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  1. Thanks for sharing Jorge. It's a shame that we wont be able to continue with this license, but sadly the market has voted with their wallets, so we're taking note and moving on.
  2. Hey guys, I am looking for an 85/86 Turbo around south coast UK (Hampshire or Dorset ideally) that I can use as a model for a handful of reference photos. The shots will be aerial/plan view, taken with a mast and can be done on a driveway and would take about 15 minutes max. Can anyone help?
  3. Glad you like it Gavin, hope it was worth the (ridiculous) wait! I should have taken some more pictures of this one, we used the extra plate as an opportunity to work out the interior of our dealership presentation pack. Hope you like it, seems silly but we spent several hours just designing the inside of the box on that one!
  4. Been quiet of late, but we're now working on some new layouts! Got a couple of Esprits in work...
  5. Original offer is now closed, sorry. We're taking orders for Christmas for one more week guys, after that we sadly can't guarantee to get everything made and dispatched in time!
  6. OK guys, we're quickly approaching the final cut off date for Christmas orders, we're going to close the books on the 15th for UK deliveries, we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas after this date!
  7. Hi Gav Just got them all finished and sent out tonight. Had them all done, then realised I'd not enlarged them to A2. Then realised I'd not added the plaque. 3 revisions of each later, and they're all out. It's now 12:51am and I am going to bed! It's a serious bit of kit! Not only is it four times the size, it's also twice as fast and three times as powerful.
  8. Christmas has come early at Black Art Graphics... we bought ourselves a new laser! It's a little bit bigger than the first one... Four times as large in fact! (It's also twice as fast and three times as powerful...) To celebrate, we're offering 15% off all A2 and A1 orders between now at December 15th with discount code SPEEDY400! Stock of A2/A1 plaques is limited so we will have to cap this one off early if we run out!
  9. Well, it's here! Look at the bloody size of it, it's massive! Got a new batch of A2 plates at the anodisers at the moment (haven't quite managed to bring that bit in house yet), as soon as they're back we are finally ready to go!
  10. OK guys, I think we've got all the details sorted now, final personalised proof copies to go out in the next couple of days and then we should be almost ready to go on these! As we only got 5 out of the 10 required orders, we're going to schedule manufacture in for the start of December when our new large format laser engraver arrives. This way we can produce them ourselves instead of outsourcing to another company!
  11. Hi Dom, it's going ahead, did you not receive my email with the preliminary artwork proof?
  12. Hi Jimmy, it was dispatched last week, UPS tracking is showing it was delivered at your house this morning. If you didn't receive the tracking email I will have to look into this as that is a website issue, as soon as we scan the barcode it should automatically send you the dispatch email, but it seems it may not be doing this as intended,
  13. Hi Lee, you'll get one, no worries. You wanted yours a bit different didn't you? Will get it done and the proof over to you next week.
  14. No sadly not. Ideally I'll need a shot from a longer distance and aimed straight down the center axis, this one is at a bit of an angle which means the rim is not round and the spokes won't pattern around neatly.
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