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  1. See you Thursday looking to also eat there , if that help for seat numbers. stephen
  2. Yes you have to join, but it’s purely so you can then access the links regarding the event. Did This event last year, well worth getting up early for this.
  3. Just back from two weeks driving around the NC 500, also made our way home via Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. Just wanted to share some pictures . If you get the chance, Scotland is a must do holiday. Last 2 pics are in the Dales. Total miles 2140, not bad
  4. My 2015 Elise gear shift has a slightly loose but very fluid change , very quick between the gates when required with no bulking whatsoever. It does have a strangely enjoyable light clanking noise after each shift action hits home.Regarding new open gate, I have only felt the action with a car static but it does have a very engineered feel with good weighting.As for the lower rev-line engine; you will not be short changed.Just finishing our holiday around Scotland , 2200miles clocked so far . With 13k under its belt this engine does everything , docile when required, pulls high gears from low revs, but get it just over 4krpm and it pulls like a train to the Rev limit. For on the road only performance I think it’s just about perfect .
  5. Hi Guys, Sorry can’t make this date will be on day one of the North Coast 500. Have a nice meet, hope to see you in July.
  6. Great cars to enjoy fabulous roads and scenery. To get such good weather; very lucky. Up there in 2 weeks time, praying for the same 🤞 how far up the country did you go,
  7. Thanks to Chris & Pete for arranging the evening; both Kim and I really enjoyed the company and the conversations,
  8. Just when ours hit 1k ; we had issues where the engine would stall as it could not hold its idle position or simply drop through it when coming to a standstill. Hoffmans had ever plug ,/connection, off to clean and reattached and the problem only happened again one year later. No codes and no real answer, previous Elise had a faulty throttle pedal and that show up in the problems you are listing.
  9. Keep adding the miles as the engine just gets better all the time. just short of 10K on ours and it’s pulls like a train. Can’t believe they set the Rev limit at 6800 as its so hungry to rev out. Lovely car enjoy Stephen
  10. Hi Guys look forward to seeing you there + the missus; Was her old stomping ground; albeit they have done it up since the 80s Look forward to meeting Electro-boy Stephen
  11. First green car , absolutely loving it. Stephen
  12. Martyn Thanks for all the hard work putting the day together. Had a great day and enjoyed meeting new faces. Stephen
  13. Beautiful colour, suits the cr’s so well , especially the interior. these cars are make for the alps, still enjoying GoPro clips from last year. We found the seats are mega comfortable even after 8hrs driving with the minimal padding . stephen
  14. Lovely colour will keep a eye out, considering we live in the same town. stephen
  15. Martyn, all booked and permit requested.



  16. Hi Chris See you on Sunday and hopefully some reasonable weather ( crossed fingers ) Stephen
  17. Please add me to the list Martin. Elise S C/ Racer Stephen
  18. Thanks for the lovely comments, 1st pic Giswil , Obwalden Panoramastrasse 2nd enjoying Susten Pass. Happy times
  19. Hi All Been a member for a couple of years and got a slapped wrist from the guys at the Essex, Herts, Cambs Breakfast Meet yesterday for not posting an Intro. Have enjoyed the National Meets but have made a New Years resolution to attend many more regional meetings. Pitched up unannounced yesterday, and had a great welcome from all. Couldn't believe my luck to see Trevor's new 430, only a day old along with some other great examples of the Lotus brand. Couple of pictures to prove I do use the car, great views in Switzerland.
  20. Thanks everyone for your warm welcome!! Thoroughly enjoyed the cars, conversation and mega breakfast! Intend to keep my promise this year and attend friendly meets and enjoy other like minded Lotus nuts, great start!
  21. Martyn just noticed my name didn't get added to the growing list posted 19th Feb can ŷou add. thanks Stephen
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