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  1. Very nice Pete, got no chance of keeping up with you now! Anyway what happened to the black one ?
  2. Hi Bibs - tickets purchased, can you add me to the list.
  3. Can't believe I am not going to get to see the Elise! But you are totally forgiven bearing in mind your excellent choice of colour! SO envious!!
  4. Hi Chris, Definitely can make this one, plan to eat as well, so can you put me down for that if required. Stephen
  5. When we purchased our new Elise from Hoffman’s we noticed the cable was very stiff and felt like it could snap. On trying other cars in stock they where all similar until we found one car which was very light and easy to use. Hoffmans had a proper look and decided to order a replacement cable . The factory had routed the cable so badly that the cable and its guide had two kinks , one at each end so there was no chance of a smooth light action . Our now 3years on still easy and light to use. Stephen
  6. Looking forward to getting out with the car and having a chat, hopefully Kim can make it too. Stephen
  7. I Haven’t on this particular rim style , but there no reason you can not , in fact it is the correct size for a 195 if you check most guides , if you look under the ride/ handling/ tyres section, I posted a ? Has Lotus changed OEM tyres, 195 is being fitted to a 6” rim as standard now. Dave at Seriously Lotus replied with the correct details and again this is confirmed on the parts site I mentioned. the AO48 fitted on Elise Cups road cars is a 7” Rim, however Lotus have fitted them also from the factory to the 6” forged rim with the wonky Y style. For example the JPS black & gold 250 Cup model on sale now have this setup. Hopefully someone else can comment if fitted to theirs. Stephen
  8. Chris, sorry both of us working the 13th hopefully catchup in Feb. Stephen
  9. Same cast alloy rim as fitted to my Elise; It is a 6” rim ; you will find this confirmed on the Bell & Colvill parts site.
  10. Thanks Dave, Do you know if there has been any other changes suspension wise , surely this must change the feel without some other adjustments Was planning on purchasing a set of AD07 from you over the Holidays , are they still available to you and with a recent date stamp. stephen
  11. Just viewing Levens new arrivals on Pistonheads and noticed the the Olive Green & Evora Silver Elise’s are running on Yokohama v105 with a 195 width. Rims are 6”wide so they look a bit ballooned if that make sense. I suppose this was always going to happen at some stage as the 175 is unique to the Elise and with its replacement coming i can see why the manufacturer may stop production for this and other reasons ( Regulation etc ) I will be interested going forward as to how this changes the steering feel and grip levels as I have grown use to the original setups. I know Cup cars use 195 wide tyres mainly on a 7”wide rim & a few on the S3 6” Y forged optional rim , but my comments above relate to the normal models.
  12. 2 seats for breakfast, please Chris; Looking forward to seeing you all Stephen
  13. See you there, even Kim is coming with me, Stephen
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