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  1. Anyone has an idea of the kg of down force of the OEM rear wind?
  2. Interesting desing, but no posibility of sport cat I guess...
  3. A garage? Congrats! Beautifull car!
  4. All pieces removed from the sale!! Thank you guys!
  5. Sorry for my ignorance, but adjustement means to tighten cables or something similar? Do you think that a gear box radiator as sold in Komotec could be an improvement for gear shifting ?
  6. So what kind of adjustement in cables they do to solve the issue? Do you think guys that installing simply sport cars shift cables would solve it permanently?? In my opinion this is the only actual negative endemic issue of our Exiges
  7. Totally grasy when very hot, specially in the rear wheels. Nice to know that more people had same feeling. I am going to put again my Yokos AD08R and compare times and tell you differences, but my forecast is that Yoko AD08R will be faster or at least I will be able to drive more laps without loosening grip. Probably my next tyres will be michelim sport cup 2... IMHO Michelin and Yokohama are the most realiable manufacturers for sport/track day tyres
  8. Yes, I tried from 28 to 34... How is that possible?! I bought them thinking they would be great!
  9. Hi guys! I have recently mounted a set of Toyo R888R on my v6 and am a bit confused and disappointed. I use to drive with a set of Yokohama A08R and my feeling is that the Yoko used to behave much better in high temperatures than Toyo. In deed, Toyo have very low grip when at very high temperature!! Someone told me that Toyo R888R needed more tire pressure to work correctly but I tried to run them at higher pressure without success. This is very strange to me because suposedly -or at least it is what I though- the Toyo should have higher performance than the Yoko A08R. I even go
  10. You will find at the following parts for sale from me: Baffled oil pan (Moroso) Nitron 1 way track spec Komotec Ko-bra 4-4 brake kit (PFC) Very low mileage. Actually almost new! Kind regards Dani
  11. Hi guys What do you think about this CAI? It looks very well made and I think price is very reasonable. Otherwise, I have not read any comments here about this product. Any of you mounted it?
  12. Congratulations! Paint job looks very different comparing indoor and outdoor pictures. Beautiful anyway!
  13. If I´d go for a Komotec close or superclose ratio final drive, will my gearbox have less mileage?
  14. If SCC kompressor kit includes the software tool for updating the ECU, how Jubu could have commited mistakes? Is not it just to plug it and update it?
  15. I agree with everything you pointed out.
  16. Thank you very much. After searching more information on the internet I have got the same figures as you shown: 205/45/17: -1MM = -0.09 DEG = -6" 265/35/18: +3MM = +0,27 DEG = +16" And this is the overall TOE Martyn, Do you agree with this an with the degrees to minutes conversion? Thanks in advance! Edit: Does the following figures have sense for you?: CUP R Rear TOE is +16" (0,27 DEG *60) and a "standard" Exige Rear TOE is 36" (0,60 DEG * 60) I thought that the more rear TOE the more track focused is the car, am I wrong then?
  17. Hello, Anyone can tell me the optimun TOE degrees for the front and rear wheels. I am a mess: In Lotus Service Notes of the standard Exige V6, they say -0.06 for total toe at Front and +0.6 of total toe at Rear. In the case of the Exige CUP R, they say 1MM total toe at Front and 3MM total toe at Rear Questions: Are in both cases expressed in MM? If yes, is it valid this formula to convert in degrees? : Degrees = Asin ( MM/ (Rim inches + 2,54) ) In the case of Exige CUP R should I understand they recommend negative TOE (1MM) at front? Kind regards!
  18. Hello guys! I wanted to ask to all of you who have installed a software upgrade if you have had any problems with the new software: bugs, engine check lamps, bad engine behavior, or any other. I am considering to upgrade to a Komotec EX390 or JUBU EX400. JUBU is very similar but more expensive. What do you think abou it? Any experiences? Any other Lotus performancer that I should take into account? Thanks in advance!
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