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  1. Have a federal sized plinth if any good ?
  2. Costco currently have a deal and supply the Michelin PS4 S. 2 x 255/35 19's fitted for £350.37 can then claim £30 costco voucher. Offer expires 2nd April.
  3. I have just ordered an Alpine replacement camera (HCE-C125) and hope to self fit next week. It is a bumper off job from what I have read. To remove/refit rear bumper 1. From inside the boot, remove the trim panel from around the latch mechanism, and disconnect the harnesses to the rear fog and reverse lamps, parking sensors and reverse camera. 2. From within each rear wheelarch, release the single fixing securing the lower edge of the bumper to the subframe bracket, and the two fixings at each side securing the diffuser finisher to the diffuser. Also release the single fixing securing the top edge of the bumper to the clamshell flange. 3. From within each side of the boot, remove the two grommets, and release the two fixings securing the bumper top edge to the clamshell. Also remove the single screw just outboard of the tail lamp. 4. Remove the 5 fixings along the rear edge of the boot aperture, clamping the bumper to the clamshell. 5. Carefully withdraw the bumper from the clamshell. 6. Refit the bumper in reverse order to removal, adjusting the panel heights and gaps as necessary.
  4. ms69


  5. Have been looking for something like the Radium myself. There's a company in Malaysia who are doing a similar product for the na and S. £475 for na (plus import tax) No website but has pictures etc on facebook. j-craft automotive and tuning.
  6. Was in North Devon today. If you ever venture into Somerset you are welcome to come and have a look/ride in mine. (Not an S though) Good luck with hunt for car.
  7. ms69

    A two Evora day

    Think I spend too much time at work ! look forward to spotting the 400 ?
  8. ms69

    Starter Motor

    Now Sorted
  9. Have gone for an aftermarket alternative. Hopefully being delivered and fitted tomorrow. WOSPERFORMANCE
  10. Thanks for replies, been to Toyota today . They are getting back to me tomorrow, the camry never sold in uk so may have to wait a while. Ebay one is a possibility, but as its being fixed under warranty the company want a new part. (£385 inc VAT) Part is shared with Exige, suprised there are none available.
  11. ms69

    Starter Motor

    Looking for a NEW starter motor for Evora. Part number A132E0014k Many Thanks
  12. Unfortunately for me, my starter motor packed up yesterday. Even more unfortunate, is that Lotus do not have any stock and don't know when they will (So i was told today). Have searched high and low on the net for a new replacement, to no avail. Evora is my daily drive so if anyone knows of any new starters available please let me know. Part number is A132E0014k. (previously A132E6052) Thanks in advance.
  13. Thankyou - not my first choice but it's growing on me !
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