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  1. In a quick research I found out what accusump is.... as in MWR webpage says : " The Accusump is a clever device that accumulates pressurized engine oil, storing it until it is needed. MWR's accusump kit includes a pressure switch that only allows the accusump to discharge once engine oil pressure drops below 40psi. This is the critical time when the Accusump can do the most good. There is also a shutoff valve that allows the accusump to maintain its internal oil pressure when you shut off the ignition. Switch the ignition back on and the accusump discharges, preoiling your engine which can extend engine life " My question is, this device is actually a solution in a case of high G forces? I mean ¿Does it do the same or nearly the same job that the baffled sump? Anyone here who may tell us if Lotus Driving Academy equips their V6s with buffled sumps? Pits: very interesting information about "La Chapelle"! ... Unfortunately or may be fortunately I don not live near Le Mans!
  2. Thanks Jack. You mentioned more tan 1.1G. I am sorry, but is it an standar or something stablished or just an estimation? Do you often exceed 1.1G with yogur CupR ? I wonder if I am exceeding or not that level with muy Exige V6 with stock shocks and Yokohamas A08R tyres
  3. I take your point. In a way, the LMS/Swindon Engines sump should have a better making and testing. Thats probably the point. What about the needed of a baffle sump for track days? Is it a "must" or "needless"?
  4. Thanks, Arun_D. But, thats the question: What are supossely high g-loadings? I guessed there is a "Lotus Specail Tax" . But... a 300% tax? On the other hand, I can´t see that tax in any other LMS components as suspension, harnesses, etc...
  5. Hello everybody! Since I am tracking my Exige V6 I am considering going for a baffled sump. I found 3 different baffled sump which fit the exige V6: one from Lotus MotorSport (circa 1500 pound), other form Komotec and other from Morosso (both circa 500 pound) Links:,%20Lotus%20Evora.html?entryId=catalog.productgroup.&expand=true& Lotus: Then, some questions come to mind: ¿Is really my engine in risk if a track my car without a baffled sump? (+/-5 track days and +/-2500 miles road) ¿What could be the diferrence between the Lotus One and the Komotec or Morosso sump? (3x price!) Waiting from some feedback... ... and thank you in advance!
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