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  1. Hi All I'm in search of a S1 Elise for the basis of an engine swap project. Obviously an ideal find would be a car with engine failure but I realise these are as rare as rocking horse muck. Has anyone got anything or seen any willing victims or even the best places to look for these types of car as eBay is failing me. Many thanks Dan
  2. Dan MM

    Dan MM

  3. Hi Darryl, Thanks again for arranging a really great morning spent with the guys at Lotus, and great to meet you too Andy, what seriously nice cars you both have! I've been meaning to take a look at the pics I took so may have some high quality pics to share soon but here's one I had a play with earlier! Dan
  4. Thanks for the help Alex, had a busy day but apart from afew airbag cover clips I think I'm all good and really pleased with my choices. Plus I found a mouse house in my sill!
  5. Hi All In the process of fitting an Alpine DAB aerial to my elise (S2 airbag dash) and require a ground close to the windscreen perimeter? My first thought was to put the aerial in the rear window however there is not sufficient height when aligning the aerial vertically like instructed. My second thought was to remove the A pillar trim however on closer inspection this seems to be a single piece around the whole screen and not very removable?? So now I'm wondering if i can position the aerial box lower down the screen and sneak the copper earth strap under dash? Has anyone alreadydone similar or can advise how easy the dash is to remove? Is the side piece of dash containing the start button and light controls simply a case of removing the 2 screws? Any help would be appreciated : )
  6. Is this an issue Lotus recognise/ fix under warranty as I have the same annoying noises from the seat runners?
  7. Did you ever get the dash out of your dads Elise? I'm trying to find info as I'm trying to do a nice job of fitting a DAB aerial and need a ground? Cheers Dan
  8. Haha, I thought you had met my Dad? Ducks bottom in water springs to mind! Really looking forward to the tour, hopefully I can get my new stereo fitted properly in time! Here's a sneak preview!
  9. Good stuff, What are you planning in driving down in? And do you know how long the tour will be ?
  10. Hi Kimbers, Random post but made me laugh and thanks for the support. Elan man I think the Brooklands day looks a good crack, i might have to pop along. Is anyone doing the Silverstone Classic?
  11. Hi Darryl, I might be heading down the night before (to avoid waking the parents up too early) so will meet you at the factory, if anything changes I will drop you a txt. I'm unsure how long the tours usually take but maybe we could meet for a pub lunch before heading back? Dan
  12. Ok thanks Darryl that's great! I was hoping they might be feeling generous it being my birthday!
  13. Hi Darryl, really looking forward to the tour and mum + dad have asked if they can tag along. So me + 3 if there is spaces available. Cheers Dan
  14. Thanks for the welcome guys and I agree completely the T1 is insane. I've been lucky enough to both drive T1s and also be a passenger beside a couple of pro drivers around different circuits and the performance really is staggering and difficult to put into words but I was seriously shocked how it made GT race cars look like they was going backwards and embarrassed Elise's on the brakes by some margin! Sadly the development of the car was done before my time at the company but I was lucky enough to work closely with Ben Scott-Geddes for a number of years until he went to Ferrari. I wouldn't rule out an evolution of the car now the company has new investors! Dan ( impersonating a police officer ?)
  15. Hello everyone! New very proud keeper of a Elise S since August last year. I haves loved every minute and looking forward to plenty of driving this year. The car is pretty standard with just a front splitter and I intend on keeping it that way. I currently work for what used to Caparo AP Braking before the unfortunate collapse of the U.K. Steel indusrtry, as a Motorsport design engineer but also responsible for running of the Caparo T1 hypercar produced by the company in 2007. Anyway I'm based in Kimberley, Nottinghamshire and I look forward to hopefully meeting a few of you soon. Regular F1, WRC, LeMans attendee and always up for a spot of go karting! Dan MM
  16. Is the plan to meet at the Factory? Also what time if so?
  17. Hi Darryl I would really like to join if poss. Me + Girlfriend Cheers Dan
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