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  1. MarkieT

    TLF GT430 Club

    I’m assuming we’ll see power upgrades and carbon finery for limited and special editions. I’m sure we’ll see the same cycle of power upgrades that we saw with the Evora which is why I didn’t put my name down for an early Emira. Subject of course to whatever emissions regulations and tax regimes look like over the the next few years before they can launch an all electric version.
  2. Thanks guys. I’ve also tried a unpowered DAB splitter cable from Amazon, essentially takes the fm aerial and splits the output. Works ok with 1 or 2 bars of signal.
  3. MarkieT

    TLF GT430 Club

    ah, good to know.
  4. MarkieT

    TLF GT430 Club

    I had to drive though a burst water main today and so had to clean the car as it was covered in dirty water!
  5. Thanks, quick trip to Halfords for a DAB antenna, I just stuck it behind the headunit under the dash and that’s enough to get a bar or 2 of signal. The dab antenna does have a wire for power and i can see on the wiring diagram where to fit it into the loom but couldn’t quite get to it with pulling around lots of wires. it’s good enough for now and I have dab radio so I’m happy! I’ll get it done properly next time I have any work done on the car.
  6. Hi Guys - I just picked up my GT430 with the Alpine INE-W710D headunit. The fM radio side works ok, not brilliant but the DAB side just won't pick up any stations - even when i try to manually add the BBC channels. I slid the headunit out and don't see a cable connected to where I would expect the DAB antenna to be connected (circle in red below) So first question is whether the headunit gets a signal through a different cable, and where should the antenna come from in the dash (typically) if there should be an antenna ? Pics below .... Any guidance would be appreciated otherwise I'll pop it back to the garage so they can investigate. thanks Mark
  7. MarkieT

    TLF GT430 Club

    yes I think I need something like this. Thanks.
  8. MarkieT

    TLF GT430 Club

    I've joined the club .. I picked up the GT430 Auto that Hoffmann's were selling, this'll be my 6th Lotus after an Elise SC, Evora Sports Racer, Exige V6 Auto roadster, Evora 400 and Exige 350 - I know i have some way to go compared to a few people on here 😉 Positives .. It looks fantastic even with the big wing (not normally my cup of tea) but the yellow uprights really set it off and blends well with the yellow "cat scratches" I love all the carbon detail It's really quick, and I love driving using the paddles. As far as I'm concerned the FF in the license plate stands for Feckin' Fast Interior feels better than my 400 that I had two years ago but that could be perception of 400 venom red leather vs the Gt430 Alcantara The comfort of the ride is much better than i was expecting It PPF in the key places and I additionally had the roof and front splitter wrapped as the car lives outside The metallic Lotus Racing Green looks fab, especially when the sun is out. Downsides (minor niggles) I really need to keep an eye on that speedo, it's deceptively quick particularly having just come from an Exige 350. You know you are travelling quickly in a 350. not much of a downside but i've had words with the wife as drives faster than I do on the motorway The exhaust over ride only works in normal mode (yes i have the secret button) The button panel has 3 blank buttons, 2 for the heated seats (buttons are on the seats instead) and the exhaust over-ride are blank (pic below) Given the auto doesn't have the traction control "-/+" buttons I don't see why they couldn't have used the facia from a 400 auto It had a bit of rattle from the dash, sounded like it came from around the front fans and was pretty constant Hoffman did fix this, apparently it was a couple of loose bolts. It had gone away but after a day of driving it I have a similar but not as annoying rattle. Its not that bad as the original and I'm not sure if its the same thing. I definitely had a few miles without it. The bottom right of the headunit facia doesn't seem clipped in as i can pull it out slightly so maybe thats causing it occasionally over rough ground DAB radio isn't working and radio reception is poorer than I recall the 400, I'm wondering it the ariel is plugged in properly. It might have come loose when they were taking the dash out to fix the rattle so I may have to get them to look at it if i can't figure out how to remove the facia without break-ing it I'm not sure where the clips are on the facia to remove it and given the bottom right corner is loose I would think it would be easy to remove Even though I've been very careful I've still managed to scrape the underside of the front splitter . The PPF did its job though. I think i read on here somewhere that people have been putting extra tape on the underside. A few pics ...
  9. MarkieT

    TLF GT430 Club

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, it’s good to know!
  10. MarkieT

    TLF GT430 Club

    Hi - has anyone PPF'd the carbon sills on their Gt430? I've been quoted £150 each + VAT so £300+VAT as they don't have a template - seems a lot to me when the roof is only 350 and the front splitter is 120 + VAT. thanks Mark
  11. Yes it’s all relative, 30k on my family Honda CR-V would be considered perfectly normal.
  12. Unfortunately those days are gone, government wants your pension funds, will further tax the crap out inheritance and anyone who has worked hard and saved will have to subsidise those who didn’t. That applies to any government in the Uk now. Oops wrong forum.. On a brighter note I did test drive the gt410 auto at b&c today. Nice considering the mileage, there’s a little scuff on the dashboard trim, windscreen needs replacing, a couple of minor scratches but fair enough for the mileage . I’m definitely thinking about it but it’s Hobson choice at the moment.
  13. I had a 400, so don't want the same car even if they are great - a 410 is just about different enough with all the carbon bits and the 430 on another scale. The 430 did look and feel like a special car. Mind you the GT 410 sport at B&C is also very nice considering the milage (which is high by lotus/sports car standards but not by normal car standards).
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