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  1. Hope it finds a new home a bit quicker this time
  2. Looks good Scott - the 4xx cars definitely benefit from using all the revs, so get those run-in miles out of the way ASAP. I do like the bumpers on the GT410, but after a test drive of one last year I couldn't quite justify a 400 to GT410 upgrade. What did you do with your (my old) N/A? Sell it on or trade it in?
  3. Lotus switched my Evora 400 to a gatorback belt after repeated problems with the aircon tripping out due to belt slip: My car is also currently in for it's 'C' service and they were waiting for delivery of another gatorback belt from Lotus last time I spoke to them. Looks like the part numbers for the 400 (now on a 'C' revision) and the S1 (S) Evora belts are different though, so maybe the change was only applied to the 400. ....or maybe even just 400s with belt slip problems?
  4. Those instructions are for an S1 Evora. The 400 doesn't have the same type of momentary switch for turning the lights on / off, and do not switch off automatically. See this thread for details of the equivalent 400 'homesafe' functionality:
  5. Unless someone has worked out the costs of fitting the charge-cooled TVS1900 to a 400 it's surely not so easy to compare the costs with other power related upgrade options. It's also worth noting that since this topic has been split off from the TVS1900 topic, my initial comment now looks completely out of context.
  6. I have to admit, now my 400 is out of warranty I was starting to wonder about the TVS1900. Given that the 400 already has the plumbing etc for the charge-cooler, I was curious if anyone had looked at putting the charge-cooled TVS1900 in one. Would it be easier/cheaper than fitting to an 'S' due to the changes already there? How would it compare to some of the other options for the 400?
  7. The seats have independent switches at each end of the main bank:
  8. Cracking looking car Phill. That wing looks bigger than the one on your old race car!
  9. Was any reason given in the TSB for the change? The Evora belts will be different due to the power steering, but it would certainly be interesting if they were changed on the Exige due to belt slip problems.
  10. I updated the firmware on my INE-W990BT just after I got the car and don't remember it causing any problems. I think it did loose some settings, but nothing that couldn't be reconfigured easily enough through the UI. It takes a little while for the update to run, so don't start it when you're planning to go out somewhere. I've since replaced mine with a Pioneer head unit, and it's sitting in a box at home. Was fully functioning when I took it out a couple of months ago, and would be happy to sell it at the going rate if a firmware update doesn't fix your problem (ebay probably a good p
  11. This might not be relevant (I never had any problems with the belt on my N/A Evora), but thought it might be worth flagging up as it might be related to the change in service schedule. I've had ongoing problems with the aircon stopping working on my 400 due to tripping the 'belt slip' error code in the ECU. It's been looked at a number of times under warranty, and one of the things Lotus instructed the dealer to do was replace the S belt. This was done in May, but the problem resurfaced before the end of the year. I've just picked up the car from another attempt to fix the problem
  12. It had a Pioneer SPH-DA120 when I traded it in, and the photos would suggest it's still in there. Gearbox choice will always be subjective, and largely dependant on your use. For me, the long box plays up to the Evora's comfortable GT credentials - 5th & 6th will only be used on a motorway cruise, whereas the close ratio plays more to the sports car side of it's character.
  13. The phone mount I referred to is the Elise-shop bracket that you can then fix an actual mount to (Brodit in my case). It works well in an S1 Evora, but not suitable for a 400. Not sure why I can't edit my earlier post to fix the broken youtube link, but the video was just meant to demonstrate that the phone connects quickly over wifi when the head unit starts:
  14. When I had my N/A Evora I swapped the original Alpine IVA-W505R head unit for a Pioneer SPH-DA120. I thought the Pioneer was a big step up from the Alpine, but with some limitations. Before I get into them - I've had both Apple & Android phones over the years and my current preference is an iphone, so let's avoid discussions about which of those is best eh? Carplay worked great, but a bit of a pain to have to plug the phone in for short journeys The SPH-DA120 didn't support android auto, so problematic if I switched phone platform. (Sounds like the newer SPH-DA230DAB r
  15. The rear brace bar is certainly not a definitive fix for the creaking seats. Mine already had the rear brace bar, but I continued to have problems pretty much every time I went round a corner and my weight shifted in the seat. The car was/is still under warranty, and each time it went back the dealer spoke to Lotus who gave them a new set of instructions on how to try to fix it. It took 7 months and at least 3 attempts, but eventually after they stripped & rebuilt the seat it stopped creaking. Been ok for 8 months now, so hopefully won't come back.
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