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  1. On 12/8/2017 at 14:26, GFWilliams said:

    Right, after quite a few things it's time for some thoughts on paper. 

    Forged Wheels

    First of all I love the look of these new wheels, they look light and a lot more race car. The moment you get in the car and turn the wheels you notice how much lighter they are with lighter steering. My old wheels were never in balance so always gave me a wobbly steering wheel, these have solved that and it's lovely to only feel what you need on the road now.  I only drove with them once on standard suspension 

    Pirelli Trofeo R Tyres

    When I first go these I thought they were a bit rubbish. I was wrong!  Turns out that they just need quite a bit of scrubbing and heat in them to really come alive. Once you have got that heat in them they're sensational tyres!    I will go back to my old Nankang NS2R tyres on track at some stage to do a proper back to back to compare.  I think the Nankangs are a good tyre (much better than the Corsa for the Exige) but hard to compare as I didn't have a direct comparison due to changing suspension too.

    Nitron 1 way adjustable coilovers

    Nitron didn't pre set anything on these so when I first drove on them they were on full soft which was lovely ride comfort but far from ideal handling!  I promptly got Jez at Back on Track to set the car up for me and combined with the wheels and Trofeos it's genuinely difficult to unstick it even with 460hp!  A lot of the feedback I can give is on the setup more than the suspension, but there's still a tiny bit of understeer.  I'll be on track next week to get a proper feel of the limit handling.

    Komotec KoBra4 Front Brakes

    These are great and have great power. I think I need to change the fluid, I thought this was included in the package but turned out not to be.  Downsides are that they're quite noisy, you hear the J grooves and they squeak when you're doing normal driving.

    Komotec ex460 package

    It's quick. Really fucking quick.   It's such an impressive package as the power delivery is so linear and still easy to drive. I'd say that for the road it's actually too quick really and you have to be quite restrained to not get caught speeding.  A couple of seconds of throttle and you're at the speed limit...
    The experience is now much more about the power and the supercharger noise.  I have a 2bular road exhaust and the noise has totally changed, IMO for the worse.  It's lost the lovely deep rasp of the standard car with a 2bular and instead now shreaks with the exhaust open.  Komo also changed the valve to a remote so I can have the exhaust fully open or fully closed at my choice which is better for me if I want to make quieter progress (I didn't like that the valve opened at 4.5k revs). Much nicer experience now. When you drive with the exhaust closed the supercharger noise really takes over!

    So what's negative about the 460 package?    I was unlucky I'm sure, but it finished off my clutch within 200 miles of leaving.   The clutch had more wear than I think it should have done and a spring in the clutch went which shouldn't have happened. Komotec are going to talk to Lotus about getting me some money refunded as I still have a little (couple of weeks!) warranty left on the car but we'll see.   I do now have an Evora 400 clutch in the car which is much lighter which is lovely.
    I also don't really like the look of the big silver charge cooler visible in the front grill. I intend to paint this black to make it less obvious.

    Steering wheel spacer

    As I have the tillett seats (B5) and like them quite leant back it makes a big difference to have the steering wheel spacer as I can move the seat further back and not hit my knees on the steering column. It also makes heel & toe a lot easier due to having my feet in a better position.


    Aim is to keep the car looking as normal as possible so as much as I'd love some big wings and Aero, unless I feel it's really unstable on track I'll keep it looking factory.  I will put in Harnesses on the next pay day as I feel that's really important and I want a towing eye but don't want a bright red one so would have to get it refinished in black. Also want to get the wing stays re finished in black.

    If anyone wants to go out for a drive sometime in Surrey/Sussex, let me know as it'd be fun to go out with some other Exiges!

    Check lotusforsale section, I am saling a non used Evora 400 clutch and flywheel I got few months ago from Komotec 

  2. I am selling a Larini Exhaust NOT VALVED with oval tip. I bought it from Eliseshop a few months ago, I mounted it and I probably I have not driven mora than 1.000 miles with it, so the exhaust is in really good condition. Reason for sale is that I am going to sell my Exige V6 and I do not need itanymore.

    PICTURE CORRESPONDS TO THE EXHAUST BEFORE MOUNTING. If you are interested I gladly would send current pictures

    Valid for any Exige V6 or Evora.

    PRICE: 675€ / 625£

    IMG-20170214-WA0005 (1280x720).jpg

  3. On 2017-4-29 at 21:42, NW76 said:

    @Dani I dont know where Mine exactly is ... it was installiert together with the KT cooler.

    Why dont you ask KT specifically for my install? 

    I am having a surrealist conversation via mail with komotec: even after asking them about your install, same answer: "On which place would you be mount the sensor? In our opinion is no space for this."

    Norbert, may you give me your mail so I can send to you my mails with Komotec? I have the sensation that they are not understanding my question (very simple by the way) or they just do not want to answer me for an strange reason.  May be you can help me... 


  4. IMHO having or not a passenger in an Exige V6 DO makes a big difference. Even being an amateur driver. Weight is crucial. Not 10 or 25 kg, but 75kg is a lot of weight here.

    And I think the GT4 has a lot more differences with a 12 years old caymam than a 380 with the Exige S V6 (345)


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  5. 1 hour ago, RedViper said:

    Any reason you haven't tried the Avon ZZR please?

    Two reasons indeed:

    1) Difficult to find a dealer here in Spain. At least more difficult than the other brands 

    2) I have not had time to try all the tyres!! :lol:

    But probably next tyre I hope will be the Avon 

    You think is better than SCup2?

  6. 50 minutes ago, NANO said:

    Dani, with Michelin SC2 - What did you have to do with front and rear tyre pressure ?

    I was testing pressures and would say that 32 psi front and rear when hot its ok.

    This is the pressure I have always used with other tyres and I have no reasons to say this tyre needs more or less pressure.

  7. On 25/2/2017 at 13:26, Dani said:

    A few days ago I tested at Jarama Circuit my V6 with Toyo R888R and then with Yokohama AD08R. Results: Yokohama 2 seconds faster. My conclusion is that Toyo does not work in this car and Yokohama is a much better and reliable tyre for road (dry and of course wet) and 8even track use. You can see the video with Yokohama here:


    Quoting myself:

    Yesterday I had a track day at Jarama Circuit. This time with a new set of Michelin Sport Cup 2. 215/45/17 front and 265/35/18.

    I think its the best tyre I have mounted until now, and I have had so far: P. Corsa, Yokohama AD08R ,Toyo R888r and now Michelin SC2.

    This would be my preference. No matter if for only track use or track&road use:

    1) Michelin Sport Cup 2

    2) Yokohama AD08 

    3) Pirelli  (if you are going to drive on wet roads) or Toyo (If you do not care about wet roads)

    Here you have a video of Yesterday's fastest lap: 


    I lowered my time 1 second comparing with Yokohama AD08R.

    In one hand: yesterday was not limit noise at my local circuit (A lovely circuit by the way). And that means that I could push very hard in a sector in which usually I can not push over 4.500 RPM. To see what I am talking about, you can compare minute 1:20 of the first and second videos. That means 0.5 or even 1 second of difference only for that reasons. 

    On the other hand:

    1) There was a blue Ferrari 488 (so beautiful!) cooling brakes (or whatever) and that made my lap aprox 0.5 slower.

    2) I did not re-set the geometry and I thing I should give more negative camber in the front axel. Reason: before 205/45, now 215/45.

    3) I did not make many laps for many reasons (mainly many yellow and red flags. Sadly an Alfa 4C and a Caterham kissed the wall. Afortunately drivers were ok) during the sessions and I think I could have done faster laps. .

    My best lap was 1:47.5 with Michelin and with Yokohama my best lap was 1:48.6.

    But yesterday my theoric best lap was 1.45, which means 3 second faster. And that is a big difference.

    For all that reasons and in summary, I think I can make 2 seconds faster with this Michelin than with Yokohama AD08R 

    Hope it helps to decide to choose a tyre.

    P.D:Treadwear for both Michelin and Yokohama is 180.

  8. 2 hours ago, quantum2000 said:

    Fully agree with what your saying. I'm on my 2nd Exige V6. I was one of the first back in 2013 to take delivery, then changed to another in 2015.
    I paid just over £50k back in 2013, and similar in 2015, I just cant see how it can justify a near on £40k increase now.
    Looks like my next move will be away from Lotus, I've paid a deposit on the new TVR that's coming

    Sorry for the offtopic. Do you have info about the new TVR?

  9. 350 and 380 did not make a big different for me, but I find this car amazing.

    A pity the 6700 RPM limitation which I find almost ridiculous and another thing I dont like is that this cup cars does not have  the battery cut off

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