris Kim and I will be there, looking forward to seeing your car Pete
  5. Sorry guys & girls we both can’t make this evening, working late prior to our holiday. Gutted I will miss Pete & Stuart new toys. ps are any of you going to the Lotus in the Peaks , if so see you there.
  6. Looks stunning Pete, hope you are enjoying the extra pull from the Supercharger , always loved them in White with the details in black,
  7. Very nice Pete, got no chance of keeping up with you now! Anyway what happened to the black one ?
  8. Hi Bibs - tickets purchased, can you add me to the list.
  9. Can't believe I am not going to get to see the Elise! But you are totally forgiven bearing in mind your excellent choice of colour! SO envious!!
  10. Hi Chris, Definitely can make this one, plan to eat as well, so can you put me down for that if required. Stephen
  11. When we purchased our new Elise from Hoffman’s we noticed the cable was very stiff and felt like it could snap. On trying other cars in stock they where all similar until we found one car which was very light and easy to use. Hoffmans had a proper look and decided to order a replacement cable . The factory had routed the cable so badly that the cable and its guide had two kinks , one at each end so there was no chance of a smooth light action . Our now 3years on still easy and light to use. Stephen
  12. Looking forward to getting out with the car and having a chat, hopefully Kim can make it too. Stephen
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