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  1. It is at least weird that if you talking about "hours" you say 2,8 hours instead 2 hours and 48 minuts or 2° 48' But: 1) in the lotus notes they say DEG (degrees=sexagesymal) and 2) furthermore they confirmed to @Bibs from the factory (look post above) that is in sexagesymal I am starting to think that 2,8° degrees is an unconvencional way to say 3° 20'
  2. Following with my confussion. Look at this: As you can see they say "DEG" (Degrees = sexagesymal) But: a 2,8 caster is not possible in sexagesymal system! Please, can you explane me this?
  3. Hello Escape. This morning, I picked up my car from the garage and the mechanic explained me exactly the same that you are telling. He told me that is not posible in sexagesimal system a -0,8° value as the highest value could be -0,6°. Finally they converted -0,8º (centesimal) into sexagesimal system, wich are -0°,43'. The thing is that I find it a very neutral camber
  4. Because if I bought an special and numered edition like the 360 cup, and after a few months they launch another similar edition, it could make my car less special.
  5. I got the numbers form another topic of this forum... Sorry mate, I do not understund your explanation! Thank you very much, I am going to report it to my mechanich
  6. Hi everybody! I left in the garage my V6 and gave to my mechanichs the 350 geometry settings in order to set up the car. And my mechanich asked me if that data is in the centesimal system or in sexagesimal system!? I am all at sea! Do you know it? I gave him this setting: Front : toe : -0,06° camber : -0,8° caster : 2,8° ride height : 130mm Rear : toe : +0,6° camber : -2,10° rear height : 136mm Thank you for your help!
  7. Hope it helps Sorry, I was wrong, because I mounted a 52ah battery. Anyway, its a 12kg battery (-7Kg) with more than enough autonomy. No charges needed. Here is the official web page: Amazon And here you have a picture (sorry for the quality). I hope it helps : The battery is this one:
  8. I am not sure I like it... it makes the car to look similar to the Exige S2 what is not bad but it looses its original design... I dont know... I would need to see it "in person" before buy it
  9. Yes, I think so, my mechanic told me that he adapted the bracket. When I will get the car again I can take a picture of that and upload here.
  10. I mounted a VARTA SILVER 44ah battery as the best money-weight saving value For only 75€ a 8 kg weight reduction No problems with battery autonomy
  11. Hi guys! A few days ago I asked you about Quicksilver exhaust and you explained me that the welding was not good. Now I dismiss that exhaust. But. What about Larini exhaust? They look good, sound very well and the price is very low comparing with 2bular. Do you think that Larini manifolds and exhaust are well designed/welded? I appreciate all your opinions and experiences.
  12. Thanks for the info guys. I usually drive in Jarama circuit and there is a peculiar rule. There is noise restriction but only in a sector of the track (which is the nearest to the close neighbourhood). And is very frustating to speed down when you are doing a fast lap!! By the way: eventhough that disadvantadge you should come to Jarama. Is a great circuit !!!
  13. Beautyfull ! Congrats! A complete rear picture please?
  14. When I installed the harness bar I deleted rear speakers and quit the sound insulation. I would say that the sound now is even better
  15. Of course! I still think 2bular is probably best exhaust yo can find!!
  16. Now I understand why Qsilver is not very commemted Actually, first thing I am going to change is manifolds and cat (2bular for sure). I am not a "pro" but have the opinion that the exhaust is not as crucial as manifolds in the exige. I also do believe that the design and construction in a manifold is crucial but not in the exhaust. May be I am wrong but I think that the difference between a KT exhaust and 2bular exhaust are only details which means basically different sounds. In the other hand, diferences in a manifold could mean a worse/better performance and temperatures.
  17. Sorry, but I am not sure if I am understanding what you are saying, because of my english... I understand that you dont like the tips (easy to understand , me neither). But are you being ironic when you say that the welding is good?
  18. My question is: Why nobody discuss about quicksilver exhaust? Some of you can give feedback about it?
  19. I agree, is nice to see the engine as it is so good looking. So I guess the best option would be a transparent light weight louver! Why they dont make and sell one? It would be fantastic!
  20. Does anyone know where to buy and how much cost the 350 sport gear change? I dont find it in Deroure.
  21. Hi everyone I have been thinking about what could be the best first performance mod for the V6 engine. I finally think that this manifold + sport cat could be the best one because it is an improvement in many ways at the sane time: less weight, more power, more sound and more safety/protection for the engine!!, as 2bular says in its website: The 2GR-FE V6 motor has Ultra Thin Wall Ceramic catalysers fitted in the exhaust manifolds. Lotus have to use the engine as it comes from Toyota so they're stuck with these fragile ceramic parts inches from the cylinder head exhaust ports. Any
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