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  1. Hi all,I have an 81 series 3 Esprit with Rover V8 engine here in Cyprus, have seen the black V8 the one advertised for sale a few times,have owned mine for 20 years,Tim
  2. hi folk's,thank's for reply,will forget trying to fit the engine and box transversely!!,it was just a thought,anybody got any ideas where i can get a custom clutch plate made in UK?,want to try and use the 1st motion shaft [Rover V8] already in my box so a V8 clutch center in a Ford plate,had the 1st motion shaft made years ago,lovely job but can't remember where!,haven't got the engine yet but need to start making enquires,thanks Tim
  3. hi Andy,already thought of that,just when i have the Ford engine dangling from the hoist and the spare chassis kicking about would see out of interest what's involved,maybe a future project?,Thank's, Tim
  4. Hi all,again many thank's for all replies,have just ordered an ST 170 engine complete with box,ecu,manifolds etc so in few weeks time will make a start,every body say's it's impossible to fit an engine and box in East/West not inline Lotus style, I have a spare chassis so will look into that!,if not possible then will connect to Citroen box,thank's again everybody,will keep you informed!!.Tim
  5. Thanks all for your replies,think I will try the 2 litre route but will not rush into it,as retired have plenty time!,had even thought bout Audi TT engine,maybe one of the inline Audi boxe's would fit on? decisions decisions!!,
  6. Hi Andy,thank's for reply,food for thought!!!
  7. HI Dan,thanks for reply,will continue on the Ford route for now,have done many transplants !,have retired now so time isn't an issue,thought bout the Lotus engine but with the heat and crap petrol here thought better of it!,any fabrication ,adaptor plates etc I can do,spares here for the Ford are easy to get as well,maybe go for an Audi box as well,Tim
  8. Hi folk's,i have a Rover V8 engine in my 82 Esprit fitted bout 18 years ago,runs fine but i want to change it to a Ford Duratec 2 litre,ST 170,mainly due to lack of performance and super high road tax here in Cyprus,it's a good engine and sound's lovely but being standard power output and fuel consumption not great,anybody had any experience fitting the 2 litre Ford engine?,the car is running the Citroen gearbox,I'am an ex mechanic so not phased by any work involved,many thank's,Tim
  9. Hi folks,has anybody tried fitting an Audi TT engine in a series 3 Esprit,would one of the Audi 'inline gearboxes fit do you think?
  10. its a year or so old with wrong wheels,have period Revolutions on now,will take some more soon, Tim
  11. no problem's mate,didn't mean for it to sound shirty!!
  12. Ha!,will do next few days,its parked up in my old house at moment so will go up and take some pics,don't worry its not some boy racer look alike [ I'am 63!!],apart from colour it looks quite standard,i have been in the body work and mechanics all my life and like something a little different!!,Tim
  13. as requested Mazda Esprit brake mod,rear brakes,Mazda RX8 rear discs with slight machining to Esprit hub's and slightly elongating the stud holes in disc fit straight on to give outboard braking,i made a simple 10 mm thick bracket which mounted to two of the bolts through hub casing to trailing arm,slightly awkward measuring and spacing needed to mount RX8 rear calipers,in fact i had to cut out very small section and reweld arm,then alter the ends of the hand brake cable and it all fitted ,new flexie hoses and copper pipe fitted,piece of cake,brilliant handbrake!!!!,due to extra thickness of disc had to get slightly longer wheel bolts,in fact did virtually the same to the front as well,then went the whole way and fitted RX8 servo and master cylinder!,car will now stop on a sixpence!!!! I have had the car for about 15 years buying it as a box of bits basically,resprayed it a gorgeous Lambo dark pink, fitted Rover V8 and used it ever since over here in Cypus,i have a few chassis changes in mind to do and that turbo diesel engine swap as well!!,meant to say was running standard 5 stud BBS wheels,oh and the car has a soft top with t-bar and strengthened windscreen pillars,handling is still perfect,any info re brakes required dont hesitate,cheers
  14. hi folks,thanks for replies re engine swap,looks like the Audi engine and box it is!,if i can find one here in Cyprus,will be coming to UK- Worcester early next year try and find one then unless anybody knows of one off hand,suppose i will sell my V8 engine and Citroen box which has served me well,any takers!!?,thanks again,must say what a fantastic Forum
  15. hi,its not that easy!,been involved in bodywork and paint spraying for 40 odd years and now have breathing problems,petrol fume's effect me the most which is a pain in the ass,coupled with the heat over here makes life difficult,diesel doesn't hardly effect me,plus downsizing engine size will be cheaper car tax and insurance,
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