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  1. Thanks for the reply 😁
  2. Hello, I was in Rétromobile last week-end (Vintage car show in Paris), and found that stand selling plug and play LED Lights. "la paire" means "both" I don't know wich one to choose from this. Furthermore, I have first to fix the black plastic in the headlight. It is not fixed properly because of the kind of plastic screws which are becoming too old. Don't know how to fix that....
  3. Long time I haven't been on the forum. Here are a few pictures of my Esprit S3 HC NA LHD. You can find it on Insta: @yo1nn or in Supergommes's insta: @supergommes My car is now at the garage waiting for the new windshield to be installed. (and a little body work to make it perfect.
  4. Yo1


  5. I have a very important question, my car has Pirelli P600 at rear wheels, and cinturato P6 to the front wheels. I don't Know which pressure to apply. The question is not as stupid as it looks.
  6. It is a very good question, so I've been searching on the internet, because I didn't understand how it was possible. It appears that the temperature is not checked from the engine's metal, but from the liquid. For the same temperature from the liquid, the temperature of the engine (metal) will be different, as water is more efficient cooling the metal when in contact, than Evans. I don't know if it's clear, I've juste read this on a website about planes engine cooling system (in french). I'm looking for the same explanations in english, because I'm afraid my english is not good enough to make it clear. Here is a link to a pdf (in english )from Evans in which they talk about the higher temperature in the FAQ. I wouldn't have imagine than choosing a collant liquid would have lead me to make so much researches. I hope you understand I'm not trying to tell than Evans is not good for our cars, but just to find out what's the best solution.
  7. About bad points, they say than there is no better than water to cool the engine, so using Evans would rise the engine temperature while running. Son it would have consequences on the engine running temperature higher than suppose to, and with oil. A german magazine made a review on the product "oldtimer markt" and at the end just advise not to use it. Peter Burgees broke 2 engines (mgb) using it, and also advise not to use Evans. He stop the guaranty on his engines if a custumer use it. Thats what I read on a french mgb forum talking about Evans production, I've never heared about this german mag before, neither about Peter Burgers. I've just read that, and it's a little bit frightening. Here is the link to the thread (in french, sorry, but with Google translate, who knows...)
  8. So it seems than Evans is very popular on the forum, but I read so many bad feedbacks on french forums than I prefer to wait a few years before trying. I am now making some researches about carix premium g48 which is used by Ferrari garages for their old cars. And looking at motul imogel optimal aswell. Many thanks for your advises.
  9. Thank you for your quick answer. I heared about it, but it seems than this product can avoid the rust (because no water), but does not cool the engine enough. As a result, the engine has an higher temperature while running, which is scaring me.
  10. Good morning every body, While changing my cambelt, the guy working on my car ( a 1987 G Lotus Esprit HC NA) noticed than all the cooling hoses were old (30 years old...), and than the alloys ones definitly needed to be replaced. There were rust in the cooling system which eat the alloy hoses. So everything has been washed, all the hoses are being replaced by new ones (from sjs), but now, I'm wondering which is the best coolant to fill with. I know it exists different types of cooling liquid, and I don't know wich one suits to the car. I really want the best for the car, and I wish I can find a cooling liquid wich could avoid rust to appear again, and even make rust disapear from inside the engine (because I'm afraid than there should be rust inside now). I am looking forward to your answers.
  11. I'm pretty sure the question will sound stupid for mosy readers, but I want to know if my car has air conditionning. I don't think so, but I need to be sure because I'm ordering belts, in order to change my timing belt, alternator and water pump ones. And they are not the same depending the car to have ac or not. My car is a 1987 Esprit giugiaro HC NA (atmo). I took a photo inside. If you have any idea for a better audio car system, it would be great too ;)
  12. It looks like I was wrong... After thinking about it, I will try to find a company around Paris to make one for me. It will be done especially for the car, and if there is any issue, it will be much easier to deal with... I will post the result when done.
  13. Yes, but I'm pretty sure someone somwhere have this exhaust system and made a video just after installing it... I hope so.
  14. Thanks, but the first link does not exist anymore. I've seen this page months ago and was really interested in one exhaust sound, but the owner didn't remember to who he purchased it...
  15. Hi every body, I called pnm enginering this morning because I'm very interested in buying a new exhaist system. Their price seems to be interesting to me: downpipe+link+exhaust would cost 630 euros with the delivery included. The problem is that it's very difficult for me to buy it without having any idea of the sound result!! Does someone ever heared their exhaust? If somebody could share a video of the pnm exhaust sound, it would be great. I would be glad to hear from a sjs system too, so than I could compare... My car is a 1987 G Esprit HC NA
  16. I think the one you've seen is mine, I bought it in Belgium last summer. I sended a mail to Lotus, and it will cost me around 80 euros to have all the informations about my car. I'm definitly going to pay for this, because I really want to know, but I have to take care of the timing belt first.
  17. Prices are just skyrocketting now.
  18. It's old topic, but I can give you the answer. You've waited toolong, it's 172HP. I have a Esprit S3 HC na, I'm making research to know how many of them were built. Not easy....
  19. Yes it is, but not yet in perfect condition...
  20. Franjipane, HCPI means turbo HC, mine is NA HC, which does not appear in the list. I'm thinking about sending a mail to Lotus to ask them, they should know... One more picture for Chris. I promise I will take beautiful pictures of the car soon, I don't have much for the moment.
  21. Hi, My life was miserable until last summer when I bought a 1987 Lotus Esprit G, and now my life is great!!! Lol
  22. Hi every body, Last summer I realised a dream buying an Giugiaro Lotus Esprit. As I wanted a G one, but ,as reliable as possible, I choose a S3. I have with this car (a gorgeous red one) a certificate from Lotus wich says it's a very small serie. I was wondering how many of them were built, and I began to look for figures. I never found how many of them were built, so if someone has the information, I'm really looking forward to read it. The the car is a Lotus Esprit S3 HC NA from 1987, and is LHD.
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