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  1. But that doesn’t actually answer the question posted above! 😂
  2. Thanks folks - I’ll sort something out later this week what tread depth do the Trofeo start at, i know less than normal. Ive got 3 ‘away’ day track days coming up so don’t want to get caught short away!
  3. The mlr day and BAT days im more concerned about what our friends are bringing! you coming ?
  4. How are the Trofeos in the wet if I get short at Spa
  5. I’ve noted the ZZR stamping on the ones I’ve got now hence a little wary. Trofeo quite a lot more money it would seem whAt about Cup2s which now seem to be standard fitment
  6. Hi All I’ve looked back at old posts and can’t see anything particularly recent about tyre choices for the V6 I’m currently on ZZRs which are probably coming to the end of their life. For a car used 85% of the time are these still one of the tyres of choice or are people now switching across to the Cup2s? not necessarily looking for ultimate best lap time but a good tyre I don’t have a spare set of wheels so good dry and wet compromise is also important particularly as do Spa a couple of times a year and we all know how unpredictable the weather can be there! car has a Hoffman’s Geo and now running TVS1900 Thanks in advance
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  8. Morning all couple of queries that some of you may have seen elsewhere my trusted independent mechanic fitted the cable to be able to hardwire my trickle charger cable on. Had to remove the battery to do so. When car started again EML was on. He cleared it with his gizmo so assume no issue here? then I wanted him to adjust my washer nozzle. Went to spray and no spray! Yes it's full of water!! Can't even hear pump. Anybody else had this issue? I can't find a fuse for it! Any clues. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm getting regular texts and photos as it makes its way south!
  10. So I've just heard .... from a mate of mine down here in the south! clearly a ride in my normal V6 was enough for him to want to upgrade!
  11. I'm pleased to hear that as I hated my S2 in the wet although in 8 years of tracking it I probably only had 3 wet track days!
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    New here

    Welcome. I quite like the black contract with yellow. Snows in Southampton have a CR for sale in that colour scheme
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