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  1. What is the references of the AP Racing calipers or the sizes of the pads? Is this correct: Front: Caliper CP6600 D55 130mm x 82mm and thickness 16,7mm Rear: Caliper CP6627 D51 129,5mm x 75mm and thickness 16,7mm
  2. Did you have ocassion to take a picture yet?
  3. I dont think so. Asked that question to Lotus and thay told me it wasn´t possible "because we never drill the chassis in certain areas if it was not designed to be drilled in the first place so I am sorry that it is not more positive news"
  4. Hi Norbert. Good to know everything you said about temperatures. Where exactly have you located the oil cooler? (In which engine bay place) May you post a picture please? Did Komotec give you the temp sensor with the kit? Regards
  5. @alias23 I have the very same brake kit with many track days and they are still perfect. When you are at track do you cold down the brakes before stopping the car??
  6. It looks like this guy needs a shower
  7. Hope you like it: GTR and Quadrifoglio at the "horizon" I can say Exige V6 is not an easy deal even for these cars!
  8. Dani


  9. Two question for all of you who put in your cars a big rear wing and a diffuser: 1) Did you reduced your laptimes significatly? 2) Did the mod make the car oversteering much more?
  10. I am running Ko bra Kit from KT and I am quite happy with the performance Pads are PFC 08 as you probably now. They are for sure a long lasting pad and never found fading at track. On the other hand I find the compound quite hard. Do you agree with me? How are Pagid pads comparing whit PFC?
  11. May you clear up my mind please? I have read about Tour, Sport and Race mode. But I am more interested about OFF mode. The more I know this car, the more I love to drive it (only at track!) in OFF mode. In OFF mode is the way that the car behave naturally and even smoothy. This is something I have found out after doing many track sessions and knowing the car and its reactions very well. My question is: what are actually the helps "on" and "off" with DPM OFF ? Thanks! P.D: IMHO electronic differential is not an optimal system for use on track. I think that u
  12. Dave, For me the perfect option would be to gain some power lowering engine temperatures at the same time. That is why I think the best option is to change Air intake + Manifolds + Cat + ECU Software and not change the pulley for not increase the air temperatures. But there is not a Komotec kits which fulfil that: ex370 does not change manifolds ex410 does not change air intake and changes pulley ex430 changes pulley My question is: if I go for a ex370 kit and then I add manifolds and sport cat, do you think that the engine would work well considering that the ECU s
  13. Oh God! It looks veeeery well! Very balanced!
  14. A few days ago I tested at Jarama Circuit my V6 with Toyo R888R and then with Yokohama AD08R. Results: Yokohama 2 seconds faster. My conclusion is that Toyo does not work in this car and Yokohama is a much better and reliable tyre for road (dry and of course wet) and even track use. You can see the video with Yokohama here:
  15. I have got a video 4 system with 20hz GPS and 2 cammeras and a OBD2 cable connected to it. What it is great to compare videos of same sectors in different laps in your PC. But the resolution of the cammeras was too low (720). Then I got a Gopro Hero + (Black Friday '2016 =100€ ) to make hi resolution videos. That video is 1080 30fps. So I use the Racetechnology software to "analyse" my laps and then I blend Gopro videos with RaceTechnology Layers to export videos.
  16. OK! Now I get it... thanks, I will pay more attention at that point!
  17. Hello Jokke, all advices are wellcome! What do you mean? I am not sure I understand it well.
  18. Its a data logger from Race Technology (UK brand)
  19. If I paste the link and I see a link, not a video... :
  20. How to put here a YouTube video?
  21. Congrats! Please more pics of the rear wing!!
  22. I mean that even changing manifolds this desing does not give a change for a sport cat
  23. If Lotus claimed a 30% increase with its Aero Kit it would mean 65kg vs 50kg OEM? It seems to me a very low figure taking in account that Eltech rear wing is 250-350 kg and looks similar (in dimensions) to Lotus Aero Kit wing. Do you think that OEM rear wing could be around 200kg and Lotus Aero Kit rear wing around 260kg?
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