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  1. Hey guys, I’ve started a new series on how to perform repairs or upgrades to Toyota transaxles. I’ve built a few of these for competition use so I’m Sharing the steps as I install my Cusco LSD.
  2. 2zrVios


  3. Thank you 2bular! Im guessing you missed my introduction, I dont own a Lotus...I swapped a 2zrfe into my Yaris. The reason I joined this forum is because none of the corolla or Xd guys go to the track, and I see you guys at every event. I am having RPM make me a long tube header as we speak.
  4. Ive always been a fan of lotus, you guys are always at the track! Now I finally have a reason to join your forum, yay!
  5. This is a pretty fun Yaris......Ive past many cars on the track that I probably shouldn't have!
  6. Hi everyone, Im new to this engine and I dont know how it handles track abuse. And tips you guys can offer to get my car into time attack is greatly appreciated
  7. Thanks, Ill head over to the elise discussion and see what's happening
  8. Hi everyone! First let me say I do NOT own a Lotus (sorry!). I have a 07 Yaris that Ive competed with for almost 3 years in solo, solo2, prosolo, and HPDE. At 184k my original engine faild and instead of building another 1.5L, I swapped in a 2zrfe. Im new to this engine and Im curious how they handle track abuse and what cooling upgrades you guys have done. Thanks! -Tom
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