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  1. Answer from komotec: "The IPS Exige had a transmission oil cooler as standard."
  2. HI, I have no idea. I am going to ask it to Komotec and I tell you back!
  3. Good . Congratulations, because you are having a stunning looking supercar !
  4. Check lotusforsale section, I am saling a non used Evora 400 clutch and flywheel I got few months ago from Komotec
  5. I am selling a new Komotec Gearbox Oil Cooler. I bought it a few months ago and I never mounted it. Reason for saling is that I am going to sell my Exige V6 and I do not need it anymore. Valid for any Exige V6 or Evora. PRICE: 875€ / 800£
  6. I am selling a new Komotec Uprated Clutch + Light Flywheel. I bought them from Komotec a few months ago and I never mounted them. Reason for sale is that I am going to sell my Exige V6 and I do not need them anymore. Valid for any Exige V6 or Evora. PRICE: 675€ / 625£
  7. I am selling a Larini Exhaust NOT VALVED with oval tip. I bought it from Eliseshop a few months ago, I mounted it and I probably I have not driven mora than 1.000 miles with it, so the exhaust is in really good condition. Reason for sale is that I am going to sell my Exige V6 and I do not need itanymore. PICTURE CORRESPONDS TO THE EXHAUST BEFORE MOUNTING. If you are interested I gladly would send current pictures Valid for any Exige V6 or Evora. PRICE: 675€ / 625£
  8. I have fitted 205/45/17 Yokohama AD08R and then 215/45 SC2 For me SC2 are better than Yoko, which are much better than P. Corsa.
  9. I bought Larini. I would say it is quieter at low revs and much louder at high revs than OEM exhaust. OEM weighted with my home scale 14.6 kg and Larini 7.6kg.
  10. I think they refer to the pocket beside the battery tray...
  11. Thanks! Tomorrow send you an email
  12. I am having a surrealist conversation via mail with komotec: even after asking them about your install, same answer: "On which place would you be mount the sensor? In our opinion is no space for this." Norbert, may you give me your mail so I can send to you my mails with Komotec? I have the sensation that they are not understanding my question (very simple by the way) or they just do not want to answer me for an strange reason. May be you can help me...
  13. Yes, I got the gearbox oil cooler and now I want to locate a oil temp sensor in the gearbox
  14. Strange answer from Komotec: "On which place would you be mount the sensor? In our opinion is no space for this."
  15. Ok, thanks anyway, I wrote Komotec, to see what they say
  16. Do you know the thread of the oil temperature sensor. I want to buy one and there are at least 2 options: M12 x 1.5mm pitch or 1/8" NPT (which is a tapered American standard)
  17. Sorry but I have not said nothing against Lotus. I have said in this thread that I find this CUP 380 amazing. But I think you were exagerating with that comparisson you did with a Porsche. Just trying to be fair. My previous car was a Carrera S. And I own the only one (yes) Exige V6 sold in Spain. I think I am a solid Lotus supporter and not just with words.
  18. IMHO having or not a passenger in an Exige V6 DO makes a big difference. Even being an amateur driver. Weight is crucial. Not 10 or 25 kg, but 75kg is a lot of weight here. And I think the GT4 has a lot more differences with a 12 years old caymam than a 380 with the Exige S V6 (345)
  19. Two reasons indeed: 1) Difficult to find a dealer here in Spain. At least more difficult than the other brands 2) I have not had time to try all the tyres!! But probably next tyre I hope will be the Avon You think is better than SCup2?
  20. I was testing pressures and would say that 32 psi front and rear when hot its ok. This is the pressure I have always used with other tyres and I have no reasons to say this tyre needs more or less pressure.
  21. Quoting myself: Yesterday I had a track day at Jarama Circuit. This time with a new set of Michelin Sport Cup 2. 215/45/17 front and 265/35/18. I think its the best tyre I have mounted until now, and I have had so far: P. Corsa, Yokohama AD08R ,Toyo R888r and now Michelin SC2. This would be my preference. No matter if for only track use or track&road use: 1) Michelin Sport Cup 2 2) Yokohama AD08 3) Pirelli (if you are going to drive on wet roads) or Toyo (If you do not care about wet roads) Here you have a video of Yesterday's fastest lap: I lowered my time 1 second comparing with Yokohama AD08R. In one hand: yesterday was not limit noise at my local circuit (A lovely circuit by the way). And that means that I could push very hard in a sector in which usually I can not push over 4.500 RPM. To see what I am talking about, you can compare minute 1:20 of the first and second videos. That means 0.5 or even 1 second of difference only for that reasons. On the other hand: 1) There was a blue Ferrari 488 (so beautiful!) cooling brakes (or whatever) and that made my lap aprox 0.5 slower. 2) I did not re-set the geometry and I thing I should give more negative camber in the front axel. Reason: before 205/45, now 215/45. 3) I did not make many laps for many reasons (mainly many yellow and red flags. Sadly an Alfa 4C and a Caterham kissed the wall. Afortunately drivers were ok) during the sessions and I think I could have done faster laps. . My best lap was 1:47.5 with Michelin and with Yokohama my best lap was 1:48.6. But yesterday my theoric best lap was 1.45, which means 3 second faster. And that is a big difference. For all that reasons and in summary, I think I can make 2 seconds faster with this Michelin than with Yokohama AD08R Hope it helps to decide to choose a tyre. P.D:Treadwear for both Michelin and Yokohama is 180.
  22. Sorry for the offtopic. Do you have info about the new TVR?
  23. 350 and 380 did not make a big different for me, but I find this car amazing. A pity the 6700 RPM limitation which I find almost ridiculous and another thing I dont like is that this cup cars does not have the battery cut off
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