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  1. What a mess. I was meeting a work colleague this morning who needed petrol as he was in the red and had a 40 mile round trip to see me - guess what, queues around the corner for both his local petrol stations. I drove past my local small village petrol station, which is lucky to see 2 cars at once in their 8 pump forecourt - today, cars queued down the road causing a traffic jam. Muppets.
  2. I bought the soft top option on my 350 when I picked up from new last summer and had it on ever since. I’ve e not actually gotten around to refitting the hardtop and it’s been pretty weatherproof despite all the rain and snow . I bought mine on the 50/50 deal along with the aim dashboard and a 4 speaker upgrade and fitted a single din pop out head unit with Dab . Upgrading the speakers is a must if you intend to drive the car regularly. I would say the soft top is a nice to have option as it can be added later and the hard top roof comes off pretty easily for those days you just want to go for a open top blast.
  3. Good decision on the aircon, it’s essential in the winter to clear the misted up windows.
  4. Looks like they are including the AIM dash as standard as well.
  5. Having just seen Catchpole's review of the Elise Final Edition, I noticed the Exige 390 / 420 / Cup 430 Final editions on the Lotus website ..
  6. Please be aware that going for a walk with a coffee in your hand it is considered having a picnic and therefore illegal and you can be fined!
  7. I drive past my local M&S food shop which I only go to occasionally in the early evening as it’s very quiet. it is never busy at 5.30 on Saturday and it was queued around the block to get in. Now is that due to people picking up their Christmas turkeys or media induced panic buying?
  8. Whilst I agree this is a shit show and the government has a difficult task, the restrictions need to apply to everyone or be more granular to make any sense. I live in a hamlet on the edge of the bucks/ox border and do all my shopping and going out in Oxfordshire so less than two minutes in the car I’m in Oxfordshire but now I can’t go there. My area has some of the lowest infection rates but I’m classed as bucks so now in tier 4. Is it really that hard to lockdown by postcode and highlight high infection zones to avoid? The data is all there. Found a random article on the internet, sorry it’s the daily mail, apologies if it’s been posted before . It has lots of official government stats and the the one I found very interesting was the fact that most reported cases came from kids catching it at school and care homes. Which just adds to my feeling of how arbitrary all this is as I don’t have any kids of school/university age nor have any relatives in care homes. The level of infection cases attributed to bars and restaurants is very low so why the focus on those sectors and delay in sending kids back to virtual classrooms. Similarly for retail outlets. We seem to be killing our economy when the reality is it appears to be schools are the biggest breeding ground, and frankly that should be obvious to anyone who had kids. it’s ok if your potentially virus ridden university kids to come home for Christmas but not ok for my kids who work remotely from their flats and effectively isolating anyway. I was scratching my head a little and can only think the government don’t trust their own statistics.
  9. fantastic, thanks for the quick response. I'll give it a go in the morning.
  10. Hi Guys - Decided to put the hard top back on to my 350 for the winter, i've only had the car a couple go months and had the soft top on it. The refitting instructions pretty straight forward but i have a piece of rubber strip and I can't for the life of me remember where or how it went ie does it go on the rear or the front and which way up as it definitely looks like it has some channels and grooves which need to be aligned with something. I haven't been able to find any images or reference to it either, hoping some one on here can help .. thanks Mark
  11. thanks to all for the various threads on speaker, headhunt, sub upgrades. I asked Silverstone to makes some changes when my 350 went in for its run-in service and the difference between the stock headhunt and twin speakers is dramatic. I went for ... Pioneer AVH-Z7200-DAB 7" flip out, with reversing camera Pioneer TS- WX130EA slim line sub, installed in passenger footwell 4 speaker Focal's Still need to play around with the settings a bit, but overall works really well with Apple Car play, hands free calling and the reversing camera. It does clip the indicator stalk when it pops out, but no big deal. Also if you use the middle screw hole on the front mounting it will clear the air vents and allow them to be open.
  12. On point 2, I had this too and it took a couple of attempts before it sorted itself out and is working fine now. Btw, here’s a pic of the AIM with OEM binnacle Installed in my 350.
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