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  1. Congratulations for your improvements! It sounds the car is fast as... hell !!! Do you have any videos? It would be great to see how it runs!
  2. May you give more details about battery specs? Do you supply battery and carrier?
  3. Thanks a lot, your opinion has been very usefull for me. I am going to buy the 54 L deposit.
  4. Checking Pro Alloy Motorsport website, I see they actually do not offer 54L deposit for the V6, only the 60L. Why so? And in which cases do you think guys that the central collector is necessary ?
  5. Nice video, now I realize I have some rubber sticked on the car, so I have bought some rubber remover and "ferric" decontaminant! Let´s have it clean and sound!
  6. Nice! I am considering the RS31, RZ39, RT 50 and RT51. I am hesitating a lot what size to choose, because I do think that if Lotus chose a 7,5 and 9,5 width for front and rear, it should be the best election. On the other hand as you said, komotec says 10 for rear is better. I will see... Any recommendations?
  7. Thanks for sharing! The Best of BC wheels is that you can choose whatever width and offset Ray32: would you tell us what desing and color you have chosen? have you ordered them in the OEM size?
  8. Firstable congrats!! Its a pleasure to read those lines of joy and satisfaction!! that was a 2011 or 2016 C63??
  9. Beautiful in that red!!! What happened to your M4?
  10. No problems with mine neither. They are tough and strong!
  11. Has it improved the throw? May you give us more feed back after last months please?
  12. I drove my car for 40 kilometers with a new set of PFC08. During and after bedding process (about 15 km) there were big noise and vibrations, but they dissapeared after few more miles, may be when pads and discs got cold again. I confess I was a bit worry about those vibrations!
  13. Thats an awesome stuff! What about the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30? Do you think that is also compatible with the OBD Dongle?
  14. Once a month is a lot of tracking! Lucky Guy! I can tell you that I recently mounted a Nitron 1 way track spec and I am really happy. It lowered only 10 mm but in my opinion is low enough. Behavior is better on road and I dont find it more uncomfortable. Not test on track yet.
  15. Very funny Rancid. Cup holder plus 2 airbags and a visual improvement as well! Good product!
  16. May you ask them how should we convert that figures into degrees and minutes? For instance: 2,80° are 2° 48' or 2° 43' ? The difference is very small but ... curiosity is killing me!!
  17. One circunference is 360 degrees or 400 grades 1 grade = 0,9 degrees 0,80 grades = 0,72 degrees And 0,72 hours are 43 minuts
  18. Apart error: 0,80 centesimal = 0,72° sexagesymal = 0° 43'
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