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  1. Hello many greetings from Germany.
    I don't know if it is known. You can order a so-called "PROVENCE CERTIFICATE BOXED" from Lotus.
    You can see what is included in the attached pictures. In the case of a later sale, this can be very useful and perhaps have a price-increasing effect.






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  2. torque is the blue line with newtonmeter. the pulli is the original.


    my opinion: if the gearbox does not tolerate the 60 nm more, even over a long time, lotus has done something wrong in the planning. And even if it would break, which I do not believe, then the price for a used new gearbox is not high , because the gearbox is not a technical highlight like ferrari etc.



    i drive with my evora 400 over 30000 km and 470 ps and 495 nm an the gearbox fehl like new


  3. with white can be done a lot.
    if you are looking for other color scheme.
    lotus launched the lotus elan sprint in the 70s with many different color combinations.
    Just use google and enter lotus elan sprint and you will see very nice color combinations that have the tradition. Of course, only the red gold white paint is a reminder of formula 1 times.

    New Image.jpg

  4. 1 hour ago, au-yt said:

    Absolutely stunning, tell us more is this a special order?

    hello au-yt. The painting was realized at the factory in heltel at my request. Of course, the 'extra' cost a little bit, just like the golden powder coating of the rims. what i will do soon is the installation of a power increase by the fa. komo-tec, where I bought the GT 430, and who also realized the painting in connection with the factory in heltel.

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