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  1. For me Yokohama AD08R is much better than Corsa for both track and road use.
  2. Interesting : 350 sport camber is between the CUP and CUP R settings I mean, more track focused tan CUP. I would havent said it...
  3. The difference between 1800 pound and 1300 euros is not a slightly difference, is almost half the price!!! By the way, yesterday I Sent a message to eltech in order to receive all their prices because I couldnt find them anywhere! It is a pity they only have a facebook profile. Anyway. I am al so considering to buy that louver because as you said it is prettier, lighter and colder. And I find the price fair.
  4. Are the Avon ZZR available in 205/45/17 ? I thought they were not. May be those who have mounted this tyre got another size (215/40/17 for example). If it is so, have you felt a big change in the car reactions?
  5. I have just got my 46 mm track day Nitron set bought trough Lotusforum shop Thanks Bibs for your attention!
  6. Sent you a message since I Would like to get the 10% discount.
  7. Not sure about that since Komotec has a 343mm kit but need to fit them with specific adapters for the calipers.
  8. Hello, In a short period of time I will have to change front and rear brake disc. I am weighing the posibility of going for a two piece AP Racing or PFC Brake Disc. But I don´t really know which ones fits the V6. I gues I need to know the dimensions of the front and rear brake disc, not only diameter and thickness, may be something else? Thanks in advance !
  9. Hi guys I do not have the Race Mode in my V6. Do you now if it would be posible installing it in a lotus dealer? Any of you did it? Many Thanks
  10. Jeff, May you tell us what is the weight of the standard exhaust of the exige V6 and the weight of the 2bular track system? How many time would it take to you to send an exhaust if I Would order it this week? Thanks.
  11. Every one around the world waitting for it. Come on!!!!
  12. How do you hold your gps antenna?
  13. Great Alias23! Impressive changes, canards and brakes look awesome! Waiting for more feedback about gear cables. Up to now may be too tight? Please let us to know how it feels in a deeper test!
  14. If we comparing your alignemt with the V6 CUP is very similiarI, even more moderatein the rear axel. Is there any reason? Do you have the Lotus settings for your CR (as Arun´s and Jack´s). It would be great to make a comparisson table like this one Just another question guys to clear up my mind: could I -in my stock V6- set the geometries like the CUP o even the CUP R or I would need any aftermarket suspension part?
  15. Great! Very helpfull! Not sure about the toes... (-0.6 fornt +0.6 rear?) Interesting thay assume pilot + copilot (2x75 kg) !
  16. Thanks Jacks I appreciate your help. That document was provided to you when bought the car? Should be another similar for the Cup (non R)? For what kind of suspension are those settings? 3 way ohlins?
  17. Hi guys What are the the OEM geometry setups for the V6 S, V6 Cup and V6 Cup R? I managed to find information about all the lotus models but Exige V6 May be a good way for me to test the car is trying the Cup setting and if not enough then go for the R setting.
  18. That would be great! Squeeez them all the information!
  19. Good remark for the understanding of the oil system. Thanks! Very interesting, good to know it! Thank you for the information! By the way... I did not know the expression "belts and suspenders" ... great! Thats was my impression after seeing pics on their webpages. Thanks!
  20. What kind of sump did you choose and why? I suppose the Lotus one. Did you assesed the Komotec or Morosso sumps? May be you guys from Hangar 111 may tell us differences between the 3 sumps currently I know (Lotus, Moroso, Komotec)?
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